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Photo of Bateman and Son III

Tim was pleased and scared at the same time. He was excited when he felt the older boy's hand squeeze his leg and was horrified at the reaction that slight pressure caused. Hoping Rich didn't notice the growing bulge in his wet pants, he started looking around the car to get his mind off the cute boy sitting next to him. He didn't want Rich to find out he was gay, it could ruin everything!

“This is the coolest car I've ever been in!” he said, trying to change the subject in his mind. He'd never driven in a car with leather upholstery, let alone one with a navigation system and all that other crap littered on the dashboard.

“Yeah, not bad for a station wagon, right?” That’s A6. This is a company car; We have a van because it can accommodate all the equipment for filming on location. I'm glad you needed a ride because I was almost never able to drive it. - Rich answered.

“We don't even have a car, my grandmother never learned to drive. Although it's not that bad, I think I can get everywhere using the subway. Tim said, trying not to look sad as he just realized how pathetic he looked.

“Well, Timmy, you have a friend with a car now, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you need a ride somewhere, just give me a call.”

"Thanks man, good to know." Tim was amazed at how cool this guy was. He didn't look much older than me, Tim thought, but he seemed a lot more confident. He feels so comfortable in his body that Tim would like to be himself. To make sure he didn't embarrass himself further, he sat back and enjoyed the comfort of the car as Rich trudged through the rain during rush hour on his way back to the studio.

However, Rich chatted the entire time and Tim learned that he and Rich had the same birthday, just a year apart, and that they both only had the same parent. He also learned that Rich had spent several years in boarding schools in Europe, spoke three languages, graduated high school early, went to college, and helped run his father's business. He learned that James was the first son of Bateman and Son and that James; His father died many years ago, leaving James the entire business when he was about twenty-five years old. Tim was fascinated as he listened to this story. It was so strange and different compared to his lonely upbringing with his grandmother. He hoped he could become good friends with Rich. He just had to get this job! He was trying to think of something interesting about himself as Rich parked the Audi in the parking lot of the suburban business park where the studio was located. He drove as close to the door as he could, but at that moment it was raining heavily and Rich told Tim that he had to run. “Just tell the secretary who you are and she will prepare you.” Don't be afraid of my father either, he can scare you, believe me. I'll see you later when I've parked the car.

Through the pouring rain, Tim saw a glass door with the studio's name written on it. He looked at Rich. “Thanks Rich, I'm a little nervous, I've never applied for a job before, let alone something like this.”

"Hey, you can do it, I can feel it!" Rich reached out and squeezed Tim's shoulder, sending another jolt through the younger boy's body. "I can't wait to see you dressed up in front of the camera!" "Or just dressed up," he thought to himself. “Now hurry up, my dad doesn’t like being late.”

Tim took a deep breath, then opened the door and ran into the studio in the pouring rain. It was a short walk, but when he entered the waiting room he was still wet. He saw a pretty woman with headphones behind the counter and decided to talk to her. Before he could say anything, however, she smiled at him and said, "You must be Timothy Smith."

He wiped the water from his eyes and said, “Yes, ma’am, it’s me,” he replied.

"Ma'am?" Please, darling, call me Joyce. Mr. Bateman is waiting for you, but you must fill out these fields first. So sit down and bring it to me when you're ready. But here's a towel, for heaven's sake, try to dry yourself off!" She handed him a clipboard with forms and a towel.

"Thank you ma'am, I mean Joyce," she said. Tim answered meekly, grateful for the small towel to keep it from dripping on the forms. He sat down, dried his hair and began working on the appliqué. He filled it out quickly and as completely as possible and then handed it back to Joyce.

"I'm afraid I don't know my social security number, I'll have to ask my grandma."

"Everything OK"; we have time for thatLater. “I won’t be here when you get out, so good luck, darling,” she said. Joyce said he accepted his request. "Follow me". She led Tim down the corridor. The studio was much larger than it looked from the outside, and as they wound their way through the hallways, Tim was completely lost when they reached the back of the building and the large wooden door. Joyce knocked, waited a few minutes and opened the door.

“You will be here at 5 p.m., Mr. Bateman, Timothy Smith.”

"Send him in, see you tomorrow, Joyce, thank you and have a nice evening." Tim heard a deep voice from the office. Joyce held the door open and waved Tim in, winking as he passed.

