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Becoming My Neighbor's Toy Slave Chapters 1-2


It contains femdom, CBT. When my elderly neighbor taught me to be her toy.

Becoming My Neighbor's Toy Slave (Part One)

This story is based on true events. It contains femdom, CBT. When my elderly neighbor taught me to be her toy.

Since I was 14, I've noticed our neighbor Deb Fisher and her 19-year-old daughter Megan. However, Deb has done much more for me. She was 42 years old and looked great, one look at her and my cock immediately got hard and I think she knew it. She was about 5'10" years old. and weighed about 140 pounds. She had long legs and a wonderfully firm butt. She had red hair that reached several inches below her shoulders. She had the fair skin that redheads seem to have. A few years later I got to know them really well and became one of them.

She was from the South and liked to wear light cotton dresses. They were so light that they barely covered her huge 36D breasts. I used to watch her sitting in the shade reading and praying her tits would fall out as I watched from my bedroom.

When I was 18, my parents left me alone for a long time for the first time. They left for Las Vegas on Thursday evening and will be back on Monday evening. The rules were: I had to go to school, keep the house in order, and not have parties. And that our neighbor, Miss Fisher, will be watching me. I thought, “My God, if they only knew that I wanted her to watch me; They didn't leave me alone. But in any case, I decided to use my free time to study world history.

So I came back from the airport on Thursday evening around 7:30 p.m. I turned on the TV and opened my algebra textbook. And then the phone rang, it was Deb. I thought, "Oh my God, she's testing me." No, I don't think so.

“Hello, I replied”;

She replied, "Mark, I know your parents just left and I don't want to disturb you, but the toilet in the basement won't stop running." Can you come home and look at this?

My father taught me a lot about how to fix things. “I’ll be there now”; I said

I went out the back door and climbed over the fence. I always thought that if I saw her tonight I would at least be able to masturbate... If only I had known.

I knocked on the door and went in, that was their policy.

"MS. "Fisherman," I shouted

"Down here"; the answer came

I've never been in her basement. But I kept walking, all the time thinking about how I could stop the water and get out of here. I didn't want Miss Fisher to notice when my cock got hard.

I turned the corner and saw Miss Fisher in her dressing gown. Oh damn, I thought this would help anything. Then she turned around and smiled.

“Hello, thanks for coming”; she replied

“No problem, I’ll see what can be done”; I told her that

Her breasts were almost visible through her robe. And it did it; Things immediately became difficult for me. I was sure my cock was visible through my pants.

At that moment I thought I saw her gaze fall downwards.

I asked, “Where is the toilet?”

She walked behind him and closed the folding doors in front of the stairs.

She gave me a devilish look and said, “Actually, Mark, the toilet is fine.” But I had to talk to you.

“Mark, I saw you watching me. Did you follow me?”

I stuttered, “What do you mean, Miss Fisher?”

I asked the question: “Do you follow me, do you find me attractive?”

She came up behind me, reached forward and grabbed my cock.

She whispered in my ear, “Do you find me attractive?”

"Yes"; I said shyly

She asked, “Have you ever thought about being dominated by a woman?”

“Not really, although maybe everything will be fine”; I replied that at that point I would do anything to get sexual attention from her.

Well, why don't you get naked and let's try some

"Fine"; I have said. I couldn't start undressing fast enough.

“Well, wait a minute. Let's look at some rules” she said

“Rules?” I asked a question

She laughed: “Yes, the rules are stupid.”

"Okay, are you ready, Han?" She asked "I think"; I told her, “No. They answer: Yes, Ma'am or Mrs. Deb. She barked

I was shocked but replied, “Yes, Miss Deb.”

She smiled and said, “Okay, you learn quickly.”

She sat down on a chair and crossed her legs. She said: “Rule number two: Do ​​what I say or there will be a penalty.”

“What punishment?” I asked

"Why didn't you say yes, Miss Deb, slave?" She screamed, "I'll punish you later."

