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Bedding Ba


Description: Cheerleader Jenny has her first lesbian date.

Summary of the first five parts (if you haven't read them yet, I highly recommend you do so...especially the third part of this installment)

Part 1: 18-year-old Jenny is a shy and curious nanny who is drawn into the lesbian lifestyle by her beautiful, seductive neighbor and employer Megan.

Part 2: Jenny is sent cross-dressing, where she meets her high school crush (cheerleader Karen) and ends up in a lesbian club (La Château), where she unconditionally admits that she is a submissive lesbian.

Part 3: Jenny, now Karen's vice cheerleader, eventually becomes popular, sets new fashion trends, begins seducing the teacher, and becomes the darling of the cheerleading squad at the retreat.

Part 4: Jenny tries to complete the seduction of her pretty teacher.

Part 5: At home she visits her mother, who has submitted to Karen. Jenny listens in shock as her mother became a submariner just like her.

Note 1: As always, thanks to Estragon for editing my work. His countless hours editing my and other authors' books are critical to the quality of the work available on this site. Thanks again to LaRascass for his thoughtful suggestions.

Note 2: Special thanks to my readers for their patience as this series has become a labor of love for me. And even though I spend a lot of time on all of my stories, this is the series that's close to my heart and that's why I don't release a chapter until I'm completely happy with it (although I cringe when I read Chapter 1 and think about it all Changes I would make now). Therefore, the story you are about to read is the sixth draft, which is significantly different from the first. I apologize again for the long delay between chapters and hope you enjoy it.


When I got to my room, I tried to erase the shocking scene I had just seen from my mind. I just couldn't believe that my mother would sexually submit to one of my friends...even though Karen had always hinted at it.

Karen, still nearly naked, said smugly, "I told you I could make her submit."

“You did,” I replied, unsure how I would handle the conversation with my mother after both of our juicy secrets had been shared so openly. I was saddened by my mother's discovery of my sexual identity and stunned by her own history of submission. I didn't really have time to process all of this information before I had to prepare for my first date.

“It was even easier than I thought,” Karen said with a smile.

I tried to change the subject, not wanting to talk about my mother's sex life, and reminded her, "I'm done seducing Miss Morgan."

“I can’t believe it,” Karen replied, clearly surprised by my success. "Tell."

I recounted the entire ordeal, from the initial rejection, to the way the hands of fate brought us back together, to the inevitable climax when I returned home to her.

“Wow,” said Karen, impressed, “you are hunter and prey at the same time.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“The question is, who are you tonight?” – asked Karen.

I've been thinking about this question. In every other sexual encounter it was clear that I was submissive, with the exception of the seduction by Miss Morgan, I suppose. But this was different. "I don't know."

Karen's phone rang and it was her mother. “I’m with Jenny. What? I was? Okay, I'm on my way. Karen hung up. “Apparently I was supposed to be looking after my little brother ten minutes ago. I have to go. I think I'd better go and tie your mother up.

“Good decision,” I replied, shaking my head at the obvious absurdity of my Karen’s last sentence.

She left, and I, confused about what to wear and how to act, and afraid of dealing with my mother, decided to ask Megan, the person who started it all, for advice.

I knocked on her door and was grateful when she answered. Her genuine smile told me she was happy to see me. “Well, hello, Jenny. Max will go crazy.

Seconds later that prediction came true as Megan's son Max attacked my legs and screamed "Venny!" Fifteen minutes of play went by before he calmed down and I promised, "I'll come back and play a little, but I need to talk." to your mom, okay?"

“Okay, Venny,” he agreed, watching a children’s television show I could no longer recognize.

Megan poured us some iced tea and asked, “What’s bothering you, Jenny?”

"How do you know something is bothering me?" I asked.

"I am wrong?" she asked and her hand fell on my knee.

I laid out all the dirty details of my life, the good, the bad and the ridiculous, as well as my fear of what I would do to my mother after I witnessed and she found out about me and my upcoming date.

Megan listened without interrupting before answering. “Well, that’s too difficult for any eighteen year old. But I'm more worriedSusan.”

"My mother? Why?” I asked.

“Of course your mother found out you were a lesbian, but she was simply humiliated in front of her only daughter, who has since left the house without speaking to her. “I can only imagine how emotionally devastated she must be feeling right now,” Meghan said.

