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Summer Surprise (Part 1)

Summer surprise,

Part 1

Nicholas Keel

Chapter 1:

Nick was nineteen and had just returned from his first year of college, which, if you asked anyone there, looked lackluster at best. The summer after his high school graduation, he was haunted by visions of parties, girls, alcohol, and work. But reality proved a little less exciting than this fresh fantasy. He went to a few parties and tried to find a group of kids to hang out with, but still slept alone in his dorm every weekend.

Nick's roommate wasn't as damned as he was never afraid to point it out. It was the day before Thanksgiving when he showed Nick the “map.” In his closet he hung a poster with their names and a star for each girl he brought home. He mistakenly thought it would be a fun competition between the two, but around October he realized it wasn't a competition. There were no stars in Nick's line.

“Yeah... sorry, dude. "I stopped counting a few weeks ago, I just hated seeing you there with a big old zero," he said sadly.

"So...why are you showing me this then?" - I asked. "I don't know, I thought you would want to see this."

"You were wrong."

This largely reflects the remaining time together. When the school year began in April and May of this spring, Nick was not disappointed at the prospect of returning home. In fact, he thought, there was even a job waiting for him there. Nick took a few days to clean himself up, visit old friends and meet his family when he returned. He then went to Al's Comics and Cards, where he worked every summer since ninth grade.

Nick was a bit of a nerd in high school: games with paper and blocks, card games and the like. He had to suffer a little, but it really wasn't that bad. The good thing about working at a game store was that he always got early releases, knew about upcoming events, and could take advantage of the employee discount. Nick went into Al's and found the manager, whose name was actually Tom; He bought the company from a friend (the real Al) about ten years ago.

"Hello Tom! I'm glad to see you". - said Nick in greeting.

"Hello Nick. How do they treat you at school?

"Oh, you know: school, parties, work." He said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“I bet you're the real lady killer there, aren't you?”

"Uh, I'm fine." Nick lied, but not convincingly. “I was wondering when should I start? Maybe next week, after the weekend?

“Oh shit, Nick,” Tom said, looking really annoyed. “I don’t think I can invite you this summer. This new trading card game, Magic the Gathering, came out this year and I had to hire extra help to deal with new customers and help run events. I'm full."

The news hit him like a blow. Nick had expected to spend most of the summer surrounded by all the fun and entertainment he could only dream of, and now he finds that That's just not the case. It's not going to happen. "There's no way?" he asked, begging her to keep his summer intact.

"No, I'm sorry, Nick. I just can't have two employees afford.

“It’s okay,” Nick said angrily. He wrapped my pride around him so tightly that his spine tensed. "I understand. I'll come back this weekend and buy more supplement books."

"I'm so sorry, Nick. Honest. Honest. I hope this doesn't offend you."

"It is what it is. See you later, Tom.

With those words he left the store and headed home. Summer is officially over. No work, which meant no extra money, which in turn was very boring three months at home meant. great," he said to no one in particular.

Nick came home and his mother said something about dinner, but instead he stalked upstairs to my room and closed the door. He tried to immerse himself in his reading, but the shadow of the lost summer was too big to see through. Sometime that evening, Nick fell asleep... and the next morning summer would truly begin.

* * *

It must have been about ten o'clock the next morning when he woke up, his parents had already left for work and Nick had a big squat to deal with. He went downstairs looking for food and settled on some frozen toaster pastries. He poured himself a glass of lemonade, stood at the kitchen window and looked out over the courtyard of the house.

A movement caught his attention and a flash of pale skin reflected the morning sunlight. Hmm...Nick thought to himself: I wonder who the Tylers are? He went into the dining room to see whether he could give me a better overview. There were gaps in the wooden fence that separated our yard from the Tyler house, just big enough for us to see through, but there wasn't much to see from this distance.recognize. But there is definitely someone there.

Without thinking twice, Nick crawled out quietly. The Tylers only had one kid, a loud little shit named Johnny. He would be... he may be eleven now, but he was always sent to spend the night. Damn, any sane person would send this child away as often as possible. He crawled out and quietly walked to the fence.

As Nick got closer, he saw that there was actually someone on the other side. Visions of him heroically stopping a robber immediately came to his mind. The newspaper interviewed him, the Tylers thanked him, and the town celebrated the capture of the cunning thief.

All these visions immediately stopped when Nick saw the soft curve of the thigh and the slight protrusion of the femur. The thinnest strip of fabric stretched down her thigh, forming a perfect triangle that disappeared between her two shiny thighs.

There is a girl.

A gentle hand entered his limited field of vision and began massaging the thick oil into her skin, giving it a smooth glow. She ran her hands over her thighs, lower stomach, and thighs. Nick really couldn't believe what he was seeing. Who is that?! He stopped dead in his tracks. Nothing short of an earthquake or a plane falling from the sky could take him away from this place.

