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Chocolate Body Paint

This is a work of fan fiction. All characters and locations are the property of their rightful owners. I own the plot.

The Meaning of Chocolate Body Paint


How many licks does it take to get to Tootsie Roll Center in Tootsie Pop?

Ron sat and watched Hermione work. As so often in the evening, she sat at the huge dining table; Her books, papers, and briefcase hung from a solid piece of carved walnut. He looked at her with gratitude, concern and naked lust.

He missed her while she was away. She had returned late this morning from a long trip to the States and was complaining about how behind she had been at work. He smiled at her burning projection and told her that she would think all day and would see her again when she got home. He thought about his plans for her and decided he needed to be a little less obvious, but no less decisive. A smile spread across his face as an idea took shape. He already had what he needed; a trip to Miss Madeleine's magical toy box; had given him an interesting little gift that day. His plan solidified and he let his eyes wander over her voluptuous figure.

The bright orange Chudley Cannons T-shirt she had stolen from his closet was riding up her leg. When she went down the stairs in it, it hung almost to her knees. Now he looked at the fading hickey on her right thigh that he had left her the night before she left. She ran her fingers through her voluminous hair in frustration and mumbled something he didn't quite understand. Ron looked at his watch: 10:05; It was time for her to put it away, in his opinion it was long over.

"Honey, I think it's time to break up." He got up from the sofa. Crookshanks also stood up and stretched, arching his back and shaking his bottlebrush tail. "Don't even think about going into the bedroom." Ron threatened the huge ball of fur in a low voice. The cat lay on its back with an angry look and twitched its tail in annoyance.

Her hair was soft like wild, uncut grass. Ron loved running his fingers over it. - Five more minutes? - she asked absentmindedly. Ron pushed her hair back to the left side, the heady scent of lilacs filling his nose as he inhaled her. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to her neck, just below her ear. A small sigh escaped her lips.

"No," he growled into her neck, "if you want me to deal with your stress." He grabbed the muscles of her shoulders and squeezed them, then pushed his thumbs out from under her shoulder blades in a deliberate and powerful arc.

“Ohhhh,” she gasped. “Haaaah,” she gasped. He pulled out her chair and pushed her out.

“Stand up and stretch. I'm getting up now, I need to lock myself up." He playfully slapped her ass and sent her away. She walked up the stairs and he looked at her appraisingly, a little disappointed that his shirt was so long. As she disappeared into the bedroom, he reached into his coat that was hanging on the wall and pulled out a small brown box. He opened it and pulled out a round jar labeled "Honeydick Chocolate Body Paint."

“You may be the smartest witch of a generation, Miss Hermione Weasley; "But I highly doubt you'll see it until it's too late." A lewd grin spread across his face as he pulled a strawberry-flavored sugar feather from his cloak.

At the top of the stairs, Ron looked in and saw that she was actually sprawled on the bed. She was lying face down, head on the pillow, arms crossed. Her hair was pulled forward to give him easy access to her shoulders and neck. Ron slid his gaze lazily over the curve of her now bare back and the swell of her perfectly rounded ass. “Mmmmm,” he thought as he looked at her royal purple silk panties. Her legs were toned and beautifully tanned, and her toes rested on the foot of the bed.

"Could you stop staring at me and turn the lights off already?" Her tone was both cheerful and impatient. "I've been dreaming about this back massage all week." Ron chuckled to himself, turned off the light and walked towards the bed in the inky darkness; His clothing marked the trail he followed. He could smell the remnants of her perfume in the air.

“Flame” he said quietly; He waved his wand over the three-pronged candelabra on the wall. Three gently burning candles filled the room with a pleasant orange light. Its subtle vanilla aroma mingled pleasantly with the aromas of the air. He dropped his wand on the nightstand and tossed the can into the middle of the huge bed.

"Mmmm, lotion," Hermione said into her pillow.

"Uh-huh," Ron replied without comment. He smiled to himself, pleased that she had fallen so blindly into his trap. Ron put his kneeon the bed and threw his other leg over her so that he was straddling her hips. Her hips rolled beneath him, pressing the soft flesh of her ass and the silk of her panties against him.

“Ron,” she asked him, “why are you naked?”