“Yes, Ms. Deb”; I thought to myself, what have I gotten myself into, do I really want to do this?The?

“The final rule is: If something has happened, you have to say thank you,” she said.

“Yes, Ms. Deb.” I said

With those words she told me to take off my clothes. As I undressed, she took off her robe. She wore a latex midi. And a belt with a relief cutter.

She came towards me and touched my penis. Which was partially erect and standing straight. She looked me up and down and sometimes touched my body. I suddenly realized that this was the first time a woman had seen me naked. My 5’8” There stood a thin frame weighing 145 pounds. She grabbed my ass and squeezed. My 6.25 inch penis is erect at this point.

“What a small penis”; she cooed

I felt terrible, but I replied, "Yes, Miss Deb, I'm so sorry."

She came up to me, hugged me and said, “Hyung, why are you apologizing?”

“You seem upset about the size of my penis”; I said look down

"No, I'm okay with it, I can still manage it." Play with it." she said

"We have to shave you. Come with me..."

She grabbed my cock and pulled me into the bathroom; Then she took a pair of hair clippers and shaved off my pubic hair. Then she took a can of shaving cream and a razor and shaved my pocket. It was wonderful. "I have never thought about shaving." I said

"That's better"; she said

"Thank you, ma'am";

"May I talk?" I asked

"If it's important, who can you talk to you want to talk." Be careful, if I don't like it you could be fined." she said

"Well that's wonderful Miss Deb"; I almost groaned

"You can tell me that any time Mark" ; She said. She went to the right and kissed my forehead "Now I have to make sure you're nice and clean, we have to get rid of the germs properly..." she said. And then she put a rag on my bag...

“Oh… “What the hell…” I began "What did you say?" She demanded.

"I'm so sorry... Thank you, ma'am." I replied quickly... Her tone seemed arousing. And it was the same with the burning sensation on my scrotum. She poured more liquid onto the rag and continued wiping the area where I had been shaved.

"MS. Deb," I asked.

"Yes, Hun..."; She replied

"What should have been done on that rag, it was a little burnt?" I asked

"Did you like it?" She wanted to know.

"Yes, it was a completely different kind of fun"; I think there was excitement in my voice

"Okay" It was regular alcohol. Just to prevent infections. Then she asked if I had ever heard of CBT?

"No"; I said, “What is that?”

She laughed and said, “You’ll find out.”

She said, “Your chest needs to be shaved too.” But we’ll get to that a little later.”

"It's better like this"; From now on you will keep yourself shaved and clean. You understand?" she asked

"Yes, ma'am"; I replied that she grabbed my cock and pulled me into another room. She grabbed and pulled harder than before. She placed me in the middle of the room.

Now you need to learn how to introduce yourself to me. “You will learn to stand in front of me, feet shoulder-width apart, hands behind your back, that's understandable,” she barked "Yes Ma'am"; I said

"Do it then!!!" She screamed

Then I caught your attention

Then she grabbed my cock and started jerking it. I stood on my tiptoes and sighed.

“You don’t have to cum and let me know when you get close. Understood?

"Yes"; I replied

“YES WHAT” she screamed

At that point I said, "You better stop Miss Deb." I mean, yes, ma'am.

“Good slave…”

She stood up, kissed me and pushed me back... I laid down on what seemed like a bed. She sat on top of me and continued kissing me. She took my right hand and placed it on her left breast. This is what I thought: I would have sex with Deb. But then she kept raising my hand above her head. Suddenly I felt something wrap around my arm and heard a click. Before I knew what was happening, she lifted my left hand and placed a belt over it. I couldn't move my arm. She smiled at me. And he said, “Now the fun begins.”

I was a little worried but I thought it would be fun. Then she grabbed my legs and fixed them in the spread position. Then she ran her finger down my leg and cock. She said, “Do you remember the rule when I jerk you off?”

I replied, “Yes, Ms. Deb.”

She smiled, “What a perfect slave you are.”

