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In the next century, when the Earth's atmosphere is so polluted that it is no longer possible to imagine it in an ordinary city with three thousand inhabitants, Christa wakes up on the morning of her wedding.

Kriska woke up with the first rays of sunlight, excitement already boiling within her, her heart pounding as she pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming, but her long white wedding dress was hanging on the door.

I dream of this moment now, in just a few hours, but the moment she had dreamed of for so long, her wedding, her moment in the spotlight, her day in the spotlight, the day she became an adult.

She ran her fingertips calmly over the soft red silk cord, lying there wondering what the next morning would be like, whether her husband would bring her breakfast, whether she would fall asleep, whether she would be able to adjust, whether his breathing would help her Sleep. It was all so new, she had never slept with anyone except as a child,

Old-fashioned high ceilings and moldings, mirrored panels and antique oak cabinets, familiar things, she looked at them, realizing, perhaps for the last time, that tomorrow she would wake up with Jonathan, far from the antique pine chests, her communicator, and screens and photographs her family and of course Jonathan.

She knew Jonathan was a good man, her parents had assured her so, his father and her father had attended Yale together, "a very good boy"; Her father had insisted, but somehow he seemed distant, always a complete gentleman, never crossing the boundaries of decency during their time together, always the first to pull away when they kiss, and always apologizing when he touches her.

Her mind wandered back to the moment she realized she had become a woman, to the red stain on her shorts as she played tennis in the safety of the college's air-conditioned gymnasium, away from the harsh, damaging rays of the sun.

Jonathan may have been chosen many years ago, she could barely remember when he wasn't meant to be her husband, prepared like a wedding dress, carefully chosen and changed regularly since her virginity to fit perfectly. confirmed when she was baptized by Rev. Jones and her labia were stitched by a licensed physician.

She pushed aside thoughts of her wedding, stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. Her long brown hair fell to her shoulders as she posed provocatively. She knew Jonathan would find her irresistible, and in a moment of madness she removed the straps of the sheer silk peignoir from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She held her perfect breasts, squeezing them out provocatively, increasing the anticipation she was already feeling, and then squatted to display her sex. She knew she would never have to seduce a man this way, but she was confident in the obvious appearance. the brutality of what she saw.

Her room was on the ground floor, the blinds were drawn, and Kriska had no idea what an incredibly erotic performance she had just performed for the young, mentally retarded Jamie, who was helping her as her gardener. He walked awkwardly to the garden shed as cum dripped down his trouser leg and he desperately tried to wipe himself off with an oily rag.

This wasn't the first time Kriska made Jamie cum in his pants, sometimes she smiled at him sympathetically but it was enough to make him tense, he wanted to talk to her but it was impossible, their worlds were literally worlds apart She was an excellent student while he was struggling to balance school and work since his parents died and hoped he could finish school and earn money for a house like this north of the railroad and not on the crumbling remains of his childhood home by the river. , south of the major railway divide.

Kriska ignored her influence on the servants, put her negligee back on and went into the bathroom. She operated the aerator and watched as the readings showed that the filter's functionality was within acceptable limits. The contaminated water became less and less, too little to simply drain away. So they installed the latest water-saving technology after examining her room and bathroom.

She slipped off her negligee as she sank gracefully into the warm water, and as she pulled it over her flawless white skin, it somehow calmed her fears. She fiddled with the thermostat and adjusted the water in the bathtub to her needs. She hated her faulty memory, which could no longer be corrected in half-degree increments, but she looked forward to the new house she and Jonathan would share, well, not new, but renovated with materials from the now-abandoned suburb Parkston. A city no longer needed a home. They couldn't afford to maintain the dam, so it was the right time to renovate Maitland's stone townhouses on the North Hill.

Kriska moved the paddle and lowered the water level, temporarily filling the storage tank, picked up the razor and picked it up carefullyShe smoothed the soft fuzz in her lower abdomen, careful not to puncture the official seal, and as her thoughts turned back to Jonathan, she felt her nipples harden and realized she was wet both inside and out .