Ron placed his hands on either side of her and leaned down to whisper something into her neck. "Because I'm in the bedroom of the most beautiful woman in the world and no one told me to do this." He felt her shaking and saw goosebumps on her neck. He gave her a long, sucking kiss on her neck, causing her to let out a soft moan of pleasure. Her body went into a completely relaxed state that seemed to melt into the bed.

He sat down and took the glass. When it opened he smelled faintly of milk chocolate. He dipped a finger in, it was cold; not too much, but enough. He took a generous swab and held it over the middle of her back. The anticipation filled him with a dizzying feeling. He was sure that if she had known what he was going to do, she would have done anything to leave. A triumphant smile crossed his face as he placed his finger on the sensitive skin between her shoulder blades.

"GAH!" She arched her back as far as she could under him. “Ronald Billius Weasley! Is it too much to ask to warm up the lotion just once beforehand?" Ron was pretty sure he would never heat the lotion, he was enjoying her reaction too much to do it like that just give up. He placed his hand on her back and gently pushed her back. He used his fingers to spread the chocolate over her back.

“What kind of lotion is this?” He ignored her question and placed it in a heart shape between her shoulder blades. "Would you stop playing and do this?" Ron took a candy pen and wrote one word on the chocolate: "No."

He could almost hear the wheels turning in her mind as she focused on the feeling as he repeated the word. - What don't you think"? He leaned towards her ear again.

"Shhh." He whispered, blowing gently into her ear before nibbling it lightly with his teeth. He straightened up again and spoke quietly. “Read what I write.”

She tensed slightly as he ran the quill through the chocolate heart: 'Kiss me' "If you insist," Ron said, trying to sound innocent. He leaned forward and this time felt the chocolate squishing between his right breast and her back. She took a breath to say something, but his mouth closed on the sensitive spot at the base of her neck under her left ear and her moans drowned out all other words. Now she was writhing beneath him. He responded by grinding his hips against her, eliciting another moan of pleasure from her.

He sat up slowly, leaving soft, wet, chocolate kisses on her back. With the pen in his hand, he wrote on the chocolate again. 'Kiss me hard' She didn't even say, just breathed out. The blood began to flow from Ron's limbs and he began to stretch and tense, straining against the silky material of her panties. He leaned forward and ran his tongue over the heart-shaped chocolate stain. "Wow, that tastes like lotion," Hermione said, turning her head to him. He leaned his head forward to touch her lips with his. Her lips parted and his tongue slipped into her mouth. “Mmmmmmm,” she said into his mouth. Ron knew that chocolate was one of her guilty pleasures; She very rarely ate them, but she enjoyed them immensely. There were times when just watching her eat was almost a sexual experience.

The kiss deepened and he enjoyed the warmth of her mouth, the soft feel of her lips beneath his. Her mouth closed slightly around his tongue and she began to suck on it. Gently at first, but more insistently when he could no longer taste the chocolate. He broke the kiss but remained standing as she kissed the rest of the chocolate from his lips. "Mmmmm," she smiled at him with a dreamy look in her eyes. "Is there anything else?" Ron rolled off of her and pulled her mouth to his right nipple. She closed her eyes and kissed him gently. Her eyes opened and she sat up on her elbow. "Oooh." She lifted her leg and straddled him; She felt him squeeze her and pressed herself against him.

"Oh yeah," Ron growled. His large hands grabbed her hips and then slid up her thighs. He looked hungrily at her breasts. She grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the bed. She leaned forward, opened her mouth and licked her lips sensually.

"Mmmm, Chocolate Ron." She pressed her mouth to his chest and sucked hard, her tongue flicking over his nipple and eliciting a deep, animalistic growl from the snack. She began to giggle and licked the remaining chocolate from the skin on his right side. She bit him several times, switching sides. Unable to hold back, Ron bent down and grabbed the belt.Hermione's panties on each thigh. The material gave way under a pull that ignited sexual desire and a primal growl. She made a satisfied noise in his chest as he pulled the ruined fabric out from between them and tossed it to the floor.

“Does anything like this still exist?” - she asked in a hoarse voice. Ron held the can out of her reach.

"Right here," he lifted it above his head, forcing her to stretch. She moved forward and let her full breasts fall onto Ron's face. He opened his mouth, sucked on the stiff nipple and bit it lightly. She snatched the can out of his hand and rolled off him.