With a wink he felt a little better. Tim's nervousness faded as he entered the thickly carpeted office. He heard the door close quietly behind him and now he was alone with James Bateman. The office was large and James sat at a desk about ten feet away from Tim.

James stood up and walked around the table to greet him. Tim was thrilled. James was 1.85 meters tall, well tanned, had dark brown hair with just a hint of gray at the temples, blue eyes and, despite being almost 50 years old, still had the build of a young man, as evidenced by the shirt tie and pants he wore. didn't hide it. In short, he was the perfect embodiment of what Tim had been dreaming of in an older man for the past few years.

Tim's throat was dry and he hoped his trembling knees wouldn't show through his damp, slightly baggy pants as he reached out. He tried and failed not to wince at the vice grip on his arm as James shook him.

“Welcome, Timofey, I’m looking forward to meeting you in person. I have to say that I was very fascinated by your letter. Much better than the usual nonsense I get so often from boys and girls your age.” He let go of Tim’s hand. "Take a seat."

Resisting the urge to massage his freed hand, Tim squealed, "Thank you, sir!" and took the offered chair.

“That’s what I say about Timothy. Mister. You know how to show respect to your elders, and that's what I like in both a boy and an employee." James typed something on the keyboard and opened Tim's photos (except the ones Tim didn't know he had sent ), turned the monitor to Tim and said, "I have to be honest, you don't look a perfect model, but that's exactly what my clients and I are looking for in this particular project. We want a normal boy, and it doesn't hurt that you still look like a high school student. You have a special look that I can definitely sell.” He paused and turned the monitor back towards him. “I'll be honest, Timothy, because I don't waste time, neither mine nor yours. You can make a lot of money working for me, son, but I demand total devotion and obedience. Although the project I want you to model for is ongoing, I also need an assistant to help me and my son with special projects. I don't tolerate quitters or screaming babies, but be warned; I'll probably make you cry every now and then. Timothy, this is part of learning to be a man. Boys your age need guidance and discipline, and I can give you both in abundance, but it requires commitment on your part. They grow devices, not human brains, you know?

Tim was amazed and scared. Bateman's comments about his appearance stung a little, but he knew they were true to some degree. He hoped they didn't notice his trembling as he answered. "Mr. Bateman, I've only lived with my grandmother all my life. I never had a father, uncle, brother or anything like that. My grandmother and I are poor and I need a job, but I also need discipline, sir. I will do whatever you say at any time. Please sir, do I need this?" Tim tried not to cry right then and there, he wanted to show this man that he was worthy of this task.

James just sat there staring at Tim It continued for a minute until the boy looked away and wiped away a tear that was gathering in his eyes. “Get up, Timofey.”

Tim stood up. James got up from the table again and slowly walked around Tim. “The first thing you should know, kid, is that if you had just come here for a full-time job, I wouldn't have even bothered to meet you in person. Joyce would have accepted your application and sent you home. What the hell are you thinking when you show up to an interview with your shirt open, those wet baggy pants, and those damn tennis shoes?

"Well, I didn't do it, I mean..."

- Shut up, boy, it's too late. You've made a first impression and it stinks. When you work for me you will always be dressed appropriately and what is appropriate is up to me.”| Tim couldn't help the tears that formed in his eyes. He bit his bottom lip to keep from screaming.

“If I hire you, will you cry to your grandma every time I yell at you? I don't have time for a boy like that. I want you to learn to accept criticism and learn from it instead of crying your eyes out, tucking your tail between your legs and running home.”

Now Tim was angry. "Mr. Bateman, I'm not running to my grandmother, I've never done that. You can do whatever you want with me, but if you're going to insult my grandmother, I'd better stop right now!" He couldn't help it that a tear rolled down his cheek.

This outburst really made James smile. "Hmm. Good. I can tell you have a lot of respect for this woman, which is good, I look forward to meeting her. But Timothy, I have to emphasize: If you accept this, this will be more than just a job, it will change your life. What happens here between men, i.e. you, my son, me, my client, etc., has to stay that way. If I get even the slightest hint that you can't hold up your end of the bargain, you will leave, is that clear? You can tell Grandma all you want about your daily tasks and even some of the commercial shoots I can arrange for you, but the special photo shoots you participate in are the property of me and my client. If you do not agree, the interview is over.”

"Ask the man"; Tim regained his composure: "I don't know how I came across your ad or why you chose my photos among your applicants, but I need this more than you know." If this relationship is even half the size of mine think I'm your boy. I want you to teach me, sir.