Then she started twitching violently. I like it so muchand then she stopped...

“You still can’t cum…” she barked “Please… Please, Miss Deb, let me cum.”

"I said no!!!" Dirty excuse, you still have one penalty left... now there are two left," she barked

She let go of my cock. She went to the workbench, grabbed a piece of rope and shoved it under my back. She wrapped it around herself, walked over and ran it along my cock, just below my head. Then it went around my head and I couldn't see it. She covered my face with hers and said, "You've been a bad boy, it's time for your punishment."

At this point I was so excited I thought I was going to explode my load. Then she moved one leg at a time. I looked up and saw Miss Deb's naked pussy. "What's up?" I asked.

I could see fluid dripping from her pussy lips. At this point I was nervous about doing anything without her permission.

“It’s late and I’m thinking about work”; - she said calmly.

I said, "I'm thinking about going home and going to school."

She started giggling. "Hun, you're not going to school tomorrow, at least not at Jefferson." No, I'll call you and you stay where you are. Someone will come to me to be with you.”

“But I have to ask. Are you okay with that?” She asked

I almost couldn't shout "yes" "woman". Deb” fast enough

But now it's time for your punishment. I will sit on your face, you will pamper your tongue and do it well. And I will introduce your cock to my seed. “

It landed on my lips. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could. She laughed and said, "No, darling, it's not like that." Slowly lick the very front part first and work your way in." She spent the next few minutes explaining to me how I should lick her pussy, until she landed on my face. For a second she collapsed on top of me. Then he sat back down and started spanking my cock with the whip. "Keep working on your tongue, young man." She said.

She hit me ten times and then said, “What are you saying?” she asked

“Thank you, Ms. Deb.” I replied. I thought she wouldn't hit me too hard as punishment and that bothered me. I continued to eat Deb, enjoying every lick, and I think she enjoyed it. About this time she had another orgasm. Then she started spanking my cock again, a little harder. She stopped ten more times, that's my cue. “Thank you for the punishment, Miss Deb.” My cock started to hurt a lot

She laughed very loudly and said, "No, it's not that, I was just warming up the skin." At that moment she lifted the Grim Reaper above her and hit my penis so hard that the sound became deafening. I stopped what I was doing and screamed.

"Hey, I told you to stop eating me!!" She screamed.

"No, Miss Deb." I said.

“Thank me and put your tongue inside me again.” She barked “Thank you, Ms. Deb”; I answered and suddenly... MIRACLE. I bit my tongue every time she hit me. She hit me around the thirteenth and began screaming with another orgasm; At least I'm doing something right, I thought. She hit me twice more and said, "You'll get off easy tonight, sweetie."

With that she pulled away from my face, leaned forward and said, "Not a bad job, thank you, slave."

I didn't know how to act after she gave me such a compliment. “Thank you, Ms. Deb”; I have said.

She said, "I have to get you ready, it's almost time." How's your cock, baby?

I looked at it; His head was still bright red from the beating. But I replied, "I'm fine, thank you, ma'am." I think she knew it was a lie.

“Okay,” she said, and I didn’t even ask who she was waiting for. I could dream about any man, two women at the same time.

Deb untied the rope holding my cock.

"It's time to make you a gift." She said in a sadistic tone.

She pulled the rope around my balls and the wonderful little bundle. Then she put the rope around my cock and balls. She pulled the rope as tight as she could and wrapped it around three times. Then she pulled the rope into the middle of my sack and separated my balls. She then wrapped the rope around each testicle three times, making each twist tighter and tighter. Then she hit me really hard in the balls with the reaper.

“Thank you very much, Ms. Deb. I love the feeling of being so connected; This makes my balls hurt, Miss Deb.” I said

She laughed and said, "It's good that she likes it, and I beg, slave."

Finally I had the courage to ask: “Ma’am, what are you talking about?”

"You'll see"; She answered. Then she let the world run around my waist and down my legs. He ran right next to my cock. to do thisStand straight in the air.

