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My head was in my hands and my eyelids were heavy. The conversation in the background blended into the muffled curtain with all the other noises around me; the creaking of chairs on the floor, the rustling of paper. My mind wandered as I daydreamed.

And then the bell rang.

Suddenly all hell broke loose: a crowd quickly and loudly collected their bags and made their way to the door. When I came to my senses, I also stuffed my school books into my bag and left the room. A crowd of my fellow students crowded into the corridor, rushing towards the exit. I followed the stream of bodies and found myself at the bottom of the school stairs. I breathed in the fresh air, looked up at the sky and smiled.

School ends for the summer!

I went home happy that I would have the next six weeks off. I hated school and was always lonely. I had a small circle of close friends and mostly kept to myself. I guess you could say I was a nice boy, if rather shy and never had much experience with girls. I was 5 “7” and had short brown hair and brown eyes. I was fairly athletic, although I was more of a lean runner than a muscular runner.

When I got home I went straight to my room. School ended at 2pm today as it was the last day and I had some free time. I dropped my bag on the floor, sat on the edge of the bed, then rolled onto my back and thought about what awaited me in the next few weeks.

After a while I decided to go to the beach and got up. I took off my school shirt and pulled down my pants. I took off my panties and threw them in the laundry basket. I went into the bathroom, turned on the shower and let it heat up before getting in. I let the water flow over me, washing away the heavy burden of the school. I rubbed myself with soap and ended up transferring the city to my groin. The added slickness of the soap began to arouse me. I lathered myself up and began stroking my hardening cock. I noticed myself in the large mirror on the other side of the frosted glass shower enclosure and decided to watch myself jerk off. I don't know why, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I turned off the water and got out of the shower with water dripping off me. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my smooth body. I was very happy with my appearance. My hand went back to my cock and I started rubbing it again. I was lost in the growing feeling when suddenly the door swung open. I quickly grabbed a towel to cover myself, but not before my sister saw my naked body.

She was only a year older than me and pretty “hot”. as my friends have often remarked. Over the last year her breasts had grown and she had a great figure.

“Oh my God... I’m sorry”; - she said and didn't take her eyes off me. “I thought you were done”;

At this point I had almost managed to hide my erection by holding the towel in front of me, but in my haste to hide it I turned around and now she had full view of my ass. Her eyes roamed over my body for a split second, a small smile crossing her face, before she took a step back and closed the door.

I dried myself off and went back to my room. I was embarrassed that my sister had seen me, but I hoped she didn't notice what I was doing. I grabbed some fresh white underwear from my drawer, put on shorts and a t-shirt and headed to the beach.

I sat on the edge of the dunes for a while, enjoying the peace and quiet, before leaning back and closing my eyes. I woke up to the sound of voices and sat up. I looked at the beach and saw three girls coming towards me. I recognized them as my sister's friends and as they got closer I heard one of them say, "Hey, isn't that Em's brother?"

"Yes I think so"; the other answered and everyone laughed. I avoided eye contact and just hoped they would move on, but they walked straight towards me and stopped. They were all attractive, like all of my sister's friends. They all hung out in their group and all the guys asked for dates, only a few were lucky enough to come along. Mainly boys from the soccer team.

“Hello Ryan”; said first

"Hello"; I answered, hoping that would be enough to see her on the way.

“How was the shower?” - she asked and again all three laughed.

It took me some time to realize what she meant. My sister must have told them what happened. I remained silent as my face turned red.

"Oh look... he's embarrassed!" Don't be shy, we heard you have a cute ass!" The trio giggled.

“I bet he does too”; The third girl said, “Want to show us your sweet ass, Ryan?”

I fell silent again and covered my face.

“I don’t think he’ll talk to us”; said one of the girls- said in a mocking tone of disappointment. I thought they realized it wasn't going anywhere and got up to leave.

“Oh no, you don't want that” - said one of them as all three stopped me from escaping and pushed me back into the sand.

“You can’t leave until we see your ass.”

“No way, let me go!” - I exclaimed.

“So, will you show us Ryan?” I guess we'll have to do it ourselves. and with these words they attacked me. Two girls grabbed my hands and the third sat on my legs.

"Stop! Leave me alone!" I cried but it was useless, they held me.

“Well girls, it looks like we’re going to have to do this the hard way. Take off his shirt.

The first girl roughly took off my shirt, threw it over my elbow, shifted her grip, and pulled it off my arm. The girl on the other side did the same.

“Oooh, delicious body”; The girls at my feet said, “Turn it over.”

They turned me over, kept the same position, and buried my face in the sand. I felt hands grab the waistband of my shorts and pull them down to my knees.

"Please... No.” I gasped, but to no avail.

“Mmm, Em was right, he’s a cute bum; Now let’s take these panties off.” I felt hands grab my underwear again and pull them down. I felt the girl change positions, taking off my shoes and socks, taking off my sneakers and panties. She came back to look at me.

"Fine"; one of them said, “Let’s have some fun”;

I felt hands slap my buttocks gently, but just hard enough to make me recoil and press my groin into the sand. Hands ran over my ass, squeezing, pulling and kneading. The girl at my feet ran her hands down my legs, stopping at the crease of my ass. She moved slightly and spread my legs.

Her hand ran down my legs again, this time from the inside. They rose higher and higher until they hit my balls. I jumped as if I had been struck by lightning.

“Oh, he has nice balls too”; She laughed, reached out and stroked her hand. Despite the circumstances, I felt my penis harden from the feel of his hands.

“Let’s turn it around”; - said one of them and I was pushed and pulled onto my back again. My erection is pointing upwards.

“Mmm, look. Now he is very excited. Are you excited, Ryan? I didn't say anything, I just closed my eyes and hoped the world would disappear.

"It looks like he never finished when Em interrupted him," she laughed. My sister noticed what I was doing and told them. I just wanted the sand to swallow me.

“Let’s not be mean girl, let’s help him”

Now the girl at my feet gently took my cock and started stroking it, cupping my balls with her other hand. The other girls were still running their hands over my body. The hand on my cock slowly sped up and my hips began to jerk involuntarily against the movement.

“Oh, look, he likes it,” she said.

The twitching sped up again and soon I felt an orgasm approaching. The hand continued to twitch, but the hips now moved in time with the movement.

“I think he's coming soon.” One of them then laughed: “Look how he's going.”

I felt this feeling increase, my whole body tensed and my cock throbbed as multiple streams of cum poured onto my chest.

"Wow!" They laughed. “Was that good, Ryan?”

All I could do was remain silent and shocked

“Even thanks? How rude” One said: “I think we should teach him some manners!”

“Ryan? You hear? We're done for now. When we leave, we'll take your clothes and leave you here with your phone.

A feeling of fear now spread through my brain.

"Since you're apparently too rude to talk to us, we'll either tell the whole school that you were caught jerking off on the beach, or you'll do exactly what we say when we call. You understand?

I nodded, knowing that if the school found out my life would have no meaning.

“Okay, we’ll call you in an hour; Try not to get caught beforehand.”

I nodded again. I was released as quickly as I was grabbed. They collected my clothes and simply walked away, leaving the phone on the sand next to my naked body. I picked up the phone and looked around before running into the dunes to hide and wait for the



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