James stared at Tim for over a minute, making him sweat, before he held out his hand. Welcome to Bateman and Son Photography Timothy.” As Tim took James’ hand, he pulled the boy into his arms. This surprised Tim; He had never been hugged by a grown man, let alone one of his size and stature. “You have to pass a test, Timofey, but you will find out your place in life.”

"Thank you my Lord"; Tim whispered into his chest.

“Okay, Timothy; We need some photos from you so I can send them to my customers. Of course, we won't send them out until we've signed all your documents and contracts, but I want to start on them tomorrow when you're at school. If all goes well, I want you to start on Saturday. James went to the desk and pressed the intercom button. “Richard, please come to my office.” He looked at Tim. "Will this suit you?" I'll call your grandmother and talk to her while Richard picks you up and gets you ready."

Tim was surprised at the speed at which everything was moving. “Uh, yes, sir, I guess I’ll have to ask Grandma.”

“Leave it to me, Timothy. I will explain everything to her.”

There was a knock on the door and Rich stuck his head in. "Yes father?"

“You have already met Timothy here, so no introduction is necessary. He seems to think he has what it takes to work for us, so we need to get an initial assessment. Get him a swimsuit and put him in Studio 1.”

“Yes, Dad,” he said. Rich smiled and winked at Tim. “Then come Tim, follow me and we’ll finish you off.”

Tim was on cloud nine and followed Rich out of the room. He was so excited to get the job that he didn't even hear James mention "swimsuit." and didn't realize he had to pose in one until Rich took him to a dressing room next to the studio.

Rich unlocked the door and led Tim inside. The dressing room was a small room next to the studio that had clothes racks along one wall and a small dressing table along the back wall with mirrors around it so that whoever used it could see themselves from all angles. Tim was wondering what this was all about when Rich interrupted his thoughts.

“So, Timmy, let me see,” he said. He grabbed Tim by the shoulders and turned him so that Tim was facing away from him. He jumped when he felt Rich's hands running down the inside of his pants. "Let me see, your waist is 28 inches?" Rich read the label on the back of Tim's pants.

"Well I'm actually 27, my grandma makes me grow them big so I can grow into them." He felt his face turn red and was glad Rich couldn't see him.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.” Everything you wear is tailored to you. But right now it's off the rack, so let's get you undressed while I find you a suit.

"A? Oh, ok..." Tim looked around the room, trying to figure out where he was supposed to be.I changed until I realized I had to do it right here.”

Rich saw his discomfort and suppressed a laugh. "Timmy, you better get used to getting dressed and undressed in front of other people, it's part of the job, plus it's just us boys now." But keep your socks on; It is not safe to walk barefoot here.”

Realizing he was trapped, he slowly began to undress, grateful that Rich looked away as he put away the racks of clothes, took off his shirt, looked around, and placed it on the chair. He then unbuckled his belt, kicked off his shoes, and let his pants fall to the floor. He was wearing boxers and white socks when he heard Rich turn around with what looked to Tim like a small rag in his hands.

He looked over at Tim, who was standing in his boxers and socks, and admired his small, slim body. He's perfect, he thought to himself. “Here, buddy, take off your boxers and try them on,” he said. He handed Tim a tiny blue and white checked Speedo suit.

Tim blushed brightly as he took the proffered item of clothing and examined it. He didn't understand how, even though he was so small, he could fit into this tiny thing!

“Come on Timmy, hurry up, I need to see how they fit you.”

Tim took a deep breath, turned away from Rich, took off his boxers and added them to the pile of his clothes on the chair. He looked down at the impossibly small chests to see which end was which and leaned forward to pull them up.

Rich enjoyed the sight of Tim's very curvy butt as he leaned forward and pulled the tight panties over his slim body. He deliberately chose a pair that was too small for Tim, so they fit very well. The sight of the tight material entering Tim's ass crack excited Richard, and without consciously thinking about it, his own hand reached back into the back of his shorts and felt the base of the butt plug, still wedged tightly. in your ass. He wondered how Tim would react when his father inserted a plug into his virgin ass for the first time. “Maybe I can do this,” he thought. He had an erection at this point and had to control himself from squeezing his cock quickly.

Tim struggled to fit his modest package into the tight swimsuit and would have sworn he could feel his buttocks poking out of the tiny garment. He shyly turned around and looked at Rich. Instinctively, he folded his hands over his groin, trying to hide the obvious outline of his cock and balls beneath the small suit.

