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New day, new you, part 8

Type: It's been a week since Valentine's Day

I don't know what plan I have for confronting Stuart Chaz. Not because I don't want to, and not because I can't resist you. Because it doesn't help. I've explained why to each of my friends and wives at least twice, but none of them understood. I'm lifting weights with Desmond at the gym when he decides to break the silence.

“Boy, are you really sure?” he asks and I continue lifting.

“Yes, sets of ten, ten sets total a hundred reps,” I tell him, avoiding the obvious topic.

"You know, I'm asking about Stuart and that punk from Cali," the giant counters and I shrug, "you could have just let me equalize and then they could have fought fairly."

"That is not the point. He has to take the initiative, and that means tracking this shit down and kicking his ass,” I explain, but Desmond isn’t listening.

“Boss, he was at least fifteen when June found the video posted by this idiot's friends of them pissing on him while he was unconscious. Now I know you've been keeping something from him, but if you're the main character. “You have to go there and help him catch that bastard,” Desmond says, sounding a little more desperate than I’ve heard him say lately.

“He must, MUST take the initiative himself. He must learn to make his own plans and implement them himself, and he must be able to use his people, and besides, I monitor the situation for possible consequences, I explain and see how difficult it is for me to speak and leave the weights in my hands drop and I bark at him, "That's enough, Des, I've heard it from everyone and I'm done listening." Let it go."

Desmond does so, but leaves after a minute, saying he'll catch me when he gets home. I know I shouldn't attack him, but everyone scolded me for not letting Stuart study alone. I think everything will be fine for the rest of the day, but at dinner I realize that my wives want to bring it up. Katie decides to start.

“So have you spoken to Stuart about how he’s handling this situation,” Katie asks and I nod. “You could go down there and help.”

“No, he has to do it himself,” I say, taking a spoonful of the stew.

"Honey, he's been out of training for less than a year and he's still trying to figure out who he is," Katie tries to say, but I cut her off.

“Yes, he has to find out who he is now. With us he isn't who he is, we can't always be there for him and he has to learn to solve problems himself," I tell her, trying to stay calm, but I'm tired of the questions.

“Dad, has something happened to Stuart?” Christy asks me, looking up from her attempts to feed her new puppy, Wiggles, without me knowing.

"Stuart's fine, baby, he's working on something in California," I tell her before looking up from my plate, "And Wiggles might get sick if he eats human food, darling."

She pauses, but I can see that the other women want me to do something with Stuart, and the silent questions frustrate me. Dinner is over, I help clear the table and, without saying a word, go to my office to sort out a few things and check a few contacts in the world. Things are quiet on the work front, but now we are not only ready to spend money, but our reserves are also ready for a lot of charity work. It's nice when everything is okay, and when I get a text from June asking about Stuart, I almost lose it. I put on jeans, a t-shirt, and a black jacket and, without my phone, I'm halfway out of the garage to the Pale Horse before anyone notices what happened. I need a separation now or my children will see the side of me that I keep outside the home. I never snapped at them, and when everyone attacked me to deny me the right to take revenge on that bastard Chaz, I got angry and had to calm down. I'm in a place I don't go often: a bar in a bad part of Tacoma. I don't drink much, but the single malt has my name written on it as I sip it and think about the subject. I get questioned so much, and considering it's been a long time since I've made a big mistake, I'd like to think my family has at least a little bit of faith in me. I've been walking for a few hours and I feel Ben watching me from the entrance as I sit on a stool at the bar.

“You’re worried, sir,” my tracker and the eyes next to the chair tell me.

“Yes, we will be worried if I stay home and answer the same question.because God knows how many times and exploded in front of the children's eyes” I say as I take another sip.

“I understand that you're tired of listening, but maybe you should listen to the rest. At least to calm their questions.” Ben says he's trying to be diplomatic.

“No, I lead and you all follow. When we started this whole thing in high school, it was my initiative and you all do what I need you to do, remember,” he said. I tell him and he nods. “Why do people find it so difficult to trust me is my question.”

“It’s not about trusting you; Many of us love this child. Yes, he is your protégé. But your wives care about him, and many members of the team hope for his success more than the people they have met before,” he said. Ben says he still takes a diplomatic approach.

“And he has to deal with his revenge. I told him he needs to learn to handle it on his own and if he needs support, ask, but he wants to prove he can do it on his own." I tell Ben, who quickly counterattacks.

“But he’s not looking for punk and it’s been a few weeks,” he said. - he says in a calm tone.

"Well then it's his decision and I won't push it," he said. I'm just mentioning this for the record.

- Okay, it's time for me to go home to my wife and tell yours to cool off. "For the record, we see what you're doing in trying to get Stuart to think about the situation himself, but we just care about the child a little more than we originally thought," he said. Ben says he's leaving.

Well, at least someone is listening to me. I stay another hour and go get my bike, only two drinks in three hours but I gave the bartender a good tip, he was kind enough not to bother me with more. I wasn't even three feet from the door when I was approached by a fucking drug addict.