"I'm such a bad daughter." I sighed and tears began to flow.

“No, you are a stunning young lady who has finally realized who she is sexually. But you were lucky that you found out about it when you were eighteen; Susan is currently studying. You followed your natural instinct when a crisis or shock came unexpectedly. ....Fight or flight, and you have chosen flight.”

“I have to go,” I admitted.

"Yes you know. But remember that she is probably very fragile at the moment. Even if she is an adult, it is your turn to be there for her. Talk to her. Listen to them. "Let her help you on our date," Megan advised me, her motherly side pouring out of trace of the sexy seductress she was.

"Okay," I agreed, standing up, although I was still afraid of the conversation I was about to have.

“Jenny, I’m always here for you. “I am a friend first and a lover second, although for the sake of the latter I wouldn’t mind seeing you soon,” she smiled, indicating that she missed the closeness we shared.

"I'd like that," I agreed and Megan wrapped her arms around me in a warm, safe hug.

“Thank you,” I said as the long hug ended.

“Please, Jenny. I will always be there for you."

I left and returned home. I stopped at the front door, still not knowing what to say. I took a deep breath and opened the door to have a conversation, which I never in a million years thought I'd be running.

Mom was vacuuming, which shouldn't be a surprise. When she's stressed, she cleans even if the house is already spotless, and yesterday was hers usual cleaning day. I don't think she even heard me coming until I said "Hello, Mom."

She turned around and the obvious fear in her eyes broke my heart. At first I was afraid to tell my mother about my true sexual orientation, and now my mother was afraid to have such a conversation with me. Unsurprisingly, her first words were an apology. “Jenny, I’m so, so sorry you had to witness what you did.”

I replied and approached her, “I’m sorry too. I set her on you. It's my fault . , if you still have doubts. I like girls.”

“Just girls?” Mom asked, obviously digging deeper, but obviously not deeper.

“Yes, only girls. “I admitted that I was a lesbian, but I was too afraid to tell you,” I admitted.


“I just thought you were already a single mom trying to raise a child on your own and that would be the last thing you could do. I had to find out I was a lesbian.”

“Darling, I like everything about you. You know that, don't you?" - Mom asked in a sincere and concerned tone.

​​"Oh, Mom, I know. "It was a stupid insecurity, but I only recently gave vent to my curiosity," I explained.

"I see," she said, before adding with a sad smile, trying to ease the heavy mood, "I, too, have recently pursued my curiosity."

"Touch," I joked back, before adding, "It's okay, Mom." You're allowed to have sex.

“With my daughter’s friend?” - Mom asked, upset by her actions.

"That's it." not the most orthodox choice, but you really had no choice. “Karen is absolutely irresistible,” I comforted her, telling her the truth.

“And being treated like…” Mom couldn’t even finish the sentence.

“It’s okay, mom. I am also a submariner.

“But I am your mother!” - she exclaimed, trying to at least cover herself with guilt for her actions.

"I know. But I'm an adult too," I remarked.

"I'm trying to forget it." Mom smiled. “It's hard to watch you grow up and not need me anymore.”

“Oh, Mom,” I said, hugging her, “I will always need you.”

After the silence, my mother asked: “And what now?”

“Well, no more secrets,” I suggested.

“I agree,” my mother agreed.

-Can I suggest something?

“Of course, love.”

“You should talk to Megan,” I suggested.

“Miss Cameron?”

“Yes, my true mistress,” I said and told my mother everything that had happened in the last few weeks.

When I finished, my mother fell silent and finally said, “I don’t even know what to say.”

“Mom, you don’t have to say anything, you just have to support me.”

“Of course, dear,” she replied quietly, “I just had a lot to digest in one day.” Both my predicament and the fact that I found out my daughter is gay.”

“I know, Mom,” I replied. When I looked at the clock, I got scared. "Damn, I have to meet Ashley in twenty minutes and I haven't even started getting ready yet."

"What can I do?"

“Take me,” I asked.

“Of course, darling,” she grinned.