The service was scheduled for noon, hairdressers, make-up artist, photographer, time had to be found for everyone, so Kriska reluctantly got up and began to dry herself while her mother knocked on the door before opening it.

“You look beautiful, darling,” she said approvingly, “I knew it would pay off.”

All those days behind closed curtains in the height of summer, wearing big hats and long sleeves, avoiding the destructive rays of the sun, she has acquired a perfect complexion, but at the price of evening training sessions, long runs over rough terrain and toning her body. she has reached adulthood.

"Thank you mother!" - she said approvingly.

“I know you will honor me, Chris,” his mother assured him, “but don’t scream. Bite your lip and remember the old movies about the old country as it was before the disaster.”

“Mom, did you scream?” She asked.

"It wasn't public back then, only friends and family watched, but yes, I'm afraid I watched."

Kriska's mother smiled at the memory,

“My mother was so upset,” she continued, “she said I was like a seaside whore or a cat in heat, and none of that is necessary, Chris. Just keep up appearances when the community is watching for the first time." She grinned, "Then you can shout to the whole world."

The hairdresser and the make-up artist came and went, the photographer took photos of her in full regalia and suddenly the time had come.

The limo couldn't fit in the garage, so they had to exit through the airlock on the porch, relying on the limo's antacid system to clear the air as they drove to church, their father at their side, Mon and their little one Sister Lizzie in front. and Segal, her designated bridesmaid, in the left jump seat.

“Segal, aren’t you getting married, darling?” Kriska’s mother asked “No, Ms. Dureau,” she replied

“So what should we do now Seagal, now you are officially a woman?” - She continued.

“Oh, Maison Blanche evenings and weekends and staying at school until I get pregnant.” - Seagal replied.

"Part-time"; - asked Royston. “I thought working in a brothel was a full-time job”;

"Oh yeah, they made a deal, you know." Seagal held up her breasts for Royston to see: “ “You see, they liked what they saw, but I hope to be pregnant in the fall and choose a failed groom to get rid of the dirty things,” says my mother.

“So you hope that Jonathan will fail?” - Kriska asked mockingly.

“Or” Markus.” She giggled, but the thought of neither Jonathan nor Mark making an appearance was too much for poor Kriska to bear.

Royston corrected her: “Don’t be impertinent.”

The cemetery's immaculate artificial turf beckoned them. As the limousine drove under the carbon fiber palms toward the Fairytale Church, it zipped through the airlock for the obligatory two minutes and then into the acid-controlled area of ​​the main church.

“Pants, Chris” her mother asked. Chris first took off her ugly anti-acid leggings, then her revealing pink silk panties and announced that she was ready by adjusting her stockings and suspenders.

Soft music played as she walked among the townspeople. At that moment they were there with the city's artillery, requiring the presence of at least one wedding day per block.

She felt everyone's eyes on her, wondered what it would be like to stand in front of these good people, and then thought how much worse it must be for the boys.

It seemed to her that she was floating towards the altar, Jonathan and his friend were waiting, Reverend Bryn Jones was waiting, and finally the sounds of the organ fell silent.

“Friends, citizens of Maitland, we come together before God, His servant Muhammad and the Prophet Jesus to witness the union of these fertile young men so that they may produce the offspring we so desperately need for the future of humanity. our race.” Bryn Jones read the well-known text of the United Religions of America Prayer Book 2140.

The parishioners remained silent expectantly, most of the girls entered in a finished dress, exposing their seams for everyone to see, but they mistakenly believed that Kriska felt above such expressions of rudeness, in fact she didn't even think about it even once .

Reverend Jones announced a list of upcoming weddings, four more on the same day, and their locations, and then finally asked.

“Does anyone here know a reason why these two people shouldn’t procreate?”

He paused as the church clock ticked five times, the legal five seconds, and then continued:

“And you, Jonathan, will you take Kriska as your lawful wife?”

“Yes, sir,” Jonathan replied.

"And youKriska will take Jonathan as her husband. asked Reverend Jones.

"Yes indeed"; - she answered firmly.

