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Abigail Chapter 2

'One year later'

Flashes of light, coupled with sirens and the screams of her brothers trapped in the rubble of the facility that had just been devastated by the special forces, filled her head, and for a moment she walked through that devastating scene again and saw again: that kind-hearted soldier , who picked her up and carried her to the trucks.

She sighed loudly as she waited on the corner for a ride into town.

She delayed this meeting with the last scientist for almost a year, all because a curious officer had to track her down and even track her to the scorched surface of the planet.

She suggested that some people just don't have the patience.

He definitely didn't have the patience. After all, in her opinion, he had been reckless when he followed her to the surface without any protective equipment. It was really a shame in its own way, he was so sweet, such a shame that he couldn't get to the maintenance before she locked up and left.

The sound of a car driving by pulled her out of her thoughts. It was a soft, pearly black and she could see her target in it. As they floated by, she tilted her head forward and smiled from beneath the brim of the dirty brown beret that sat atop her bright red head.

She never paid much attention to her appearance, but she fit most people's image of a young, voluptuous beauty. With her height of 5 feet 10 inches, a soft but broad curve, and skin like coffee cream, she wasn't hard to spot in the downtown crowd, but when they saw her bright green and blue eyes, she stood out from the crowd They saw her eyes, set deep in their sockets, utter the words "I CAN and WILL," and she usually did so beforehand.

She knew that the locals usually described her as someone who was being persecuted or burdened.

However, the company she kept probably didn't help.

The locals called them “The PackRats,” mostly among people who needed them. It bothered her that they were called something so poor when in reality they weren't that poor. She came across them while running from law enforcement and discovered that all three were just like her. They also had skills.

First there was Beck. Beck was the only girl other than her who had the ability to change the way her body affected what was happening around her. For example, by changing its electronic mass, it could easily lift about one and a half tons. There was Geran. Geran could essentially vibrate the particles that made up his skin, creating a static electronic charge that he could discharge at will.

Then there was the name of the group and their current ride: Rat. The rat seemed to be a mystery. The others had no idea what his powers were because he never used them, but he was sweet and dark. He had wavy old surfer hair and a pair of soft blue eyes. Combined with the scar on his right eye, he looked like he had been through multiple wars, and if you didn't like that, he had a wiry body covered in strands of muscle. He had an almost sculptural figure and pale, tanned skin, as if he came from an island or some similar exotic place.

Honestly, when she met her, she barely knew how to control her powers, and now, almost a year after the incident in the alley, she knew exactly what she had to do to get what she wanted, and even better, how she could get it she wanted from the people she hunted.

The bike stopping right in front of her brought her attention back to the present moment. She looked Rat in the face and smiled at him, causing him to give her a crooked smile back as she sat on his bike, wrapping her arms around his thin waist.

“Are you ready then, Ab?” The rat growled playfully.

"I bet," she hissed quietly in response, squeezing him just as gently.

And with smiles of dark joy in anticipation of the hunt they set off. The highway sped ahead of them and the motorcycle cruised along the road, following their prayer until the approaching sunset.

Shortly after, they finished their prayer as it entered one of the many industrial sectors of the Lower City and the rat turned into a nearby alley. After he parked, he turned to Abigail and said quietly “This is your stop”

“I know the rat,” she snapped at him.

“Hey, be quiet, Hein; Relax, you don't need any cloudy thoughts at the moment”

“Sorry Rat, you know how long I've been planning this, but it can still go wrong in many ways”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be as great as ever”

“Thank you,” she answered him and got off the bike. She stood next to him for a moment, then turned and looked at him leaned over, kissed him on the lips and said, “Yours tonight.”

“Sure, Hein, see you there”;

With that he rode his bike out of the alley back onto the highway.

She shook her head quietly, looked at the maze of pipes, fire escapes, and vents above her, jumped up, grabbed the edge of the nearest pipe, and then quickly climbed up until she reached the edge of the roof. She pulled herself over the edge, shook herself off, crouched as a delivery drone flew overhead, ran along the roof, ran to the edge, and flew out through the industrial fence.

When she was finished, she looked around and saw her destination: an ivory tower as tall as a skyscraper in the city's business district. As she watched, she saw her target enter the doors and head towards the elevators.

She watched this with some surprise. As she watched him, he followed the same routine. She noticed a maintenance entrance off to the side and decided she wouldn't go with the plan; She will use the technical elevator instead.

Using a technical elevator cuts down on planning time, but also allows her to keep her hair straight a little longer and prevents the smell of smog outside like a factory chimney.

After breaking the door lock and hacking the elevator to take her to the apartment above, she took the elevator upstairs. Just before she stopped, she took out a knife and checked it for dirt or damage. As the elevator stopped, she took a moment to concentrate and listen, drowning out any unnecessary noise from the rest of the building. She heard quiet but deep and heavy breathing coming from the room and the occasional hoarse moan. After listening to this for about a minute, the noise stopped and she clearly heard the scientist saying, "Thank you dear, you can go now." and most importantly, his daughter's voice replied, "It's okay, Dad.” before hearing the heavy fall of the android leaving the room.

That brought a smile to her lips. She quietly opened the door to the darkened room, sat in an easily accessible spot directly in front of his desk, and waited for him to turn and look at her. He struggled a bit with his pants before he managed to get them on, then turned around and looked her straight in the face.

“Ahh”; he breathed, “It’s time.”

“I’m afraid so, sir”; - she answered quietly. The only reason she used the word “sir” was because, as her adoptive mother would say, politeness pays off.

"Would you like to drink something?" he asked, presenting her with a selection of different bottles in an antique wooden cabinet.

"No thanks";

“I hope it doesn’t take long”;

“Not at all, sir”;

“If you don’t care, I won’t look,” he said sadly, turning in his chair to face the window "Of course, sir"; She said as she came up behind her and placed her hand on the back of his head as she slowly began to draw the memories out of him.

She didn't like that part, even as she launched her little campaign against the people who created it. The heat from draining someone's memories destroys their brain and burns the criminal's handprint into their head. However, the print was incomplete and contained neither fingerprints nor genetic fingerprints. Even if police officers found her genetic print, they wouldn't even be able to tell whether it was human, let alone a person living in the city.

After pulling out his memory, she quickly examined it and ran away.

What she didn't know was that she was being watched through a crack in the wall by the late scientist's sister, who watched as she escaped and killed her brother.

P.S. “Hine” is a Maori term forgirl/female



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