“When the day began, if someone had told me that II'm going to take my daughter on a date that would surprise me. The fact that it was a date with another girl would have surprised me even more. And yet, after everything that happened today…”

"I know, Mom." I smiled. "I know." I quickly hugged her and kissed her cheek before rushing into my room and rummaging through my closet: What to wear on a date? What if it was a date? Was it a date? Or did these two friends go to the cinema? Time was my enemy and I didn't have time to analyze what was and what wasn't, so I focused on what to wear. I decided to stick with my more provocative style that I wore after my transformation. Long checked skirt, thigh-high stockings and a white blouse. My hair wasn't perfect, but that's how it should be.

I quickly texted Megan:

Mistress Megan,

I spoke to my mother. I think we will be happy if this becomes possible after today. Could you take a look at it? She knows about you and me.

Jenny's Pet

Megan replied while I was in the car with my mom:

Jenny's pet,

Oh God... she knows. How does she take it?


I entered the answer:

Mistress Megan,

Okay, I think. I just think she needs an adult to talk to.

Jenny's Pet

She replied:

It'll do, sexy.


We drove to the theater in silence while I texted. When I put the phone down, my mother asked, “Who are you writing to?”

“Mistress Megan,” I admitted.

"Mistress," she repeated, still trying to process what she had done. “I can’t believe how many times I’ve heard or said that word today.”

"Tell me about it"; I joked before warning, "I asked Mistress to check on you."

"They have made?" - she asked and immediately blushed.

“Yes, she can help you sort out all your feelings like she helped me,” she said. I explained.

“But she seduced you,” he said. Mom pointed.

“She opened the door for me,” he said. I corrected. After a short pause, I added, “Besides, although she is a mistress, she is first and foremost a compassionate woman. Promise me that you will talk to her when she comes or invites you to her house.”

“Okay,” she agreed reluctantly.

In the theater, Mom smiled. “Call me if you want me to pick you up.”

“I will,” I smiled, giving her a quick hug like I always did.

I watched her pull away and my fear immediately increased. Given everything I'd done over the last few weeks, and the fact that Ashley and I had already had sex, albeit under strange circumstances, I was incredibly nervous. I entered the theater and saw Ashley already there. She also wore a checked skirt, black stockings and a pink blouse. She looked so adorable, so sweet and so sexy at the same time. Just looking at it sent a chill down my spine. Although I could tell she was nervous, just like me.

I walked up to her and she gave me a ticket. “I came here early to make sure we had tickets,” she said, handing me my ticket.

“Good answer,” I replied, before adding wittily: “Two great minds think alike.”

"What?" she asked confused.

“We could be fashion twins,” I joked.

"I wanted to try to accomplish what you've been up to lately," her tone hinted at flattery.

“Well, that’s true,” I confirmed, “you look lovely.”

“You too,” she replied to the compliment.

“Well, it’s decided. We both look adorable.”

“I agree,” she laughed, her smile so bright. “We are two beauties.”

“Damn right,” I laughed. “Now let’s go get something to eat.”

We stood in line and talked about cheerleading and the upcoming competition in three weeks. Ashley flattered me, "I can't believe how quickly you learned all of our routines."

“Well, Miss Hopkins scares me. She’s a drill sergeant.”

"True, but underneath her energetic exterior she has a heart of gold," Ashley noted. "" she said, feeling uncomfortable at the praise.

I grabbed her hand and squeezed it. “Seriously, this group would be lost without you.”

Suddenly there was silence as I carelessly and accidentally made the first move, and in case I had any doubts that this might be more than just a date, the nervous awkwardness of the moment had become obvious. Before I could think about it, the cashier called next and I let go of her warm hand and smiled, "What would you like?"

Time passed and we ordered a large can of popcorn and a few drinks. Once we were in the theater and seated, we both had time to process our feelings. We each grabbed some popcorn and ate, trying to avoid an awkward conversation that we both clearly weren't sure about. Suddenly my phone rang and it was a message from Karen.

Karen: Have you fucked her yet?

I immediately blushed.

Ashley asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” I replied, putting the phone on vibrate.

“Are you really going to prom with Troy?” - Ashley asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. “It happened so quickly. One moment I'm a shy, nerdy outsider, the next I'm a popular cheerleader. I never had a chance to catch mineBreath. We didn’t even talk except at school.”

"Want?" - she asked with such an unsure expression on her face.