"Then, as per the rules, I am still present to witness your union." Reverend Jones whispered to Kriska. “Where is the noose?”

“Here” She replied, handing him a small noose.

The Reverend pulled and her dress ripped as intended, tearing from waist to hem, revealing her virginal sex, still sewn as required by the city; The red silk thread was replaced this morning by a licensed practitioner, ready for symbolic destruction.

“Are you going to break off contact, Jonathan, or am I?” – asked Kriska.

“Do it, sir, please.” Jonathan answered quietly.

“Then when you enter the altar, Kriska will make herself comfortable on the dais and Jonathan will get ready.”

Kriska moved forward, gliding like a beautiful swan, her graceful legs stepping forward and then straddling the dais.

“So you can see it, please, Kriska,” she said. – asked Reverend Jones and Kriska turned to the parishioners:

The reverend knelt, his fingers trembling slightly as he removed her dress, and the congregation gasped at the perfection of her sex, embroidered in an intricate crisscross pattern, when so much was simply laced like a hockey cleat, a bead of sweat appeared and Kriska As he Noticing a swelling under the robe, he tried to restrain himself, but once he got his nerves under control, he grabbed the ceremonial scalpel and carefully and deftly cut through the soft silk, pulling out the loose end before carefully parting her lower lips, so that the church could witness it.

Reverend Jones continued, “I call on all present to bear witness that Kriska Duroe, a woman of distinction, is now offering herself in marriage to Jonathan Abanuto, and for the record, it is now twelve-thirteen.”

Kriska looked at the congregation lying between her knees on the raised platform in front of the altar. They remained seated and watched intently, many of their classmates eager to see and taste the feast that was waiting for them at the nearby town hall, and a few boys, boys always came in the hope that the groom would fail, a straggler came in, she blushed and tried to pull it up around her legs, her father's gardener, a pale-skinned idiot who often worked shirtless in the sun and on sour days.

She looked away as the idiot took his place at the end of the hallway. He unsettled her, his pale skin, as pale as she was. Despite his lifestyle and his drugs, she had smiled pityingly at his Viga-fueled erection several times, but she never thought he would dare imagine that he was the right person to witness her deflowering.

Jonathan was the perfect partner, like an ebony statue, their coffee-colored children could be both acid-resistant and UV-resistant, avoiding the cellular problems of ebony, this was a future enshrined not in law but in the mantra of all rights. thinking people.

“It’s time, do you have any lube?” asked Reverend Jones

"No, Reverend, I'm already wet, look." Kriska pushed a finger into her sex and then moved it glistening to inspect the Reverend.

“Jonathan, come on, we’ll wait.” The reverend insisted.

But as Jonathan turned around and draped his black pants and shorts over the altar rail, Kriska saw that he was far from ready.

“Jonathan, please, what happened?” - asked Kriska when she saw that his penis had sunk uselessly.

“I think I'm nervous.” - he said shyly and apologized.

“You can stroke or suck your Jonathan if you want,” he said. The Reverend reminded her.

Kriska decided to keep her lower lips open to seduce Jonathan, but since he remained limp, she took his scrotum in her left hand and his penis in her right hand and brought the tip to her lips.

It remained sluggish.

“No, that can’t be me. Dad said you were hard when he checked.

“Drugs”; A voice came from the back of the church.

“Have you taken drugs, Jonathan?” – asked Kriska.

"Yes"; he admitted: “Viga capsules”;

"Why?" she demanded.

“My dad,” I told him, “told him I loved Mark, but Dad insisted I could do it if I tried, but I can’t.” I need Mark to do it.” Kriska punched him in the face, then fell from the podium, swinging her legs uselessly in the air as the congregation laughed.

Kriska saw her ideal world crumble before her. She was now officially a woman and legally required to perform sexual intercourse within twelve hours of the suture cutting.

She realized the extent of her betrayal, her groom was unable to complete the affair, the best man who would traditionally try if the groom failed was the groom's lover, and no one made any arrangements, her only one Option was a public brothel where someone was...someone could have taken her, why didn't her parents buy her a place in a private brothel, why was she so stupid.