She lit a few candles on the wall and turned off the lights. I heard someone in the kitchen.

A voice called: “Mom, I’m home.”

"Here". Deb replied.

At that moment I felt pain coming from the tip of my penis downwards. Then she took a lit candle and placed it on my cock. She put a birthday candle in my pee hole. "Damned!" I shouted. The flame burned the head of my penis.

Deb smiled as her daughter walked toward me. “Happy Birthday Megan.”

Complete the first part… Chapter 2

Megan was a 22-year-old nursing student. I always found her attractive, even though I hadn't seen her in about three years. She was absolutely hot. She had red hair like her mother, but it was much shorter and barely reached her shoulders. She was an inch taller and about 1.75 meters tall. Thanks to her athletic build, she probably weighed up to 150 pounds, but I think most of that was on her chest. Big 36B tits drove me to the wall. She was wearing a nursing robe, which for some reason seemed even hotter.

"What is all this?" And who …….” - Megan asked.

She looked me in the face angrily and screamed, “What is this perverted bastard doing here?”

“Well first of all I thought I would show you my personal life full of femdom and CBT. And another reason is that non-perverts don't usually do things like that." Deb replied.

"Why are you so sad? You two were once friends. - Deb asked.

"Well, Mom, the weekend I graduated from high school. Everyone else had already left the party, but Mark and I were still in Pool. Then he swam towards me and started grabbing my chest. I told him to stop and then he went under the water and tried to rub my pussy. Who were you then, Mark, 13 years old?

I didn't say anything, I completely forgot.

Deb leaned over my face and asked me. “Mark, is this true?”

I looked down to avoid eye contact and replied, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Well, it looks like you have a long weekend ahead of you,” she said She turned to Megan and said, "Don't you think that makes it perfect for this weekend?" I mean, CBT means cock and ball torture.”

Megan looked at me and said, “I wish I could make him pay.”

It was around this time that I started paying attention to my penis. The flame was directly above the head of my penis and began to burn.

I called out, “Ms. Deb, help!

She looked at me and said, “What, why should I stop burning?”

And then she blew out the candle. "We can't have any fun this weekend because of the third degree burns on his little cock, can we?"

Megan looked at her mother and said, "I don't know, maybe I'll do it later this weekend."

Deb said to her, "I think you need to take off your robe and sit on Mark's face."

“He is very good at giving pleasure with his tongue.”

It made me feel pretty good, I wanted to do a good job.

She looked at her mother reluctantly and then started taking off her pants.

"He doesn't get much physical pleasure from it, but you do, right?" Deb asked her daughter Deb whispered something in her ear. Megan looked at her confused, shrugged, and got to my feet. She stood up and went to my stomach. She stopped and untied the little “package”. Your mother tied my balls. She was just about to start moving my upper body when her knee hit my balls. I tried to bend forward, but I couldn't because I was tied up. Then she put her knee on my penis and put all her weight on it.

"I'm sorry, did I offend you?" she said sarcastically as her tits hung in my face.

She moved further down my face and straddled my head. Megan's pussy was nothing like her mother's, but it was getting wetter by the second.

“Oh my God… “Why didn’t I ask Jason to do that to me?” she moaned at me.

Deb told her, "I tried to tell you that Jason only did this for himself. "You need someone like Mark who will allow you to do what you want."

At this point Megan screamed and then leaned over me to recover from her first orgasm.

“Should I continue?” I asked

"Show her some respect, Mark." Deb yelled “Yes, Ms. Deb, sorry, Ms. Megan”; I replied quickly

“Well, I think it’s time to move on. Megan, why don't you turn around so he can continue pleasuring you? I think you owe him a spanking as long as he continues to please you." Deb said

Megan turned around. Then he returned to working with language. She let out a light moan. Then she let the harvest come in.It hurt even worse than when Miss Deb punished me. Megan swung the reaper with all her might.