"I don't know. I've never been interested in a boy, but now that I have, I realized something." I confessed after some thought.

"What is that?" – Ashley asked, waiting for each of mine words.

“I'm not particularly interested in boys. “I hinted at it because I was afraid of coming out as a committed lesbian, but I hinted at it to say that I was available to her. After a short silence I asked, “Are you going with someone?”

"I was supposed to go with Dixon, but we broke up last night," she said, apparently opening the door for me the same way I had opened it for her.

“Oh,” I replied, “how did it go?”

She smiled, clearly not upset about the end of the relationship. “He told me I was a badass, a bitch, and that I would regret leaving him.”

-Did you leave him?

This time she put her hand on mine and said, "I've fallen in love with someone else."

My face turned red again and I was speechless for a moment. After a long silence, when silence spoke wonders, I asked cautiously, even though all the signs screamed yes: “Me?”

“Yes, you are, Jenny,” she admitted, playfully patting me on the shoulder. “I had always doubted my sexuality, and the fact that I never even remotely wanted to have sex with Dixon only increased my doubts about my true sexuality. Dixon and I never had sex. I headbutted him a few times, but that was the end of it. I can't say it was remotely attractive." After a pause, she added, "Other than the odd nonsense with girls in hotels at cheerleading competitions, I'm pretty inexperienced."

“I was until recently,” I admitted, hoping that her lack of experience would make her less insecure.

"Jenny, I like you, I mean, I like you, I like you," she admitted nervously, putting her heart on her sleeve and her cheeks turning ruby ​​red.

Without hesitation, I repeated her words: “I like you too, Ashley.”

Her eyes lit up, her cautious smile widened, and, ignoring the rapidly filling room, she leaned in and kissed me. The kiss was soft and gentle; careful and sweet. It only lasted a few seconds, maybe five, before we broke it off because we realized the environment wasn't ideal for such intimacy.

Our feelings now exposed, we had an entire film to silently reflect on the impact of our statements on each other. I can imagine Ashley wondering how her very Christian family would take the news, while my concerns ran in the complete opposite direction. Even though Karen had already approved my relationship with Ashley, I was wondering what to do with two lovers and a girlfriend. Did I really have a girlfriend? Just a few weeks ago I was a virgin and unsure of my sexuality, and now I was very confident in who I was. The lights dimmed, the first of many trailers started and I suddenly wanted to reach for the popcorn. I just wanted to hold her hand, but even after our confessions and our kiss, I was nervous.

After the first trailer, which I couldn't tell you anything about, while my head was spinning with uncertainty and excitement, Ashley, sensing my fear, deliberately dropped a few pieces of popcorn on her beautiful cleavage, asked, "Do you want some popcorn?" ?

I blushed, as I have so often in the last few months. "I would like to have."

I looked around slyly, nervous that others would see, before leaning down and reaching for the pieces of popcorn left on her small but clearly visible breasts. I returned to an upright position when Ashley pointed it out to me, unbuttoning one, then two buttons on her blouse: "Jenny, you're missing a detail."

My mouth opened slightly before I quickly reached down and retrieved the lost piece of popcorn from right between her white lace bra clad breasts. I felt energized as I sat back down and carefully chewed my lucky piece of popcorn. Ashley didn't adjust her blouse, but instead traditionally offered me popcorn and continued watching the movie with a sexy smile on her face. I grabbed some popcorn and, suddenly relaxed, watched the trailers.

A few minutes into the movie, Ashley put the bag of popcorn down and laced her fingers with mine. A shiver ran down my spine and a sweet warmth filled my body.

The next hour and a half were, more or less, the easiest and most amazing hours of my life. Everything made sense. We watched the film, we were both happy about being together, about our confessions and the indescribable warmth that comes with it. Neither of us ever touched popcorn again, and neither of us wanted to give up the security that just holding hands brought.

When the credits inevitably rolled, I felt a wave of disappointment, not because the movie was finished, but because our first date, that little wave of perfect timing, was coming to an end. Real life was much more complicated than any little moment of bliss that always ended. Immediately, even though we bothI sat quietly as the credits rolled and asked myself: What next?

In the end, we were the only ones left in the theater when Ashley finally spoke, breaking the long, awkward silence: "I guess we didn't eat much popcorn."