Events developed asWhether in a dream or a nightmare, Jonathan remained stubbornly listless, then Mark tried and he too failed, leaving Kriska shamed and humiliated for no reason.

"Please check"; She begged, ripping the dress off her shoulders and throwing off the remains of her underwear, revealing her perfect breasts and erect nipples, but despite his ebony beauty, Mark remained stubbornly flaccid. She cried and then the humiliation began.

“I can’t help it, my dear,” Reverend Jones told her, “they changed the law. I could have snuck in on you last May, but it's Saturday and it looks like either someone's going to take you here or you're going to have to register as a whore at a public brothel on Main Street and perform the required two hundred copulations first . Well, you know the rules.”

A public brothel where, until she becomes pregnant or is no longer fit for health reasons, she will be branded and forced to copulate with anyone: in a brothel for the first two hundred, then at home, or in a prestigious brothel if she wants , but always with a branded whore. On her forehead was a neon sign that read “Whore.” A sign outside her house so that any man, whether he was on drugs or not, could try to impregnate her in the hopes that she would be able to father offspring, so now few men could maintain an erection , which she might never be able to conceive or, worse, give birth to a drug-damaged child.

Kriska nodded. "May I ask?"

"No, you must take any unmarried man here who offers, unless there is more than one, and then I will choose," he told her, and then whispered, "Show or nod which one you want, when that happens." .

The reverend set about the sad task, but what man would devote his life to supporting a woman without an ironclad dowry agreement, and Kriska had a younger sister who the family perhaps believed could have her dowry doubled if Kriska was a whore would. .

Bryn Jones longed for the old days when he would have simply taken Kriska himself, but with so many dark little children and girls demanding charity from the church, the fathers had to act and forbid him, and now he was trying to sell the idea ​​Life with the Ice Maiden Kriska told the boys from her school, and each one in turn asked if he wanted to take her with him, knowing full well that if she became pregnant, they would be legally bound to her until the girl came of age or the boy got married .

Kriska never had much time for boys since her parents chose Jonathan, she simply froze them, the "ice maiden"; and now she was trying to look irresistible while tears streamed down her face.

One by one, the boys sitting in their classroom positions at the front of the class shake their heads or say no. “We might as well wait and put it on public display”; - murmured one.

On the straight five everyone answered no, then the reverend went to the football team, nothing, then those left behind, Sean Hillman, what about you? – asked the monk. I look at the bulge in Sean's pants.

“I used to have viga sir, sorry”;

And then his gaze slid to the last row.

"I bother"; Pussy's heart stopped, it was Jamie, her father's servant, the gardener, she didn't want to give birth to an idiot.

"No"; - Pussycat shouted, but Jamie was already walking towards her: “He's on Vig”;

"You? Jamie, is that you?

"Yes, he's always hard, it's unnatural." - Pussy screamed.

"Try me, Reverend"; Jamie asked: "I'm getting tense just thinking about it think about kissing pussy."

"Please look at him, Reverend"; Kriska cried pitifully: "I would rather be a public whore than take him." She knew it was a cruel trick, Jamie always took Viga , that's why he always had an erection.

Bryn Jones picked up a small gray T-shaped device from a shelf next to the organ and rubbed the sensor across Jamie's forehead. It hummed softly and then turned green. “It must be broken”; he announced: “Shows zero.”

“Try Mark”; Jamie suggested and the Reverend agreed, one rub and the reading increased dramatically.

“Dear friends, Jamie is clean,” the Reverend announced. “So there are no more obstacles, so if you are ready to take on the responsibility of bringing as many children into the world as possible and taking care of Kriska until they come of age themselves. or get married, then we can move on.” He paused: “Mark, are you receiving?”

“Yes, sir,” he agreed.

Jamie made his way to the altar, but Kriska quickly stood up and walked down the aisle of the church. ran through the inner airlock doors, but Jamie caught her too quickly as she fumbled with the outer door before picking her up and dragging her back to the dais.