He shifted his weight slightly to get a different angle between the slats. Her stomach bulged slightly, then lowered and rose again to reach her ribs. Her skin was smooth and perfect, slick with oil. She wore a red bikini with white dots, the material of which gently hugged her breasts. Her dark brown hair was piled up on the lounge chair as she lay on her back in the warm morning sun. She is beautiful.

Nick bent down and adjusted himself. His growing hardness pressed uncomfortably against his jeans. As if sensing his need, she stretched luxuriantly, arching her back on the chaise lounge and baring her nipples against the taut fabric of her suit.

Nick's hand seemed to slide down of its own accord, pressing lightly against the hardened bulge behind his jeans. It was so hard it hurt, throbbing in time with his pulse and the little waves of pleasure that ran through his body under his pressure.

She leaned back and sat on the chair. She raised one knee, luckily her left one, so she was further away from him and didn't block his view. She ran a hand over her stomach, the oiled skin smooth, tanned and used to the summer heat. Her fingers began lazily tracing the line of her bikini bottoms along the small crease where her thigh met her pelvis.

It seemed as if she was dragging her nails along the inside of her thigh, scratching the skin lightly and leaving a small mark on the oiled skin that quickly disappeared. What the hell is going on? Her finger touched the small triangle of fabric covering the curved clasp underneath. She spread her legs slightly and began running her fingers along the fabric, emphasizing her curves and folds in relief. She ran her fingers along the contours of the fabric, her lips barely visible against the thick material.

Slowly the color of the red fabric began to darken as the fabric absorbed her juices. The small of her back rose from the chair as she rocked her hips, her breathing becoming increasingly rapid and her fingers moving in tight, light circles, bringing her closer and closer to release.

Nick wasn't sure when he unzipped his jeans, but they were unzipped and he ran his hands firmly over his cock, squeezing and moving in rhythm with their circles. Her pace quickened and he quickened his too. Her back was now arched in the chair and her chest was facing the blue, cloudy sky. Her lips parted, her tongue sticking out and wetting them lightly. A short moan and cry escaped him, and it almost helped him. It happened.

Nick continued working on his cock and was already close to completion. She looked pretty accurate too. She held the bikini material to herself with one hand, her fingers disappearing into the damp material and pressing lightly. Her other hand furiously rubbed her clit through the fabric, and Nick exploded against the fence with such force that he saw movement for a few seconds. His knees gave way and he fell to the floor, slightly out of breath.

Suddenly he realized that the silence no longer bothered him, and he raised his head sharply and looked through the gap in the fence rails. She looked straight at him, two fingers of her left hand wrapped around her thigh and plunged through into her pussy cloth and the other still resting on her clitoris.

He panicked. He jumped up, still hanging without his shorts, and ran back to the house. He closed the door as quietly as he could and immediately went to his room, where he hid on the stairs. He closed the doors and sat on the bed, breathing heavily from post-orgasmic shortness of breath and panic-induced hyperventilation.

She saw me. I think she saw me. Damn damn damn! What if she tells someone? What if she tells the police? Damn, I'm going to jail. Damn.

This series of events dominated his mind for quite some time, and he imagined in vivid detail how he would have to spend time in a peeping cat, no less. Oh my God, I don't even know how old she is. Things got even worse in the prison nightmare. No no no. I won't even entertain that thought. Damn, it's a woman, no question. Crap. I will be sent to prison.

I spent most of the rest of the day in various states of panic, fear, and contemplating future prison horrors. About four o'clock passed and the police hadn't arrived yet, so Nick decided he wouldn't be hauled off to jail. At least not tonight.

HIS parents came home from work and everyone had a quiet dinner at home. Chinese takeaway. Then his mother announced that she and her father were going away for the weekend. “No wild parties!” Ha-har. Well, at least if he went to prison they wouldn't see it.

Despite the threat of losing his freedom, he secretly hoped to see her again. Etc. Just the thought of seeing her again made him tense. Things are going badly for me. After dinner, Nick enjoyed the shower and had the image of a red bikini with white polka dots and two fingers deep in the wet material firmly in his mind.

Chapter 2:

Ashley stepped onto the patio, the hot wood momentarily burning the soft skin of her legs. She quickly hopped over to a long lounge chair in the corner of the garden. The sun was not yet at its zenith, but the heat was already strong and piercing. She raised her hand to her forehead to create some shade and looked at the window above the house next door.

This is Nick's room, she thought. It had been almost three years since she had seen him. She had been in love with Nick since she was twelve, and he was thirteen... or maybe fourteen? In response to her question, she shrugged, placed a towel over the chair, and lowered the back a few notches so she could lean back.