“Thank you, Miss Megan. “I’m sorry for making advances toward you.” I said.

"Sorry, not now." She answered.

She hit me about 25 times when Deb said it was time to move on.

Megan looked disappointed until Deb said, "I didn't say we were done for the day." I said it was time to move on.

“Untie Mark and take him to the bathroom. Then bring it to this corner and remove the black blanket from this object. You know what to do afterwards. Deb said

Then Deb disappeared into the back room. We went to the corner and she spotted something. It was a wooden chair with safety belts on the arms and legs. The middle of the chair was cut out in the same way as the toilet.

I didn't know what was going on. And I don't think she did it, but it was pretty obvious what was going to happen. I sat down and placed my hands on the armrests as Megan began buckling and tightening the seat belts. There were straps on each wrist, then one on my bicep so I could wrap it around my chest just below my nipples. She pulled them all very tightly.

"I need blood flow." I joked.

She continued walking and didn't seem impressed. She squatted down and continued to fixate on my lower body. She moved my leg to the side and strapped it tight, then tied my ankles to the chair legs. I sat there unable to move, my penis was wide open and hanging beneath me.

Miss Deb came out of the back room pulling a small cart with a large pot and a hose.

“What do you think of my chair, Meg?” asked Deb

"Very nice. Where did you get that mother?" Megan asked

"Aunt Robin and I made it." Deb said

Deb turned to me and asked if I knew what that thing on the cart was . Not me.

"I know what it is". Megan said in a voice that worried me. “That’s the cow milker.”

“No, Megan. That's how it used to be... now it's cock milking." Deb said, almost laughing.

Deb and Megan used to live on a farm somewhere here in Iowa. I didn't know anything outside of the city. They were standing there talking about how it worked and I was kind of holding back.

Deb came over and applied clear gel to my penis. I shuddered, not knowing what it was.

“Take it easy, Mark, it’s just a little lube.” - she said reassuringly.

Then she asked, “Do you remember how you used to beg me to let you cum?”

“Yes, Mistress Deb.” I replied

“Well, now I’m going to let you cum as many times as you want,” she said She placed the cylinder cup on my penis. I felt something like a ring fit tightly around my penis. She told Megan that the cup fit perfectly. I had no idea what they meant.

Then Deb pulled several black clips from her robe pocket. Then she got out some sandpaper and started rubbing my nipples with it.

"I nearly would have forgotten about it"; She said. Then she showed me black metal paper clips.

Then she attached a clamp to each nipple. It cost a lot more than I thought. I tried to say something, but I was in so much pain that nothing came out. Then she flicked the clips with her finger.

"How are you sweet?" She asked.

“It was very painful”; - I exclaimed.

“I know… That's why I placed them there. - she said mockingly.

Deb stood up, walked over and flipped the car switch. The suction immediately attached the cup to the base of my penis. It was pretty strong.

"Now let's wait a little and see how much he cums." Deb said

“When was the last time you jerked Mark off?” Deb asked “About 6:30”; I replied

“Man, what have you done? Close the door when your parents are away and start stroking your cock." Deb

asked About this time I felt an orgasm approaching. "I think". I answered quickly to amuse myself.

“Wow, that was quick, you must be a terrible idiot to last much longer like that,” Megan

said Deb then asked what flavor of Gatorade I liked. I then thought that this was a slightly different question. "Grape". I answered.

With these words she disappeared upstairs.

The next thing I knew, Megan had taken off her top and then her black sports bra. With her perfect 36B tits. My eyes immediately became rigid. She caught me looking at her tits.

“Mark, I feel so... hot tonight. Do you still think I'm hot? she asked, climbing on top of me and placing her tits just inches from my face.

“Of course I want to.” I said as I shot my load again.

“Damn, you must have had too much fun,” she said as she climbed down and called Deb.

Deb was very drunkContainer with a straw that she held right in front of my mouth. She told me it's Gatorade when I'm thirsty and don't want you to get dehydrated. Then she went around and turned the Meeker over. out of. They then poured the contents of the container into a small tube.