“I don’t want him,” she screamed.

"Come on, my child, that's it," Reverend Jones insisted, watching as Jamie lifted her even higher until her crotch was level his face and he started licking,

Kriska thought she was going to explode, the mix of anger and pleasure was becoming unbearable, she just wanted it to stop.

"Okay, let him try." She agreed.

He laid them down as gently as a falling feather, and as Jonathan had done, he folded his pants over the altar rail, pulled down his shorts, and stood with his penis uncontrollable to the gasps of the congregation.

"Jamie, seriously, don't, you're going to hurt me and you're going to hurt me." Krista begged.

Jamie shushed her: “Just a little.”

He spread her knees and aimed his manhood at her wet vagina, she sobbed, "No!" again as the bulbous purple tip inside her gave way and then slowly the entire member began to sink into her.

He felt the expected resistance and pushed. “You said very little”; The pussy squeaked.

"I'm sorry," he apologized, "but I think it's time for me to move on."

The congregation gathered to watch the two fall in love, and then a fully sheathed Jamie began to slowly thrust in and out, his rhythm getting faster and faster until he finally screamed, “Ahhhh, I love you !” and collapsed on top of her.

The congregation slowly returned to their seats, the drama was over and the next ceremony was approaching. Kriska's mother ran away, leaving her father to comfort Kiska.

“Dad, I will have disabled children.” She cried.

"I'm sorry, but it's the law," her father admitted, "I'm taking Jonathan because he broke a promise, and you better come home with us for a while."

"No, sir, she's mine." "I have responsibilities now," Jamie insisted. “Just give me her cloak and we’ll go.”

Her father tried to argue: "You are really evil, you can't protect her, there is no antacid in your house, she will get cancer before delivery."

“Then where is my cancer, where are my boils,” he asked, “I can protect her in my own way, sir, and in any case I love her, so give me her cloak.”

Pussy watched in horror as her father handed Jamie her wedding cloak and he carefully draped it over her before tying it up. It was strange because he had her arms tied to her sides and she could feel the cold metal of the zippers against her chest, every second he could bare her breasts or her sex and just take her anywhere, it was all in According to the rules newlyweds, at least in the brothel she will remain hidden from view.

Krsta sobbed, expecting to become a future husband's bride rather than a caretaker's slave, and she began to cry again.

Jamie had walked to church, so they walked back to his house, but instead of stopping, they continued on to his old fishing cabin by the river. He turned on the old pump and clicked on the cabinet,

“Take off your clothes, I’ve recovered”; Jamie ordered.

"Yeah right". Krista agrees: "And without Viga, except me." She wanted to add that she wasn't born yesterday, but Jamie was already naked and his willingness was obvious.

“No,” my mother said every Saturday night.” Krista insisted.

Jamie smiled. “I think a little more often.”

With ease he lifted her robe, fastened the hem to the hook around her neck so it was out of the way, and took her from behind, cupping her breasts in his hands while his mouth kissed her neck with a thousand butterfly kisses.

"That's enough"; Kriska said firmly as Jamie entered her, but he wanted more, wanted, needed her to say she was satisfied."

His seed flared up inside her again, blood dripping from the corner of her mouth where she had bitten her lip as her mother had told her, the words "yes" and "even more, harder" stuck in her mind.

“No, Jamie, no”; Kriska said firmly as Jamie took off her robe, leaving her naked.

"Jamie, you certainly can't be hard again." Kriska's eyes widened, but the purple-headed monster stood up again, like photos of old space rockets.

The wooden floor was hard and the blanket thin as he opened her lower lips again, entered her swollen red naked cock and began thrusting, he sought her mouth, pressing his lips and tongue against hers until she gave in and accepted him.

She gasped, “Yes, yes, oooooh”; She remembered her mother's advice on how to fake an orgasm, but the feelings welling up inside her worried her, a disembodied voice, out of control, urging Jamie on, and then she thought that the whole barn would collapse when the ground rose and the tide rose again the sperm swallowed her up.

“You are naked”; – Jamie remarked.