She turned around on the bed, grabbed his now fully erect penis with one hand and dipped the other into the glass. She drizzled a generous amount onto her head. She held her hand steady and began rubbing her head with her palm, making wiggling circles, making the chocolate warm and soft. As it began to sink, she caught it in her palms. Hermione wrapped her long, thin arms around his member. She made long, downward strokes from tip to base until the length and width were completely coated in chocolate. “Tell me, Mr. Owl,” she asked in a little girl’s voice, “how many licks does it take to get to the middle of Tootsie Roll on Tootsie Pop?”

"What?" Ron lifted his head and looked down at her.

"One," she pressed her tongue to the side of his penis, running it from the base to the head.

“Mmmm,” they both said when she was finished.

"Two," she said, her tongue now pointed and tense as she licked more chocolate off it. Then she paused; looked at his penis, which was shaking slightly in front of her. “Troika”. She opened her mouth wide and lowered herself onto him.

"Oh great Caesar!" Ron shouted as his head hit the pillow and his arms were spread wide across the bed. He moaned in ecstasy as her lips closed around him. She sucked him hard and he could feel the inner hollows of her cheeks against him. She moved upward slowly and inexorably, her tongue trailing forward and stimulating every nerve she touched. Ron expected her to stop at the top and retreat. Instead, she lowered herself back down, the warm wetness of her mouth exciting him even more as she moaned into him.

This went on for several minutes that seemed like an eternity as Ron praised the great wizards of history and pleaded for divine intervention. As Ron spun around, resisting the urge to reach out and run his fingers through her hair, his hand hit the small, cool glass jar. With great willpower and muscle control, he reached out and ran his fingers along the inside of Hermione's buttery soft thighs.

She responded almost immediately to his touch, spreading her legs and allowing him to lift his hand higher. He gently ran his fingers through her silky soft hair and tickled her most sensitive skin. She moaned into his penis again and raised her hips to give him more access. Gently and teasingly, he ran his fingers over it, alternating between twisting and stroking it. He was rewarded fairly quickly, and as she opened for him, he ran his fingertips up and down the folds of her opening, eliciting a soft moan of pleasure from her.

He removed his fingers from her and she protested, rocking her hips indignantly. Ron almost laughed, but the slight pressure of her teeth quickly reminded him how inappropriate that would be. He dipped two fingers into a small jar of chocolate, more than half of which was gone, and pulled out a large drop.

His hand returned to where it had been a few seconds ago. His thumb stroked her gently from front to back. She shuddered as he stroked her most sensitive parts and moaned as his thumb slid inside her and began moving in circles. With his chocolate-dipped fingers, he explored her soft insides and rubbed her clit. She pulled her knees under her and pushed away from his hand. Using gentle pressure, he made it clear that he wanted her hips closer to him.

Whether she was responding to his desire or expressing her own, Ron didn't know, but when she lifted her legs and positioned her hips on either side of his head, he didn't care. He ran his tongue over it, eliciting a deep moan that echoed down his spine. He moaned in turn, filling the emptiness of her body and making her shudder. He lifted his head from the pillow and put his mouth around it. His tongue penetrated deep into her, savoring the mix of chocolate and warm pussy taste.

In response to what Ron was doing with his tongue, Hermione stood up and released him from her mouth. “Oooooh,” she screamed, arching her back and pressing her face into his. Ron had a short period of time in which he could focus all his energy on making her moan and scream. Its taste was exquisite, like liquid honey, and chocolate made it even tastier.desirable. Suddenly she swallowed as much as she could again, and the feeling was so strong that he fell back onto the pillow, loudly thanking a higher power for her incredible abilities. Over time, he managed to regain control of his muscles enough to lift his head again and kiss her deeply, tasting her insides and making her scream in ecstasy. This cycle repeated itself a few more times before Ron finally broke it.

Ron reached between them and cupped her breasts, which his large hands didn't quite fill. He pressed himself against her and she sat up, pressing her mouth firmly to his. He opened his mouth wide and pressed his tongue against her clit. He began moving it back and forth, feeling it roll off his tongue with each movement. His hands kneaded and caressed her breasts, occasionally pinching or caressing her hard nipples.

