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Another time I saw Judge Cooke. Judge Cook Episode #2

As I wrote in a previous story, Spanking and Sexual Awakening; I received most of my sex education at the house of my friend Sharon, whose father was a judge. This is a true account of another occasion when I observed the judge.

As usual, I ran into Sharon's house right after breakfast through the back door. I ran up her steps and opened the kitchen door. As I entered I looked to my right at one of the kitchen workers and asked him where Sharon was. I stopped so quickly that I almost lost my balance. The doorknob was still in my hand.

Judge Cook was there with his pants down. He had his back turned to me and I could see his bare bottom very clearly. His legs were slightly spread and I could see his balls hanging down. Despite my young age, I wanted to touch her immediately. Later I have to admit that I like men's balls. I like the way they hang. I find it interesting to watch how they approach when someone is about to shoot. I love the feeling of having them in the palm of my hand and I just love sucking on them! When I feel a man's balls slapping against the back of my pussy and when I suck or stroke his balls, I often think of Judge Cook. He will remain in my memory forever.

Anyway, I saw Judge Cook having sex with one of the younger kitchen staff members. She was a very attractive, thin black woman. She was a teenager and had just started working for them. He pulled up her uniform and her panties were on the floor. She was sprawled across the kitchen table, holding onto the other side of the table. Her head was turned. Her mouth was slightly open as she moaned. I leaned a little more to the side and tried to see her pussy, but I couldn't see it. However, I could see his hands caressing her beautiful ass. She was a small girl, but her bottom was very round and it was obvious that he liked feeling it with his palm. I was mesmerized as I watched his white hands caressing her dark skinned bottom. It was the first time I saw a black woman's body.

I watched frozen, partly out of fear that he would see me, but also out of sexual excitement. As I watched my panties got wet. He fucked her very slowly and asked her if she liked his cock. She moaned and replied: Yes, yes, I like your hard cock. Soon he spread his legs wider and I could see his cock going in and out of her pussy. I could see her pussy squeezing his cock as he pulled out. He pulled his hard cock almost all the way out. His cock was glistening with her pussy juice and I could see the pink color in her pussy. He then placed his hands on her shoulders and began thrusting faster and rougher. They both grunted with each thrust.

I thought about Mrs. Cook: if she came downstairs she could look into the kitchen and see her. As I thought about it, I realized that his wife was still in the bedroom, probably sleeping off last night's heavy drinking. I thought about Sharon too: what would she think if she saw her dad fucking a rod? Those thoughts soon left me when I heard her grunt.

I couldn't take my eyes off them. With each thrust he became rougher and faster. I watched his balls slap against her. After fucking her for a while, he spread his legs wider and bent them. I watched as his cock changed position. He raised his penis at that angle and thrust upwards. He did it with such force that she screamed and two table legs jumped up. As he pulled back, his foot hit the falling tiles. He continued to pound into her furiously and hard, ramming his hard cock deep into her pussy as hard as he could. He did this again and again, pushing her so hard that the table was raised each time. They seemed to notice nothing except the joy they were experiencing.

As he thrust faster and faster, he grunted loudly and asked her to take it in a deep voice. He said take it, squeeze my cock with your tight pussy, take it, take it, take my cum deep in your black pussy. Soon he growled very loudly and almost collapsed on her small body. I could see his cum leaking out of her pussy and flowing around his cock that was still inside her.

After a short pause he pulled his cock out of her well fucked pussy. He stepped back a little and told her to clean his cock. He told her to get on her knees and blow him clean. She turned around and knelt before him. She never saw me because he was much taller than her. I couldn't see her face but he told her to suck the cum out of his cock. He asked her if she liked the taste of her own cum. He said: Milk my cock, pour every drop of my cum into your mouth and swallow it. I saw her fingers wrap around the base of his penis. She moved her fingers up and down as she suckedSounds. He said good girl, good girl, that's a good girl, right, milk the last drop of cum, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, good girl.

When she was finished, he turned around and pulled up his pants. Now I could see her clearly. The front of her uniform was open and her beautiful dark tits were hanging out. Her nipples really caught my attention. I secretly wanted to suck and stroke her.

When he saw me he froze for a second. He then bent down and put on his boxers and then his pants. As he zipped up and tightened his belt, he looked at me. He had the same sly smile on his face as he had the day he beat Sharon in front of me. She was completely shocked. She grabbed the front of her uniform and tried to cover her beautiful tits. He grinned, turning around and pulling her hands down. He cupped each breast, sucked on the nipples and then kissed them all over. Finally he told her to straighten her uniform.

He came towards me and smiled the whole time. He put his hand on my shoulder. He watched her until she pulled herself together and then told her to come to us. She didn't look at me then. She looked down embarrassed. He removed his hand from my shoulder and reached for his wallet. He opened it and held it out to me. He told me to put the hundred dollar bill away. I took it out with shaking hands. He told me to get out quarter by quarter. I carefully folded it in half and then in half again. He grinned as I did that and then told me to put it between her tits. I looked at him. I trembled as he placed his large hand on mine. He told her to unzip her uniform. She did as he ordered and he took my hand and moved it between her tits. He then removed his hand and asked me to push the hundred dollar bill deeper. I did as I was told. I felt her breasts with my fingertips. As I removed my fingers, he leaned in and kissed her passionately. I saw him explore her mouth with his tongue. His lips were full for a man and very light in color. Her lips were very full and dark. It felt good to see him kissing her like that. Then he told them to get back to work.

He grabbed my shoulder and turned me around as we left the kitchen. When we reached the stairs, he took his hand from my shoulder and gave me a light push on my butt. When I looked at him after he kicked my ass, he winked at me and told me to go upstairs to Sharon's room. He said he would be in his office if we needed him.

I obediently did what he said. When I got to the top I looked down and saw him looking at me. He winked at me again. I went into Sharon's room and found her just getting dressed for the day.

Please leave a comment, PM me or email me at [email protected]. I really enjoy reading your answers. Since this is a true story and I wrote it from memory, please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve my writing style. Thanks toyou.



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