Rich looked at Tim who was standing in front of him. The suit barely covered his groin, exposing a tiny portion of Tim's already small pubic bush, and the tip of his circumcised penis was sticking out. He had very little body hair, Rich thought, and it could be removed fairly easily. Rich's look made Tim very embarrassed, causing his cock to tremble.

When Rich saw Tim's share growing, he decided to take advantage of the opportunity. "Here, Timmy, let's get you off." He knelt in front of Tim, unzipped his suit, grabbed Tim's cock and began positioning him in the suit.

Tim had never seen anyone but himself touch his cock. When he felt Rich's hand wrap around his cock, it immediately filled with blood and a sigh escaped his mouth.

"Relax Timmy, you're going to have to get used to being treated like a man here... That's it, it's fixed." Rich managed to pull the suit over Tim's now rock hard cock. "Nice package, buddy." He placed his hand on the slippery material and ran it back and forth over Tim's groin.

Tim was in a panic. He felt telltale signs as the feeling of Rich's hand sent electrical pulses down his back. "Oooh, please stop, Rich, I can't..." He was about to hyperventilate and tried to control himself, but it was too late. "Yes!" He howled out of control and felt his cock explode, pumping load after load of hot, sticky cum into his trunks. It was one of the most intense orgasms he could remember and he would have collapsed if Rich hadn't caught him, but he was humiliated as he cummed right in front of his new friend and was now held there by him!

Rich felt it coming. He saw Tim's intestines retract before he felt the younger boy's cock begin to throb, pumping warm fluid into his body. When he saw that Tim was about to fall, he caught him and saw that he was close to tears after the orgasm ended. He stood up and pulled Tim with him. With his hands still on his shoulders, he whispered to the distraught boy, "Shh, it's okay, buddy." This is the first time this happens to many people. There's nothing wrong with that. Let's get you really cleaned up quickly and I'll bring you another suit. Honestly, it’s just between us!”

"Dude, Rich, I'm so sorry, I'm not doing that, I mean, damn, I don't know what I mean, I just have to go."

“Don’t be stupid, Timmy, and don’t even think about it. If my father had heard that talk about a refusenik the first day you worked for him, he would have exploded. Just calm down and take off the suit. And don't ever let me use language like that here again." The refusal shocked Tim and he immediately felt like an idiot for saying what he had done.

Deciding not to wait for Tim's answer, Rich removed the stunned boy's suit and began wiping his cock and balls with the crumpled swimsuit. "Oh my God, Timmy, what a nice load of such cute little balls." He tossed the suit aside, went to the dressing room sink, soaked a rag in cold water and returned to the still dazed model. "Now let's clear out this beautiful package." Tim cried out as the cold cloth touched his balls, but was grateful for the effect it had, causing everything to fall into place or withdraw.

"Okay, now let's get you a suit before my dad comes here and spanks us both for messing around."

This must be a joke, Tim thought as he stood there in his socks, watching Rich from behind as he tore up another stack of different trunks. He noticed that Rich's shorts were relatively short and quite tight. Not flashy, but certainly not as big or long as what most kids his age wear. He briefly wondered what Rich would look like over James Bateman's knee while getting a spanking, but quickly pushed the thought away before he got another erection.

"Here Timmy, put this on and I won't touch you this time. Think about girls or something else." Rich smiled and tossed Tim a bright yellow speedometer that was a size larger than the previous one.

Tim was shocked and let the speedometer hit him in the chest and fall to the ground. "How did you know?"

“Let’s just say I had a feeling and so did my dad. It's okay, Timmy, there's no other way, now hurry up, we don't want any nude photos yet." Rich winked at Tim.

Still blushing but also relieved and excited, Tim put on the tiny trunks and was relieved that they held his package tightly in them, even though they were still pretty tight. He looked at himself in the mirror on the wall and couldn't believe he would be posing in such a revealing outfit. What if someone he knew saw this? But at the same time he was very excited by this thought.

His thought was interrupted by Rich: "Come on buddy, you can admire yourself later, we have to take a photo." Wear shoes, it looks sexy in photos.

He'd never thought of himself as sexy, but he did as he was told: He put on his Nikes and followed Rich into the photo booth next door. He felt completely weird walking around in socks and tiny trunks. The studio was very air conditioned and when Rich put him in front of the camera his little pink nipples were very hard and erect and he had goosebumps.