After a few minutes of his focused attention, she began to scream, screaming incoherent syllables as she pressed herself against his mouth and rocked her hips. Ron felt her body tense and relax as waves of pleasure coursed through her. Her screams became more frantic and higher pitched. Soon she was screaming his name and begging him to keep going. Ron didn't give up; He pressed harder with his tongue, running his nails lightly over her sides until they rested on the smooth curve of her hips. With a final effort he pushed his face deeper into her and she climaxed, her screams piercing his eardrums as he sucked her deep. She remained tense for several seconds and Ron slowly drove her further insane until she finally released him from the vise that held his thighs in place. Sighing, Hermione collapsed onto the bed next to him. With a grin, Ron sat up and looked at her beautiful figure. Her skin glowed in the flickering candlelight and she shivered as he gently stroked his fingers over her. Her hand slid across the blanket and up his thigh. She tickled his scrotum and held it tightly to his body. Then she ran her fingers through a shock of dark red hair that only she recognized. “You, Mr. Weasley, have betrayed me. I thought they were rubbing my back.”

Ron rubbed his palm over her mound. - Do you say rub? I can manage it. She squirmed under the pressure of his hand and a soft moan escaped her lips.

“I want more than your hand.” Her hoarse voice filled him with new desire for her. She rocked until her head was on the pillows and Ron was at her feet. He reached between her legs and pulled his body over hers, floating like a storm cloud. Like lightning, his lips descended to capture her mouth. Their lips touched and her mouth opened; Stick your tongue forward.

Ron's growl thundered into her open mouth as his tongue darted forward, searing her mouth with the intensity of his desire. Her legs lifted and wrapped around his hips. She pulled him closer, now he hit her. She moved her hips beneath him as he landed and spun around her. Even though their mouths were closed, Ron was forced to concentrate intensely on an area far beneath his body. He felt the soft, wet warmth he craved and prepared to go deeper.

She reached around him, dragging her nails down his back, electrifying every nerve in his body. He responded by arching his back, breaking the kiss and pushing his hips forward. With a loud groan of satisfaction and pleasure, he plunged himself into her to the hilt. She was like a furnace, burning everything but the need to hear her call his name and scream in pleasure. He felt her muscles tighten around him as he slowly pulled away. He thrust forward again, making her scream in ecstasy again. He repeated this several times; Each time he did this, her knees rose a little higher.

Ron shifted his weight so that he was mostly supported on his knees and standing upright. He leaned forward and ran his nails lightly over the skin of her thighs, from buttocks to knees. He was rewarded with her trembling. He was glad to see that she understood what he wanted and threw him a pillow. He grinned and lifted her hips without breaking contact with her, placing a pillow under her hips and lower back.

He ran his hands up her legs again, but this time down to her ankles. His large hands were now wrapped tightly around her ankles and he spread her legs wide until they formed a large "V". He moved away from her most of the time, leaving only his head inside her, and even then barely. He began to make short strokes, each time entering her and then withdrawing. "Oh God!" She screamed. - Stop teasing me so much. Her voice was hoarse and pleading, just hearing it turned her on. With each thrust he made, she tensed her muscles, trying to hold him back, yet willingly giving him easy access with each step.go forward.

“Would you rather that I do that?” - he asked lightly. He entered her with agonizing slowness. One centimeter at a time he slid deeper into her. She was almost whimpering with the need to be filled by him. When he was finally at full height, he pressed himself against her. She shuddered in ecstasy. With the same slowness he moved away and returned to the front again. All the while she tried to push her hips against him and he moved with her, maintaining the exquisite torture he was inflicting on her. She put her hands to her chest and began squeezing her breasts, stroking her nipples and rolling them between her fingers as he watched. It really achieved what she wanted.

Ron began to pick up the pace, using long, steady strokes. Her moans of pleasure increased in volume and intensity as he continued to increase his pace. Now he was thrusting in and out of her like a jackhammer, his own animalistic moans filling the air and contrasting with her moans. He felt the pressure building inside him, searching for escape. Something cold pressed against his leg, disrupting his concentration but not his rhythm. He brought her legs together, deepening the channel he slid through. With a superhuman effort of concentration, he reached out and dipped his fingers into the almost empty glass of chocolate. He picked up everything he could and brought it to where he was still holding her legs. With two strong movements the chocolate was spread over her instep and toes.