“So” Kriska answered the idiot.

“Your hands are free, you could push me away.”

"Oh"; she replied, feeling stupid.

“But you held me.” He continued:

"Oh"; - she said uncertainly.

“I loved you from the first moment,” he admitted, “and when you took your clothes off this morning.”

“BChurch?” – asked Kriska and rose on her elbows.

“No, I saw through the window in the house,” he said, “so I went to church, prayed about it, and my prayer was answered.”

“You can’t keep me here, you know”; Krista explained.

"Yes, I can, and don't forget I can brand you," Jamie replied, taking a leather bracelet from the closet, "here, put this on."

She looked at the intricate pattern. Gold letters on dark skin: Jamie loves Kriska, it's not property, but Jamie loves Kriska.

“That’s great, so you actually loved me, we never talked, but wow, oh my god, that’s so weird”;

Kriska exclaimed, zipping the leather back up and moving the adjuster “How do you remove this?”

“It’s not like that,” he attached one end of the leash to the collar and the other end to the collar. Iron ring in the ground: "You stay here, I think if you stick to a decent, alkaline diet you can go back to school in about a month when you're pregnant."

"Yeah right"; - She grinned and then realized: “Are you serious?”

“It works for me,” he insisted, “Look at all the stains”;

She looked closely at Jamie and marveled for the first time at his slightly tanned but flawless back.

“How do you do that, is it genetic?” – asked Krista.

“It has to do with nutrition,” Jamie explained. “My father wrote a thesis on this at university, but they couldn't accept his theory and abandoned him, so he mows lawns and I have to work to

“But does it work?” - asked Christa.

He thought for a moment before answering, "Yes, I will find the right alkaline balance for you, and when your pH balance stabilizes in a few weeks, you will do it." "Everything is fine outdoors, as long as you don't overdo it, but indoors you don't need anti-acid products or those ridiculous beekeeper hats."

On Monday morning, Jamie strolled across the immaculate lawns of Royston Dureau's beautiful home, his shirt unbuttoned to his waist as always, knocked twice on the front door and stood aside as it swung open, then entered the airlock and waited for the air to change . , and then slowly entered the house.

Mrs. Dureau noticed him “ “You’re a beast,” Kriska’s mother shrieked.

"Why am I a beast?" Jamie asked: "I love Kriska, no one else wanted her, so now she's mine and that's the end."

"So where is my daughter?" she asked.

"Tied up in my house, for sure." He said calmly, "Actually, I came for your portable communicator."

“And her dowry,” she said with a knowing grin.

“I need your communicator, please.” Ms. Dureau.

"Lizzie gets Krista's handheld communicator and her luggage." Ms. Dureau ordered.

“Just a communicator, if I may. Lizzie,” asked Jamie, “then Kriska can get in touch.”

Lizzie reached for the small gray device and pressed the charging lever several times.

"Here". She announced.

"Now go." Mrs. Dureau called for Lizzie to follow her, then turned and walked away, leaving Jamie to find a way out on his own.

“Mom, is that Kriska’s husband?” Lizzie asked and when her mother nodded, she added, “Isn’t he beautiful?”

“Yeah, right?” Her mother giggled. "Oh Lizzie, you should have seen him fucking your poor sister like an animal, daddy never showed that much passion, it was scary." I was almost jealous.

But she was far beyond jealousy: the image of Jamie's rampant penis pounding her daughter made her wet in a way she thought she would never experience again.

His refusal to accept the dowry worried her. Surely there was some kind of deception going on here?

Kriska sat on the floor and looked incredulously at Jamie as he handed her the communicator. “You tie me up, use me however you want, keep me naked and still bring me my communicator?” she turned it on and dialed the number

"Hello mum"; She started talking, but while she was talking, Jamie started kissing her feet.

“He's here mommy, he's kissing my leg, moving up, now he's kissing, licking, mommy, he's kissing my neck and Oooh oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo need you you will I have to do it again? Oooooh.”