The words came out of my mouth without thinking: “This wasn’t what I longed for.”

A second later, when I realized what I had just said, I apologized. "I'm really sorry, I don't know why..."

My apology was interrupted mid-sentence by Ashley's soft lips.

Her tongue parted between my lips and we were soon engaged in a tender, passionate kiss the likes of which I had never experienced before. I imagined fireworks exploding over my head in the movie and another shiver of joy ran down my spine. The kiss only lasted a fraction of a minute before the lights began to flicker. Ashley asked, “Would you like to come over to my house for a while?”

"Of course," I agreed readily, my loins burning, even though I assumed we wouldn't have the opportunity to do what I longed for.

Ashley took my hand, intertwined our fingers again, and led me out of the theater. A few people noticed, but I didn't care. I was a lesbian and I didn't want to pretend to be otherwise anymore. Unlike my old self, I even blew a kiss to the guy watching us.

We drove in the car in silence, both enjoying the exchange and recognition, even if I was nervous and excited about the possibilities of the relationship. It was hard to believe that this day started with me trying, failing, then succeeding at seducing Miss Morgan, then penetrating my mother, being dominated by Karen, and now possibly having a real relationship. It was all so surreal from what you read on Literary rather than what actually happened... and yet it all happened and this crazy day isn't over yet.

As she pulled into the driveway, Ashley announced the news, which immediately started a fire downstairs. Her tone suggested she was thinking the same thing as me. “My parents are at a charity event and won't be home until late.”

At home she suddenly became nervous and didn't know what to do. I tried to help by not so subtly asking, “So, where is your room?”

Her face turned red, but it seemed like that was just the little push she needed. She grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs to her room. There were posters of various 80s bands on the wall. She apologized: "Sorry, I love the eighties."

"Me too," I said, singing, "Wake me up before you go, go, don't go..."

She joined us and we danced and lounged and let the awkward tension fade.

I fell onto her bed, exhausted and giggling. She looked at me. I smiled and teased, "Come here Ashley, I don't bite...hard."

She laughed nervously but joined me. I looked into her eyes, she looked into mine and I leaned in for a kiss. She closed her eyes and our lips touched. The first time we had sex at a support group retreat was surprising and somewhat intimate, given the circumstances and my position as a submissive Karen at the time. But now that we were together, everything was different. We kissed tenderly and explored each other's mouths. Her hands began to unbutton my shirt and the anticipation of more tingled throughout my body. Without a bra, a shiver ran down my spine as my blouse was unbuttoned. As soon as she exposed my breasts, I responded kindly and pulled and opened button by button of her blouse. The lace push-up bra highlighted her small, sculpted breasts. I reached out and unclasped her bra and let it fall between us. I smiled, “We have almost identical breasts.”

“Small but nice,” she shuddered, feeling the same cold breeze.

“Let’s warm you up,” I suggested, pushing her onto the bed. She pulled me towards her, our breasts pressed together and we continued kissing. The heat increased as the kisses became more violent and greedy, each of us melting into the other until there were no "others" left...two became one.

To please her, I pushed her on her back and moved towards her breasts. I peppered her breasts with kisses before teasing each nipple with my teeth, not with hard bites but with nibbles that made her breathe faster. I ran my tongue over her toned stomach, past her sweet navel before reaching her sweet spot. I was greeted by the slight glow of her shaved pussy and a sweet scent that made me want to die. I stuck out my tongue and started licking, savoring each lick. Her moans quickly increased and after just a few minutes of pleasure she asked, "Touch me, Jenny, please."

I pushed two fingers into her hot pussy and her moans increased exponentially. The shy, conservative Ashley left the room and was replaced by the excited, bubbly Ashley. As I moved my fingers in and out of her she perked up. “Oh, fuck Jenny, harder, fuck my pussy harder.”

I did so, pushing my fingers in and out as fast as I could, but it wasn't enough.

“One more finger,” she asked and I let my three middle fingers fuck me. |“More,” she moaned, “more please.”

I couldn't imagine putting another finger in her pussy, but the addition of a pinky made it surprisingly easy for her cunt.

“Ahhh,” she screamed and I was thankful her parents weren’t home.