However, the chocolate that remained on his fingers was not in vain. He put his fingers to her lips and she sucked furiously on his fingers. She had freed her of the chocolate in seconds, but Ron continued to slide his fingers in and out of her mouth as she sucked on them and teased them with her tongue. When he felt the pressure in his lower back reach a critical level, he removed his fingers. She stuck out her bottom lip in a very sexy way. Ron tore his gaze away and focused his attention on his last taste of chocolate, not stopping the now slower movement of his hips against hers.

He spread her legs slightly again, but still kept her feet close to his shoulders. He ran his tongue over the chocolate line. She inhaled sharply and tried to suppress a giggle, but couldn't. Ron grinned evilly and began running his tongue back and forth over the chocolate. She writhed beneath him, laughing and moaning at the same time, the sound both painful and erotic. She tried to push away from him, but his grip was too strong for her less than serious efforts.

Now he pulled her toes into his mouth one by one. Each new finger brought the sweet taste of chocolate to his tongue and a surprised pleasure on her part. When he finally finished with both of them, she stopped fidgeting on the bed. Ron noted with some satisfaction that the bed was a mess and would need to be completely redone before they could sleep on it, but that was still a long way off. He looked at her beautiful face, twisted into a smile of delighted ecstasy and surrounded by a mass of tangled brown hair. Her eyes looked at him with the intense attention usually reserved for heated arguments or difficult problems; but there was no anger in them, only deep desire.

Her lips parted and she said two words that Ron knew she would never say out loud. He was shocked, but her words filled him with a kind of manic power. “Excuse me, would you like to say it louder? I think I didn't fully understand you."

“Just do it,” she growled, her voice desperate and hoarse. He smiled at her, he knew she wouldn't say that to be heard, but the desire was there. He leaned forward; Her knees pressed against his chest and her ankles pressed against his shoulders. To keep his balance, he grabbed the top rail of the brass headboard and dug his toes into the mattress. He moved about halfway away from her and then slammed into her. It made a sound like "Oh!" but didn't have that level of consistency. The sound went straight from his ears to his groin, which began to shake with excitement.

He hit her like that again and again, the air was filled with the sounds of their skin touching, her cries of pleasure and his passionate moans. He continued to thrust in and out of her with the force and rhythm of a hammer, each stroke bringing her closer to her inevitable end. Her screams became more feverish and louder, her screams tearing through the air around them and making Ron demand even more. Suddenly her body began to tremble beneath him, shaking and trembling as a final loud scream tore from her throat, breaking his resistance.

His entire visual focus was reduced to the area of ​​her eyes. When she finally opened it again, he saw nothing but the bright, amber fire burning there. She reached out and scratched his back with her nails. His spine arched, his head bowedback and his eyes closed as the orgasm ripped through him with the force of a racing train. His whole body tensed, his muscles spasming as he exploded into her like a volcano. Strong beams pierced her and she screamed with each one of them. After a few seconds of agonizing ecstasy, he stopped shaking.

He raised one arm, then the other, letting her legs slide from his chest and fall around him. He collapsed on top of her, his arms barely able to support his weight without crushing her. His lips slid over her forehead, down her cheek and over her jaw to her chin. Gently, almost respectfully, he kissed her lightly on the lips. She whispered against his lips, "Don't caress me now." She pressed her lips to his and opened her mouth at the same time. Her tongue touched his mouth and he felt the remains of the chocolate there. The taste was smooth and sweet in his mouth, bringing him back to reality with startling clarity. Then he kissed her deeply, feeling her whisper into his mouth as their tongues curled, pressed, and nudged each other. After enjoying her glow for long minutes, he finally broke the kiss.

“What kind of Tootsie Pop was that?”

She giggled slightly as she looked at him with a smile in her eyes and a grin on her face. “It’s an American thing, sweetie. In their commercial, a boy asks a wise old owl how many licks it takes to get to the middle of Tootsie Pop's Tootsie Roll. The owl licks it three times and bites it in half.”

Ron winced. “I'm glad you didn't bite. So why do you need to remember this?

"It was very late, I was very tired and I found it very, very funny." She smiled wryly at him, as if begging him not to tease her.

“So how many licks does it take to get to the middle of Tootsie Roll on Tootsie Pop?”

She looked at him with a completely serious face and answered. “The world may never know.” At that moment, her façade collapsed and she began to laugh.




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