Most of the time Nick didn't pay any attention to me. I don't think he even noticed I was here. It was true that she spent most of the summer caring for her aunt and uncle's insufferable boy. Luckily he went to a summer camp and maybe I can enjoy the summer holidays someday.

Ashley stood at the fence and saw someone walking through the kitchen. Maybe it's Nick... She thought hopefully. He turned to her with a cake in his mouth. Damn! She ducked under the fence and sat on a chair. I think he saw me.

She heard the sliding glass door at the back of the house next door following her trail. Shit. He comes out. The bright sunlight allowed her to see a slight shadow between the slats as Nick walked around the fence. Maybe he saw me.

Nick crawled up and his shadow stood still. What is he doing... is he... watching me? The thought sent an electric trill down her spine and a warm pressure spread deep in her stomach. She reached out and picked up the bottle of tanning oil and squeezed a small amount of it into her hand. She began applying the oil to her thighs and rubbing it into her skin. She had some left over and smeared it on her thighs and upper buttocks area.

The neighbor boy's shadow was still visible against the fence, and when she squinted through the bright light she could only see one leg of her jeans. The shadow moved slightly, as if shrinking along the inside edge between the rails, and she saw his hand grab the bulge in his jeans and slowly squeeze and squeeze.

Wow. Nick touches himself... me. This was too good an opportunity to miss. Ashley began to run her finger along the soft fold that formed the hem of her dress pants. She reached out further and ran her nail over the sensitive skin on the inside of her thigh, leaving a small mark on it. Her body was electrified and she felt the neighbor boy's gaze on her body, her hands andFingers danced over her skin.

Small beads of sweat formed on her forehead and chest, only partly due to the heat of the sun. She took a deep breath and imagined Nick touching himself and watching her. Wait...she didn't need any introduction. His jeans were unzipped and he grabbed himself tightly, stroking his length.

Fuck, I want it. She ran her fingers over the slit from behind and pressed slightly inside. She traced the lines of her lips, pressing them firmly against the fabric. Her hand stilled and she began rubbing her fingers in small circles over her clitoris, pressing the wet flesh against the hypersensitive spot. She had to become very excited before she could apply direct pressure. She felt the moisture seep into her buttocks and a small stream flow through her folds.

Ashley looked at the fence and Nick seemed to keep pace with her, which only increased her excitement. She slid her hand down her leg, bending her knee slightly and allowing him to see the growing wet spot on her suit. She wrapped her hand around her thigh and began pressing two fingers against the fabric of the swimsuit, pushing into the wet hole within. Her other hand continued to circle her clit in tight circles, sending waves and waves of pleasure through her body.

She felt her own fingers pressing against the opening, the material wet and taut. She pushed two fingers in, through the fabric, almost to the second knuckle. She gasped in pleasure and ran her tongue over her lips, her breathing becoming ragged.

She looked back to see Nick furiously stroking his rock hard cock and an involuntary moan escaped her lips. That was all it took to send her over the edge, she fell to the approaching peak, a crescendo of waves of pleasure washing over her. Her back arched and her heels pressed firmly into the chair.

Her two fingers inside her as she circled and squeezed her swollen clit. She felt the wetness on the chair beneath her: God, I don't think I've ever been so wet...

She heard a noise and saw Nick spill his seed through the fence and fall to his knees, overwhelmed by the power of the orgasm. Ashley was shocked at the impending climax. Seeing Nick finish and knowing that it was her touches that turned him on isn't enough... a version of her erupted in blue and yellow fireworks as wave after wave of her cum washed over her.

- UH uh uh. She gasped in her tiny panties, the muscles of her stomach and back twitching in the electrochemical fire of her orgasm. She looked at the fence and thought she might give Nick a devilish grin, and they looked into each other's eyes for a moment.

With that, Nick stood up and left before Ashley could even smile at him to let him know how hot it was that he came for her. She heard him rush into his house and saw his bedroom door open and close as she sat on the lounge chair. Damn... I don't know what I expected, but that wasn't it. She pouted slightly, put on her suit and wiped the chair with a towel. who showed himself worse because of her dripping sex.

On a whim, she untied her swimsuit and threw it over the fence to dry.

"Well," she said to no one in particular, "there's always a next time, and there's a lot of summer in between and back to school." With that, Ashley threw the towel over her shoulder and walked into the house, which had been a fantastic sight would be if Nick had been watching.

Chapter 3:

Dinner was already over and it was time for Nick to stand at the bedroom window. He wasn't looking at anything in particular, he was just standing there thinking. He sighed heavily, unsure how the events of that day would affect the rest of his summer if he didn't get arrested.

