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Being a “Cerberus” is sometimes very unpleasant

You know it's really bad to be stabbed when the pain you feel isn't even a quarter of what it should be, but you have to pretend to be in agony and then "die" . But I think they obviously didn't know that I was "Cerberus, the Ancient Guardian of the Gates of Hell" or "Cerberus, the Mighty Guardian of the Gates of Hell", just a few long, ridiculous, stupid sounding and unflattering names, that the gods and mortals have. Don't get me wrong, there are much worse or better options, but no, I've never heard a name that I actually mention, and not by accident. What's so wrong with being called Cerbus or Cerberus from time to time!! Oh, I'm sorry I was a little distracted by the whole stabbing thing and why I was there and everything else, which is probably a lot more interesting than my annoyance at pretty much everyone I meet except them , shouting “monstrous”. “Why were they slaughtered? Like many others, simple but complex, crazy but rational, stupid but clever Reason was a woman.

"Damn, how long do I have to wait in this damn asshole and watch her cry while other 'respectable' gentlemen hold her hostage before they let her go and just get mad."

Looking back now, everything I did was so out of character for me that it seemed like I had a split personality that had just been unleashed, giving the other self a bit of a break. *sigh* I know you're reading this and wondering how I ended up in this hole at the same time you're reading this. The simple explanation is: don't even think about it and just accept that given all the time and dimensions it's probably the most complicated thing to explain, but of course it won't be the strangest thing you'll hear, so leave it alone Just thinking about it gives you a headache. Well, as usual, the beginning is usually the best place to start a story about how I got into this unpleasant situation.

When I was born from the Big Bang, for some reason I can't explain, I was standing in front of my door and a smaller door behind me, and I was smart enough to know that it was really strange and that my "goal" was to guard this door so that nothing could come out. So at first I stood guard and guarded my door as if my life depended on it. Then, several million or billion years later, I lost count, so I can only guess that's when my first visitor came. Oh, it wasn't a man, it was a Greek, Roman or Egyptian god, I didn't care enough to remember which god it was and from which region. The only thing that bothered me was that he came into my house like it was his, and I'll be damned if he stays there long, because since I had the door behind me, I knew it was from everyone Page could be opened and I didn't let that happen.

I knew what I looked like from the start (one of those who can't explain it so I stopped trying moments) so I knew I looked intimidating to say the least. One head instead of three, unlike what you read or see in a book. My fur was black and looked dirty and unkempt, although perfectly clean it gave the impression that it was dangerous to stay away. And that doesn't even include my blood-red eyes, razor-sharp teeth, and some ugly-looking spikes on my back. And yes, just like in the books, I looked like a dog ready to eat you just for existing. Even then, this wasn't the case, although to be honest.

Despite my looks, he was still an ass and walked like everyone was beneath him, so of course we didn't get along particularly well. It didn't help that he exuded power like he was showing off, and I liked to keep it to a minimum so that people would underestimate my real power (which, when compared individually, was greater than that of any god). and that's how I liked it. . So the conversation went as expected. He wanted IN my door, I said no, he got angry, I didn't care, he got aggressive and I showed him why don't you touch me or my door.

I think the rumors spread around the world because for a while many different gods came to try to defeat me and get to my door. I thank my lucky stars that they gave up on it after a very short time (at least for me, considering how long I've been here) after many failed attempts. So I went back to my old routine, except this time I kept an eye on both doors and not just one. I've found that it's a little more efficient knowing that both are accessible and can be opened at any time. I know I avoided all the arguing, bragging, talking and the like, but I didn't care as much as you do, so I apologize for that. However, it goes something like this. Bam hit the magic boooo and most of the time I just stood there looking like they were fucking idiots with not a single brain cell between them.

So everything became good and calm, for which I was grateful to everyonea second of quiet bliss. Of course, this had to come to a screaming end, ending my quiet time with a loud and annoying battle cry: "Feel my blade monster and become one more time on my sword!!!" You know, if I hadn't enjoyed most of my job (current situation and preferences, not including that), I probably would have left here a long time ago because things annoyed me from time to time.

Sequel follows. . .

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this story and will give it a positive review instead of the hatred that some authors have. This was my first story, even though it doesn't have an "end" and my grammar and all that stuff is probably bad, I'll admit that, but I've never taken a writing class in my life and this was the first one I once wrote down a story that I had made up. So if it's bad I don't care, I'm still proud that I put myself out there and wrote it. Depending on my mood and your reaction to it, I may start writing the second part. So if you like it, yay! If not, I don't care whether I continue with it or not. Whatever the wind actually blows. Thanks for reading, goodbyebye!!



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