He sat on a stool in front of all kinds of equipment, the purpose of which he had no idea. There were lanterns, umbrellas and all sorts of cameras on tripods. At the moment there was a plain white background behind him, but to the side he could see many different backgrounds.

At that moment the door swung open and James entered. Still wearing his shirt and tie, he appeared to be minding his own business as he began pressing switches and peering into the viewfinder of the camera mounted in front of Tim.

“Well Timothy, welcome to modeling, now get up. Richard, put your chair away, we're starting with standard profile shots, Timothy, shut up and do as you're told. First, put your hands at your sides and look above me at the vent in the wall behind me...”

Over the next hour, Tim had completely forgotten about the dressing room humiliation episode. He had no time to think as he tried to keep up with his new mentor's rapid-fire instructions as he was forced into various positions. He took shots from the front, the side, the back, looking over his shoulder, leaning over, poking the groin, with shoes and socks, just socks, barefoot and then just shoes...too many for Tim could even remember it. He began to feel cold, but by the time James announced they were done, his body was covered in a thin layer of sweat.

“Okay, young man, it’s time to do it now. We need to tweak it and send it out to some customers, but not before I talk to your grandmother. How about I take you home and meet her?tonight?"

"Um, thanks sir, it would be great to go. I'm sure my grandmother would like to meet you too, she's not so sure about all this.

Rich handed Tim a towel. "Here, Timmy, okay, this is going to be great!"

James looked at his son. "Richard, before you go, get Tim some studio shirts and a gear bag." He looked at Tim. "Something like a welcome to the work case, Timothy "If you work here, you wear a uniform." Rich nodded and left the room, leaving Tim alone with James in his trunks for the first time.

Without posing or following orders, he was now fully aware that he was almost naked with his new boss and hopefully his new father. He wrapped a towel around his waist to hide his excitement.

James was amused by the boy's embarrassment. “Timothy, go get changed, I’ll lock the house and Richard will show you the garage.”

"Yes sir, and thank you again, I'm really glad you're giving me a chance."

“I hope you understand what you're getting into, young man. Now hurry up, at this hour and in this weather the traffic jams will be a nightmare.”

Tim went into the locker room. Once inside, he removed the yellow speedometer from his throbbing member. He quickly found his clothes and got dressed as Rich entered the room with a very expensive looking black duffel bag with a red company logo on the side.

"I put something good in there for you, Timmy, but promise me not to look until you're home and alone, okay?" Promise me?

“Well, of course. Thanks Rich, that's great!” He could hardly contain his excitement. This guy treated him so cool!

“Come here, Timmy,” he said. Rich hugged the boy. “I always wanted my little brother to show me something too, buddy. I think it could be you. My father and I would like you to spend the weekend with us so we can go to New York on Saturday. Would you like that?

Tim was in seventh heaven. “Would I do it?” New York! Wow, I've never been there, that would be great. I have to ask, but I don't understand why not.

“My dad will charm your grandma, don’t worry little buddy. Now it's time for us to go, my dad doesn't have much patience for boys who are late." Rich slapped Tim on the butt so hard he screamed and led him out of the locker room and out the back door into the garage .

This time James was driving an Audi and drove towards the two boys. "Come to Timothy." As Tim walked around the car, James said to his son, "After you've done your homework, I want you to pull out the fork and clean yourself up." I want you in my office Wait for me when I get home.”

“Yes, Dad,” he said. Rich answered and walked to his car, surprised and disappointed that he couldn't drive Tim home himself, but still excited at the prospect of the weekend ahead. Even the thought of giving himself an enema this evening didn't dampen his mood.

Tim was completely mesmerized by James as the older man sped through the evening D.C. traffic on the way to his home in suburban Maryland. He wanted to seem smart to James, but every time he tried to start a conversation he got embarrassed and, in his opinion, sounded stupid. Instead, he simply answered James: he asked him about his grandmother, his work at school, his family life, and his social life (or lack thereof), and before he knew it, he was leading James to the empty driveway of his and his family's home. his grandmothers.

He was very afraid of how the interview would go, but soon discovered that his fears were unfounded. Within seconds of bringing James into his home, Tim took full control and, just as his new friend Rich had predicted, enchanted his grandma! Before he knew it, James had managed to sign all the forms and releases, and the next day he was having lunch with his grandmother while he was at school. It was also agreed that, in addition to a trip to New York, Tim would spend the weekend at the Batemans' house.