"Okay, Nurse Megan." Deb said to her daughter, "We have about 5-6 cc of sperm, so about 3 cc per orgasm."

"Okay, what do we care, Mom?" Megan replied.

“Well, I'm going to bed and I want you to read something on the Internet.” - Deb said.

“Read about femdom and CBT”; She instructed Megan.

"If he's lost count, this way we can guess how many orgasms he's had."

Deb came over, took the cup off my cock and squirted more gel on me. Then she put the cup back down, flipped the switch and said, "I want you to cum for us as many times as possible." Okay, Mark? We’ll come back later”

"But Miss Deb, my penis is starting to hurt." I said

“Baby, you know what? She said it wasn't my problem. She said

“Mom, that’s a little mean,” Megan said.

“Well, Megan, he wanted to come with you when you were younger, and tonight he wanted to come earlier. So...I'll let him cum." Deb said.

“Well, I didn’t want to do that. I just said it was mean. She said laughing

With these words they both went upstairs. And I was left alone. I wasn't alone for long before I had another orgasm. I tried to keep the score. I was worried that my score would be different than Deb imagined. Several hours and four orgasms later, I heard someone coming down the stairs.

"How are you doing?" - Megan asked.

"Megan, help me, I'm tired and in pain." I replied

"What time is it?" I asked

“It’s only about 2:30 p.m. You were only milked for about an hour." She said turning off the coffee maker and pulling out a cup.

I felt relieved and thought I was done. Until she grabbed a tube of gel and put more on my cock. Then she put the cup back down and turned the pump back on.

“Megan, please stop.” I begged

"What did you say?" she asked, grabbing one of the clamps on my chest and twisting it.

"Please, Miss Megan, that's enough." I screamed "Well, I'll think about it," she said as she went upstairs.

I sat there alone. My penis was throbbing and felt like it was being squeezed at the sides. My balls hurt and I thought I was completely exhausted. I sat there struggling to free my hands. It didn't work, so I started trying to push the cup off my cock, but it was no use. At that moment another orgasm occurred. I thought there were five, but I wasn't sure. I just sat down, put my head down and stopped fighting. At that moment I heard her walking down the stairs.

I didn't say anything because I wanted them to turn off the car.

"You look defeated, Mark." Deb said turning off the car "Are you ready for bed?" She asked

“Yes, Ms. Deb,” I said, confident that I had answered correctly and not wanting to turn my back on them.

She removed the tip of the cup from my cock and then wiped away the gel and cum. Megan placed the caller around my neck and secured the leather straps to my wrists. Then she removed the paper wrappers from my nipples. Then she began to loosen the straps on my arms and legs.

Ms. Deb then asked me, “How often do you finish, Mark?”

“Five times, Ms. Deb.” 7 times if you count the first two times before you and Miss Megan went upstairs." - I said exhausted.

"Okay, then you gave 27 ml of sperm." Deb said

“I think he should drink this, mom.” Megan said

Deb smiled, looked and asked, "Would you like to drink your cum, Mark?"

I had to think quickly, I definitely didn't want to drink my own fluids. I quickly replied, “Whatever you want, Miss Deb and Miss Megan.”

Megan disappeared and returned a few seconds later with a funnel. It looked similar to the one I use for my beer bong. As I sat there, I didn't understand what had happened. She grabbed the container of cum, walked over to me, put the funnel in my mouth, tilted my head back and poured it out. The warm, slimy, salty liquid made me vomit. Even though I couldn't do it, for some reason I sat there panting for about 30 seconds.

Megan said to me or her mother, "Why do you think we should suck and swallow their cocks, but getting them to taste our cum or eat some pussy won't work?" I wasn't sure about that who she spoke to.

“Well, Megan, are men pigs?” Deb replied

Miss Megan led me to the bed. Leather straps connected The collar around my neck prevented my arms from going much lower than my stomach. I was still trying to get rid of the “drink” taste. I just

Ms. Deb asked her, “Do you want to catheterize him or should I?”