Ms. Dureau sat at her desk and listened in disbelief to the sounds of lovemaking. She thought Kriska had become the slave of an animal, a beautiful animal, she realized, but now she knew that Kriska was a willing partner in love.

She shifted uncomfortably, realizing that she was wet and unused to such sensations, and found that her panties and the back of her dress were damp.

“Mom, are you here? – Krista asked.

"Yes," she replied, "yes darling, I'm afraid you're a few miles away, are you okay?"

“He feeds me alkaline diet, Mom," Chrisita explained, "Mom, he has sex every few hours, Mom, five or six times yesterday, Mom, seven times, even at night, Mom, he makes me tingle, I have to go, he wants to. "Kiss me".

She put down the communicator and he hugged her gently, their lips locked again.

Royston and Kate were at a loss, Kriska contacted them from time to time, and as she talked, Jamie loved her, but they were not in his dilapidated house, her car was still loaded with Kriska's things, but she seemed to be there. No rush to accept her. But as time went on, she realized that her fears might have been in vain.

Weeks passed, Kriska Barely noticing her tiny prison, a hole in the ground leading to the river and a sink suitable for ablutions, she had bedding for sex and sleep and she had a stove to cook the strange ingredients Jamie had brought with him , and she shared them.One day Kriska took a legal test and it came back positive.

"I'm pregnant, sir." - she admitted when Jamie returned from cutting the grass.

"Hey, I'm Jamie, what's this, sir?" he asked confused.

“You’re keeping me tied up, Naked,” he said. she pouted.

“You can run away if you want,” he said. Jamie handed her a small tray “ Just slide it under the latch and”

She felt the belt loosen. “Here.” He smiled as Kriska effortlessly unclipped the collar and then opened the leash.

"Oh"; - she said apologetically.

"Oh Chris, I'm going to miss you." Jamie explained “I’m not going anywhere,” he said. she said, then realized, “You mean sex?”

He nodded. "You know this is forbidden, we have to stay apart because I'm too weak to resist you, I'll see your mother."

Kriska held Jamie's hand. “It hasn't been three months yet, you have to register with the brothel service.”

He nodded, he was powerful, so he had to share his seed with everyone: "I only want you, Chris."

"Then look at my face when you walk in there, pretend it's me, and I'll donate the embryo so we can be together as soon as possible," she said hopefully.

“We’ll see,” he said. Jamie was already on his way to dive through the airlock, and Kriska listened sadly to his footsteps retreating.

Jamie went back to Dureau's house, but Kriska had already delivered the good news.

Mrs. Dureau greeted Jamie like a true family member.

"Chris can take his old room and you can stay too, or you can stay in the brothel, seven times a day, that's a lot of women, are there enough of them?"

“Did she tell you then?”

"Of course, and I'm very happy, I never thought I would be happy to see my daughter with a lawnmower, but." She stopped mid-sentence and saw him looking at her. “What’s wrong, Mr. Younger?”

"Your eyes and nose are like Chris, sorry, keep going." He answered nervously.

“I am not yet declared barren, Mr. Younger, Royston gave me three children, but the strain was too much, he was a stallion, much like you, but the acid burned him, his bad skin, the scars scar him "He had to stop, you understand, Mr. Younger?"

Jamie understood only too well the acidic atmosphere that burned and tormented those who sought the peak of their physical and sexual prowess, but which could have been prevented by his father's simple means.

"Mrs. Dureau" he started to speak, but she interrupted.

“Catherine, Kate, anyone but Mom or Mrs. Dureau, I feel so old, Christa will need travel clothes, follow me.”

He looked at Katherine and imagined Christa looking like that one day, and it wasn't an unpleasant thought, it would still bother him. To his horror, he noticed that he was starting to tense up.

Katherine looked Jamie directly in the eyes. “Maybe she could wear this dress,” Katherine said.

She took the straps of her dress off her shoulders and stepped out. "Oh, and she can borrow my underwear." She fumbled with her bra clasp, letting the pink D-cup bra fall to the floor before sliding her panties to the floor.