“I promise that he will be in good hands, Barbara, and that I will have him back here safely by 7 p.m. on Sunday evening. Education is very important to me and I will not hire children who do not perform well,” he said. He promised Tim's guardian as he left.

Tim hadn't seen his grandmother smile like that in a long time. “What a wonderful person! You're very lucky to have come across his job ad, Timmy."

“Yes, I was definitely a grandmother and his son is a great guy too!”

They had a quick dinner together and Tim excused himself from doing his homework, went upstairs and looked in the bag Rich had given him. It was almost nine and he knew his grandmother would be going to bed soon anyway.

Once Upon a timeIn his room he locked the door, kicked off his shoes and placed his bag on the bed. He quickly opened it and pulled out three very nice polo shirts in different colors with the studio logo on them. Because of the material, he felt they were much better than even his finest clothes. There were also three t-shirts with the same logo that looked just as expensive, but then Tim realized why Rich wanted him alone. At the bottom of the bag, in a plastic bag with a ziplock, were the blue and white checkered swimming trunks that he had previously dyed in the studio. When he opened the bag he found that it was still soaked with his cum!

His cock immediately hardened and he blushed in embarrassment at the memory! He also remembered the feeling of Rich's hand on his cock and the feeling of his hands sliding over the silky material while his cock was inside. He wanted to take off his clothes right away, but he knew he'd better do his homework first or he never would! Of course, most boys would have given up on homework, but for some reason Tim was just in the mood to obey authority, so he sighed, squeezed his cock, and sat down to work on his geometry before having some fun.

It was complicated; He could barely concentrate as his mind kept returning to that day and all the lustful thoughts. Every time he thought while standing in that revealing outfit, it became even more difficult for him. It was almost eleven when he closed the book. He had just put on his boxers when his phone rang. This surprised him because no one he knew would ever call him that late. He was surprised it was Rich.


“Hey Timmy, have you opened your bag yet?”

He hoped Rich wouldn't notice that he was blushing on the phone. “Ah, yes, thank you.”

“Do me a favor, Timmy. Put them on now.

"What? They're full of, well, you know.

"Full of your cum, Timmy. Full of your juicy boy cum, put it on, it'll be sexy. I want to get rid of you. I'm looking at today's photos now at. You look so sexy in that yellow bikini.”

"OK". Tim's cock was now swelling rapidly. The thought of getting rid of Rich was true! He also found it strange but cool that his friend was looking at pictures of himself. He quickly threw away his clothes and crawled naked onto the bed.

What Tim didn't know was that he not only had to get rid of Rich, but also James. Currently, the elder Bateman was standing at his desk, still dressed from work, with one hand holding his son's phone to Rich's ear while his other hand was busy stroking his son's cock. Rich's head rested on James' body between two large monitors. the table that actually had photos of Tim in his yellow speedo from that day.

Rich's hands were currently gripping the edges of his father's desk. He was lying on his back with his legs over his father's shoulders, wearing the same black socks and shoes as earlier in the day, but was otherwise naked, his six-inch cock standing proudly just above his prone body.

“Smell her first, Timmy. Take a good breath and then put them on.” Rich was panting now as he felt James slide two fingers into his freshly reddened boy cunt, having followed his father's instructions when he got home earlier that night. He tried not to shout, “Oh, Dad!” as he wanted.

Hearing Rich's words excites Tim like never before.

He put on his wet, sticky trunks and put his hard cock in the cold, wet, sticky bag. He had never felt so dirty in his life and it was driving him crazy.

"You caught her with Timmy, Mmmmm?" Rich groaned as James ran his third finger over his ass.

“Yes, Rich, it’s so strange. Good, but strange.

“I bet they feel great. Do you want to know Timmy's secret?

"Surely!" Tim blurted out. He was rubbing his crotch angrily now. He never thought phone sex could be so hot!

I jerked them off this afternoon before putting them in your pocket, Timmy. You are now carrying my sperm…”

"OH GOD! Ah, ah Ohhhhh..." Tim caught himself in time to not scream too loudly, but he couldn't stop the jet of cum that was coming out of his cock after the news he just read squirting. He couldn't believe he was in contact with his new idols. He was actually cumming in something he was wearing! The cum was now spread all over the small breasts and Tim knew his sheets needed to be washed. It was He didn't care. For the second time that day he received incredibly powerful sperm! He couldn't believe it. He almost forgot he was on the phone. His fingers were wet fromCum seeping through the shafts.