While Nick was thinking about spying on prisons and jails, he noticed something on the fence. In the twilight he couldn't really see what it was, but it... No, that can't be true... but it was like that. A red swimsuit with white polka dots casually thrown over a wooden fence. Before that thought even occurred, Nick was already making his way downstairs. His parents were sitting in the living room watching something on TV. Their evening routine hadn't changed since Nick was ten, and they no longer had to go to bed at night.

Nick walked silently through the kitchen and slipped onto the back deck. He's weirdly hunched over, like a thief in a Saturday morning cartoon. Nick's bare feet move silently down the wooden stairs and he shudders slightly at the feel of the cool grass. He crept around the house andclimbed through the fence. No one. He turned around, the coast was clear.

Nick picked up the suit from the fence, held it to his face and took a deep breath. The heady, musky smell of sticky girl cum hit him and intoxicated him. He breathed in the scent of this magnificent goddess, the memory of her caressing herself; her light moans through parted lips.

Nick couldn't help but remember the sight of that morning and her smell igniting his brain. Suddenly the backlight went on in the Taylor house.

Shit. Somewhere in the world there might have been nineteen-year-olds who were faster than Nick that night, but there certainly weren't any in this country. He quickly pulled it towards the house, turned the corner and landed on the back deck, sliding across the wooden surface. His heart was beating like a drum, his blood was pounding in his ears, his breathing was ragged and ragged...he recognized the problem.

He looked at his own and there. clenched tightly in his fist... this red bikini with white polka dots.

Shit. I.

* * *

"Ashley, darling," Aunt Lisa began, "I'll drop off some laundry after dinner if you have anything that needs washing."

“Oh, okay. Yes, I have a few things, let me take them and throw them in the basement.”

"Thanks honey. Could you bring the basket from the master bathroom when you are there?

“Of course, Aunt Lisa,” Ashley replied helpfully.

She walked up the stairs and into the guest room that would be hers for the rest of the summer. The room's windows overlooked the backyard and porch of the Taylors' home. Ashley grabbed a pair of shorts, a few t-shirts, a pair of jeans, and socks to throw in the laundry. Hmm...she thought to herself. Anything else?

As she pondered the ever-important laundry list, she saw a figure moving in the backyard. It's Nick! As she leaned over to the window to see what he was up to, she saw him picking up her swimsuit from the fence. Damn, this is what I need. She tilted her head to the side and watched him, her hair falling slightly over her shoulder.

Nick pulled the suit over his face and took a deep breath. Oh my God. He... No! Ashley was always very insecure about her smell and the few friends she always tried not to get too close to. She was afraid that something about it might upset her. "Oh God! He…”

She turned and ran down the stairs with her clothes. She tiptoed around the corner into the kitchen and flicked the switch with her elbow. She went to the back deck door. No, no, no... please! She ran to the back deck and Nick was nowhere to be seen. He is gone. Ugh... but wait... The bathroom wasn't visible either. Oh God.

Ashley went back into the house, put her clothes on the floor and pouted as she grabbed a basket from the upstairs master bathroom. She put her laundry on top, dragged it down the stairs, and set it next to the laundry room door.

“Aunt Lisa, it's here, next to the door. I think I'll leave early. The sun really took my breath away today.”

"Okay, treasure. Thanks for your help!”

Ashley went upstairs and collapsed onto the bed, ignoring the light. She looked across the gap between the two houses and balled her hands into fists. She shook her head, angry at her carelessness. I guess I ruined everything. I thought he liked me! After all, now is the time!

Ashley indulged in her silent hysteria until she saw something in the neighbor boy's window. No... Opposite, in the room up on the gable roof, Nick was lying on the bed. His pants were unbuttoned, revealing his swollen penis beneath his dark t-shirt. His hand gripped the base tightly and moved up and down very slowly.

With his other hand he held her bikini panties to his face and covered her nose and mouth. Maybe it's not spoiled after all... She slipped off the bed and crawled on all fours to the window, leaning against the wall. She looked down and saw that the light from the street was shining directly at her, so she rolled to the side and stayed in the shadows. From here she could still see him slowly milking his cock, her ass cheeks draped over his face and inhaling her scent.

She reached into her shorts and began rubbing herself, already wet from the sight. You took care of me this morning, and now I'll take care of you, Nicholas. She smiled at the thought. <Areaclass="italic">If you only knew what it was like to watch me today... It wasn't long before she was close, and when a stream of hot cum rose up and hit his jeans, hit him his hands, clutching her swimsuit, breathing in the smell of her juices,” she came in a rolling, destructive wave of pleasure.

She pulled her hand out of her shorts and instinctively brought it to her nose, taking in the scent of her sex. She didn't think it was anything special, but he certainly liked it. She stuck her tongue out and touched the wetness. Then she realized: she wanted him to taste her, and she would taste him.

He didn't know it yet, but Nick was in for one hell of a summer.vacation.



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