A minute later, Ashley was clearly on the verge of orgasm and surprised me by begging, "Fuck me with your fist, Jenny."

"Really?" - I asked and couldn't understand my hand, even though it was tiny and fit inside.

“Fuck, do it!” She demanded, “Fuck my pussy now.”

Her persistence scared me, but I was scared because I was afraid of hurting her. But like four fingers, my fist slid easily into her wet pussy. As she entered she started shaking her hips on my fist, literally fucking herself. I watched in awe as Ashley went from a sweet, shy girl to an angry slut so quickly before realizing that I had done the same thing last month.

Seeing her sweating and desperate to cum, I leaned forward and sucked her swollen clit into my mouth. It was the pebble that broke the dam as Ashley's legs wrapped around my head and she screamed so loudly I worried the neighbor thought she was being killed: "Fuuuuuck!"

She collapsed on the bed as her cum spurted out of her like a broken fountain. I greedily tried to catch all of her sweet nectar as I continued to fist fuck my beautiful girlfriend. Her whimpers continued for a long time, as did her orgasm. Finally she asked: “Please stop, I have to go to the toilet.”

I pulled my fist out, which was surprisingly harder than putting it in, and Ashley rushed to the bathroom. As I lay in her bed, dazed by what had just happened and hoping she would react right away, while my cunt was tingling like there was no tomorrow, I heard the front door open and close.

I quickly started looking for my clothes when Ashley returned to her room in horror. “Damn, damn, damn, my parents are home.”

"It's okay," I said, trying to reassure her, "get dressed and they'll never know." I tossed her the skirt and she quickly put it on just as I finished dressing.

She quickly found her blouse and I made the bed, which was a complete disaster, just as there was a knock on her door.

Her mother announced, “We’re home, darling. Can I come in?"

Ashley, whose face was still red, looked at me as I jumped on the bed, opened my textbook and replied, "Of course."

Her mother came in, dressed in a beautiful red cocktail dress and looked more like Ashley's twin than her mother. "Oh, you have company."

Ashley was paralyzed, she clearly wasn't used to lying to her mother and was almost never caught having lesbian sex. So I got up and went to her. “Hello Ms. Swanson, I’m Jenny.”

“Hello Jenny,” she replied warmly and added: “We’ve heard a lot about you.”

"They have?" I asked, feigning innocence. “I hope everything was fine.”

"Of course," she smiled, "well, I'll leave you two alone." But it's too late."

"I was just about to leave," he said. I answered.

As soon as the door closed, Ashley let herself up fall off the bed. “Oh my God, do you think she knows?”

“What would she do?” I asked. “It was like two girls learning.”

"I guess," she sighed, looking so cute in her uncertainty.

“But it’s time for me to go home,” I said.

"I'm very sorry that I didn't have time..."

I returned to her bed and placed my finger on her lips. “I'll see if it's raining.” I kissed her, wanting to quickly remember her tenderness.

We went downstairs and after meeting with her father and a brief conversation with her mother about the support group, it was decided that her father would take me home, which was a disappointment as I wanted to spend more quality time with Ashley.

The usual conversation later and I was home. I noticed that Megan's light was still on, but I resisted the temptation to come closer, even though my pussy was still begging for attention. I decided I needed to pleasure myself the old fashioned way... with my fingers.

When I looked at my phone before entering, I noticed three messages:

Karen: Answer me, whore!

Karen: Tomorrow I will punish you, whore!!!

Ashley: Will you be my date for prom?

My whole body warmed at Ashley's six words. My hand shook as I typed the answer.


I want to be your date.

Your girlfriend?


I sat on the doorstep and waited anxiously for an answer from Ashley, but it never came. I thought about writing to Karen but didn't even know where to start, so I decided to worry about Karen and her threats tomorrow. Today was too perfect to ruin.

Ashley then wrote to me:


I can not wait!!! I absolutely LOVE spending time with you and YES, you are MY girlfriend.

In seventh heaven, I put my phone away and went into the house.

When I got home I went into the living room and was surprised for the last time today. Today was the second time I saw my mother in a compromising position...this time she was kneeling between Mistress Megan's legs.

Megan looked up, smiled at me andasked casually, as if my mother wasn't bringing her any joy at the moment, "How was your date?"




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