“How was it, Timmy?”

“Oh, Rich, that was... wow. Thank you very much”

“Okay, Timmy, I want you to wear her with our cum all day tomorrow, even to school. I'll test you when you come to my house tomorrow night so you don't lie, otherwise you'll be punished, and Timmy, I'll be able to tell if you're lying to me. You understand?

This thought horrified and excited him at the same time. "Yes, Rich, I understand." He wondered what he meant by punishment. He remembered Rich mentioning the warning about his spanking earlier that day.

“Okay, sleep well, Timmy.” - said Rich.

“But wait, I…” The sentence trailed off in Tim’s ear. He put the phone next to the bed and removed the chests. He couldn't resist running his finger through the pile of mucus and bringing it to his nose. He wanted to try, but he was too cowardly. He got up and put the suitcases in the sink, hoping they would dry out a bit before the next morning. He took a quick shower and went to bed. His cock was already hard again, but he rolled over and fell asleep, dreaming of what the weekend had in store for him.

Back in Virginia, in James Bateman's home office, James turned off the phone, put it aside and placed it on the table next to Richard's head: "Well done, son." You have received an award."

With that, James knelt down, took his stepson's rock hard cock into his mouth and sucked it to the root. Rich spread his legs as wide as possible while his father leaned on him. With his fingers still fucking Rich's ass, it wasn't long before Dad's well trained mouth was milking his six inch cylinder dry. Rich cooed, feeling his cock spasm as he pumped his father's mouth full of cum, his fingers digging into the edges of the table as he pushed his pelvis toward his father. James continued sucking until Rich was exhausted, then he pulled his mouth away from his boy's cock and ran his tongue down his torso until he reached Rich's mouth and then pressed his lips to his son's.

Rich parted his lips and allowed his father's tongue to enter his mouth, releasing the stream of his own seed that he had just pumped into the elder's mouth. Rich thought about how hot it would be if he could make Tim drink his cum.

They continued the kiss until James was sure he had given the boy most of his load back, then offered his fingers to fuck his son. Rich obediently sucked each finger, first one at a time, then all at once, making sure all traces of his ass were removed from his father's hand. He knew exactly the punishment for lack of thoroughness. He had felt the stick or cat on his upturned bottom and thighs at the hands of his father or someone he knew too many times for this not to happen.

James examined his fingers and then squeezed Rich's softening member. "Good boy. We have a great weekend ahead of us. I can't wait to measure Timothy so Saul can work his magic and we can dress him in appropriate clothing for a boy his size. He really likes you and that's a good thing. It will be easier to train him.

“Yes, Dad,” he said. Rich appreciated the praise and looked forward to seeing Tim dressed up. “Actually, I like him a lot too. I always wanted to have a younger brother nearby. He seems like a good boy who just needs to figure out who he is and what his place in life is.”

"Hmm, just like someone I knew." James winked at his son and stroked his head. "Now go to bed, I'm too tired to fuck you right now, but maybe I want to do it before you go to school."

“Okay, Dad, goodnight, sir,” he said. Rich jumped off the table and went upstairs to crawl into his father's big bed. He's tired and it's going to be a great weekend.

James smiled, proud of his boy and happy with how the day had gone. He was looking forward to a nice lunch with the man's grandmother tomorrow afternoon, followed by a weekend of work with the new man.

He settled into his large leather chair at his desk and began uploading a few more photos from the day to edit. However, before he began editing the photos, he sent a secure email to his friend Saul in New York. Saul was his tailor and had the same taste as Jacob. He told Saul that he would be in town with Richard and the new model on Saturday and would be willing to take the new man's measurements in order to order thousands of dollars' worth of custom-made clothing. Then they could have lunch. It's really going to be an interesting weekend.

End of Chapter 3

I know I promised Tim that I would meet the tailor in this chapter and I apologize. I experienced a system crash that causedI completely reinstalled my operating system and had to rewrite most of this chapter from memory, and a few things have changed (hopefully for the better).

Anyway, if you like what's happening so far, please drop me a message. If there's interest, I'll start with Chapter 4, and with the three day weekend coming up, I might even finish it soon! As I said above, the comments section is full of spam, so the best thing to do is write me a personal message or email on Scout65 live. com. (I hope you can understand that :-) ) |Cheers.



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