"Hey dude, do you want to buy some?" - the skinny little asshole asks and I ignore him: "Hey, man, I'm talking to you."

“No, you are trying to force me to engage you in a dialogue that deprives you of the opportunity to speak,” he said. I explain that I have gotten to the parking lot.

"What?" He stutters and I almost laugh.

“Look, this is already happening,” he said. I tell him and see my bike.

I take a few more steps and then something happens and the little bastard chasing me hits me in the back of the head. I take a hesitant step and stop because this little shit is waiting for me to fall. I see someone quickly coming towards me from the right and decide to let off some steam. I don't even try to find the shit that hit me, I just turn around and see him with a stupid grin that slowly turns to fear. I see metal in the hand of whoever rushed to the scene, and I think he was the first. He's about the same height as me, but much thinner and dirtier, with a small knife in his hand. When he decides to pounce on me, there's no form or style, just grabbing my wrist and flexing his arm as he impales himself in the stomach. I feel the wind leave his body as the shock hits him, and with my hand still on his wrist, I turn my attention to the would-be dealer/robber. I bend my friend over his own arm and plunge the knife into his stomach before yanking him up, doing more damage, lifting him off the ground before dropping him. I can almost feel the fear coming from the first one and he's so shocked he doesn't even look for a way out that it would take too much thinking. Instead he lunges madly at me, I wait for the first two to get past me before I catch the third in the air, and holding his wrist, I turn around, pressing my back against him and moving my hips in an over-the-shoulder throw that sent him tumbling to the ground. The wind leaves him and I hear him panting and see him clutching his chest before I look around and see no one. No one is looking here at all, and those walking on the sidewalk don't care.

"Hello, anyone?" Two idiots just tried to rob me and I think one of them is dying," he said. - I say loudly to the people walking down the street.

No one was even looking, I shake my head and turn to the one I left, I grab his hand and stick a knife in the other guy's stomach and make sure they both look seriously compromised and do the only thing All that's left for me to do is jump on my bike and ride home. I feel a little calmer but even more excited as I pull into the garage and turn off the engine. I know it's late and the kids are sleeping, and when I get to the living room I realize that my wives are there too, since they're away from the living room and most of the rest of the house. I consider laying on the couch until I see if they're mad, when Mattie makes the decision for me and comes down the stairs in his pajama shorts and tank top.

“There were too many women who were worried“ about you, sir” My Amazon starts up and then sees my hand” Is that blood?

“Yes, but it’s not mine and I had to resign. “Explosing in front of children is not something I want to do,” he said. I explain how I went to the toilet downstairs.

“I want to talk about it”; Mattie asks and I almost snap at her.

"No, because we don't talk about that. "I made a decision and no one listened to me, you just kept trying to make me do things your way," he said. I tell her I'm taking off my leather jacket and washing my hands.

"I understand, but you know it's just hard for us to see him not taking back his words like you would," he said. Matty tells me to move behind me and rub his shoulders. Who was that?

“Some robbers, one had a knife. I think he will survive,” he said. I tell her, “Relax.” Are you going to the playoffs tomorrow?”

“Yes, we will win the next two games and the semi-final,” he said. She tells me and I smile.

“We will take a photo of the family with the trophy,” he said. I ask and she hugs me from behind.

“I want a baby after this season, you know that,” he said. She asks and I nod. Is everything OK with the main planner?”

“Honey, I waited until you were ready,” she said. I tell her quietly and they pinch me for being an ass.

“Good, because when I come back with this trophy, I want to spend two days with my husband,” she said. Matty says before slapping my ass. But not today, I need to gain strength.

Bad luck, but if I needed relief I could strip down, crawl into bed, and leave myself with Katie so someone could cuddle with her. I place my hand on her and now fill my belly with our growing baby. We still don't know if it's him or her, because Katie wants a surprise, but cuddling around her while she lies on her side is a good way to fall asleep. I miss getting up in the morning to work out, but I'm not the only one who gets up late in the morning as Katie is still in bed with me. I guess the rest of my family either takes care of the kids or hangs around after the kids go to school. I stand up and realize my arm is trapped. By trapped I mean Katie has it and I'm not allowed to roll over to get out of bed. I snuggle closer when I hear her quietly.

“I’m fat and ugly,” he said. - murmurs my pregnant wife.

“That’s not true,” he said. I tell her I disagree with her assessment.

“It's not difficult with you. "You used to snuggle up to me a lot, but now you and I lie right on my bottom in the morning, which you loved, and you're limp, like June before," he said. Katie grumbles and makes bad references to our history.

"It's not difficult for me because I get a lot of regular sex from my five wives," he said. I start a counterattack and she stops me.

“Except for me, because you think I’m fat and ugly. “I tried to wake you up last night, but you didn’t move,” he said. She informs me and I am in disbelief.

“No you don’t, I wake up when you try to wake me up.” Always have,” he said. I tell her and she pouts.

"I rubbed you and you didn't even wake up or snuggle up to me," he said. Katie continues her pout fest.