"I can". Ms. Megan said.

Tie one leg and one arm to the bed.

"Let me do this first, Mark, and then you can go to bed." Megan explained.

I lay there, a little afraid of what was going to happen while she underwent the catheter surgery.

“Don’t worry, darling, it won’t hurt. Just so that you can leave if necessary and not wet the bed." - Megan said reassuringly.

Well, there was a little bit of pain and burning as she inserted the catheter into my penis.

After she finished, I quickly fell asleep. However, the next thing I knew, someone had woken me up. It was Deb who told me that it was almost 10:30 and it was time to clean up. She turned me over and removed the catheter from my penis. Then I followed her into the bathroom. They and the towels were laid out while I stepped into the huge double shower. Miss Deb took off her robe and climbed into the bathroom too. She was completely naked and asked, “Is the water too warm?”

"No, it's okay, I like very hot water." I replied as my cock went from semi-hard to fully erect and hard.

“I'm fine too, why don't you sit in the corner?” - Deb said.

I looked in the corner of the shower and saw a built-in seat. I sat down and Deb adjusted the water so it flowed onto my lap. Then she came at me with a razor. She asked me to stretch my legs. I did and she started applying shaving cream from my ankles to my shoulders. I was informed that I would no longer have hair on my legs or upper body. I told her I understood. When she was finished she applied some shaving cream to her crotch and shaved her lady parts, although there was nothing there last night when I licked her beautiful pussy.

“Now let’s clean and soap everything.” - Deb said.

She took a rag and started lathering her body with soap. Then she started rubbing soap on my chest and then my stomach and dropped the rag. Then she hugged me and kissed me. She whispered in my ear, “Mark, I’m so fucking horny.”

Then she started going to the shower and I fell on top of her.

My cock was still swollen and sore from milking. I really didn't want to draw any attention to my cock. He didn't see that I had a choice

"MS. Deb, do you have a condom? I asked

"Why do you think I'm evil and have an STD, you little one?" She was angry

I interrupted her: "No, Miss Deb, I just want to not that you're getting pregnant." That's it" I really didn't want to make her angry

"Well, I apologize" he said. she said

"But I'm busy so don't worry." she said .

I lay on top of her and she guided my cock inside her. I started going in and out as she told me to slow down.

"Mmm, that's better." She whispered Even though it didn't feel as good, hearing her moans made me happier. After a few minutes I started thrusting as hard as I could and felt my orgasm approaching. I collapsed and shot my load inside my 40 year old neighbor.

“Hurry up darling, go NOW!” she screamed I was already ready for more. I started pumping my cock into her as hard as I could.

“Oh, hell yes, Mark. Yes, stronger, stronger, oh my God.” Deb screamed and then fell silent.

After about a minute she asked me to get up and stand in the corner. She took a new rag, washed and rinsed it. Then she turned the water cold and rinsed me off.

"It is cold". I exclaimed

"So, come here." She said

She started pouring cold water at higher pressure on my penis at close range. Feeling my swollen, mutilated penis didn't help.

"If you weren't such a pathetic idiot you might have received a warm welcome." Deb told me

I felt terrible; Being told you're bad at sex isn't what anyone wants to hear. Especially your first time.

“Hurry up and dry yourself, you still have to make us breakfast.” - Deb said.

“Okay, make breakfast, not what I had in mind, where are my clothes for upstairs?” - I said, obviously without thinking.

"Mark, I told you that you would be our slave for the weekend and you wouldn't get any clothes even if we left the house." Deb screamed I dried myself off and went upstairs, completely naked and a little self-conscious.

Miss Megan greeted me with “Good morning, slut.” I want French toast, eggs and bacon.

I replied, “Good morning,” and immediately started cooking.| Miss Deb and Miss Megan were talking about something. I was lost in thought about what this day might bringabout.



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