Jamie brought it to his nose: "You even smell like Christa." His lips touched hers and "tasted like Christa's." His hands slid to her breasts and a finger slipped into her vagina. “Feel like Christa,” she said. She pulled his pants and shorts up to his ankles and carefully guided them inside her. “And fucked like in a dream.”

Katherine almost regretted her impetuousness as he went to places where a penis hadn't been in years, stretching her further and deeper than she could have imagined, taking her to places she never could have imagined, oh the existence of places he had even at the height of his career never came closer to Royston. I take her.

She knew she was pregnant when a stream of fiery hot cum began to shoot from Jamie's chest.In the lower back, her fourth child at thirty-six, a record, his thrusts slowed and then stopped. "Thanks"; She said quietly as he slid off her and ducked.

Jamie smiled. “It was a pleasure, thank you, but I think we'd better find Christa's things.”

Katherine should have dressed up or at least hidden her private parts, but she wanted his attention, she needed to be confident, and so she walked naked in front of him and played with Christa's things until she saw the bulge again, she leaned over the end . She walked over to Krista's bed with her ass in the air and said, "I know you want it, I want you too, so please just sit down and make love to me."

He imagined himself fucking Krista and even said, "I love you, Chris." As he caressed her mother's large breasts and kissed her neck, but she didn't care, she went into a sexual frenzy of such intensity, that her orgasm became a screaming cacophony of pleasure.

Kriska was waiting when he returned. Mom said you called out my name when you fucked her” she announced.

"Oh"; He took a deep breath.

“She said you are much better than dad ever was, but she is very upset, mom tells me everything.” - Kriska noted.

"Excuse me"; He apologized.

"No, it's good that you two get along." She burst into delighted laughter: "Maybe we can get a big bed for all three of us."

Kriska left the hut and walked along the river bank, a gentle breeze blowing across her face and the slight coolness in the air increasing her feeling of freedom, and then she walked to the car, bareheaded and open-faced. Royston and Catherine felt not the slightest feeling , wincing because her diet usually seemed to work when she was exposed to acidic air. They waited by her car and, after a quick kiss, drove Kriska back to her old home.

Jamie stood worriedly at a reception in a public brothel, a sour-faced woman looking him up and down: "Seven times a day, Ha, I'll give you two."

"No, seven, I'm serious." He protested,

“Last sexual intercourse, sir?” she asked “Junior, oh, three hours ago, Mrs. Dureau,” he said.

“Ugh, too much information”; She chided: “So are you willing to help me if I cheat on you?”

"Yes"; Jamie replied.

Sharon had seen it all before: the boasting, the bravado, as she liked to call her bluff, the humiliation of the braggarts as they remained limp while she pulled at their limbs. It was so outrageous that she couldn't resist, even though it was completely against the rules.

She put on her most disapproving, sour face as she led Jamie to the vacant mating area, deftly pulled down her pants and panties, leaned over the edge of the bed and said, "Come on, come on."

She heard him pull down his pants and turn around to see his useless, flaccid penis, but as she moved she felt pressure on her anus, "Sorry, wrong hole"; Jamie apologized and then thrust into her. She screamed, "No!" and looked back in horror, "No, please, no, I was joking!" But instead, Jamie lifted up her top and grabbed her breasts to help him hold her in place while he touched himself her sad, underused cunt squeezed.

"Oh my God, you're so hard!" She said, "Please wait a minute!" - she wailed, grabbing a can from the shelf and squeezing a jet of red lube between the folds of her old but still tight vagina.

“Now try it!” - she suggested and he pushed again, and this time he entered her gently and gently. “Oh, Mr. Younger,” she whined, “it’s taking so long.”

He closed his eyes and imagined himself thrusting into Christa, but then he realized that the woman was enjoying the experience and her ugly face almost turned into a joke: "What's your name!" He asked.

“Ahhh, Angela!” - she screamed as she started to cum. "Oh God, you're the only man who's managed to fuck me in the ten years I've worked here, but the joke's on me, isn't it?" she said “Can I book you for six people and if you need more you know where I am!”

He smiled at her: “Yes, why not!” he agreed.




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