I'm not the type to leave a woman, especially a pregnant woman, feeling like she's unwanted, and if there's any truth in what she says, then I better make peace, and there's no one better for that time than now. When I cup Katie's breast with my hand there is no resistance, but as I pinch her nipple through her shirt she arches her back and presses against me. I feel her hand reach behind her butt and slide into my shorts. Katie strokes me with practiced technique and helps me stand as I pull her head back and nibble lightly on her ear. We're a mass of crushed flesh, and I feel her grab my free hand and pull it under my head before lacing our fingers together. It doesn't take long for me to take off my shorts and as Katie slides her shorts off her butt, I stand in line without a word and feel my head pressed against Katie's butt. It's a little difficult considering we've been taking it easy for the last few months, but it's still a little softer than she usually feels when I push inside. I take my time plunging into her and when I finally press my hips against her ass, I hear her breathing lightly.

“I almost forgot how you felt there,” he said. Katie moans, throws her head back and squeezes my hand in hers.

"After the baby is born, when you're healed, I think we'll put some plastic in it or take a nice long shower," she said. I tell her and she giggles.

“It’s not good to be angry when I could now,” he said. She playfully tells me that she has her back to me.

I grunt as she squeezes me and pushes me into her assKatie always takes things into her own hands, whether you really need her or not. Being close to Katie is one of the things that makes me feel like all is well with the world, and when I walk around the house paranoid, I need to feel just as good as Katie feels wanted. I stop doing it slowly on her ass and start going faster. I feel Katie roll slightly onto her stomach and a familiar whimper escape my evil wife's lips. I want to worry about my unborn baby, but Katie would probably kill me if I stopped now, so I squeeze her thigh with the hand that was on her breast and squeeze a little harder. I feel Katie's teeth digging into my hand, and although it hurts a little, I enjoy the whole scene, going a little faster as my orgasm takes over and my body tenses. For her part, Katie grabs my thigh with her free hand, holding me as I come, and I feel her relax as her orgasm takes over. We press against each other before I feel her pull away from our huge ass and waddle towards the bathroom with a pregnant gait. I quickly follow her, choosing to shower with her rather than anything else. Every man should take the time to wash his pregnant wife, period. You'll learn how sensitive certain areas are: some are good, like brushing your nipple, and others are bad, like touching the back of your knees or hitting your head with your elbow. We laugh at her reaction and I kiss her stomach a few times before we go and dry ourselves off to greet the rest of the family. Everyone downstairs is staring at me and I feel like I need to explain something once Katie catches the mood and breaks the tension.

"I'm still attractive and enjoy anal sex," she said. It falls into the room without any subtlety.

Everyone laughs a little and we relax and discuss small businesses that aren't exactly doing well but are doing well. We are happy to do a few good things around the house and the only problem is that we don't see anyone who really needs to save seriously. If necessary, I could send Isaac to do a few things, but a few small donations to help people get rid of their problems would still do it. We usually argue about how and why when I catch Imelda making a mistake.

"Well, I've talked to some of the best devils, and one of them is going to help Stuart in Cali, whether he likes it or not," he said. - says my brave Latina and I join in the conversation.

“Does anyone like it or not?” I ask an urgent question.

“Whether Stuart liked it or not, his name came up and some of them wondered about him, so I told them,” he said. She speaks vaguely.

“Madam, you have to tell me if you sent Hawk to California to force Stewart to act,” he said. I tell her in a stern tone.

"I haven't sent anyone out to do anything and Hawk hopes he will do what needs to be done," he said. She tells me I'm being confrontational.

“Imelda, who did you send to California?” I ask directly and my other wives keep us apart in case an argument breaks out.

"I didn't send anyone who wanted to go myself, and I'm not being told what to do when it comes to our family and our business," he said. Imelda snaps, recognizing her words a second later.

I'm really hot and every one of my women knows it. I built this business and the only reason they are there is because I constantly asked for help. I could, I use that word loosely, I could manage all of this myself and not allow them to do that, but I don't. Now I have been told that this is OUR business and that I am not involved in the decision making process, yes it doesn't work but I am not the one who speaks first.

“Imelda, we all agreed a few days ago that we would listen to Guy. If he changes his mind because we talked to him about it, that's fine, but we have to trust him," he said. Matty says he's on my side and won't let me talk.

“I didn’t make the decision, I answered a few questions and told him where to find him,” he said. Imelda explains: “ They do something and then they have to do it. I didn't send them.

"Okay, people are asking about Stuart, except for Hawk and his wife, who don't care what the hell happens to my charge," he said. I ask, more than annoyed.

Stuart: At the same time

I can't say I understand Guy, he was here and Natsuko said he was looking for Chaz but he just turned around and went home and told me I had to take care of it. Honestly, not what I expected. How will I spend the next two weeks honestly learning and practicing? I have no idea where to start, but Robin and Trinity keep me in the gym while I work out. I ask June for advice, but he says the same thing as Guy: “It happened to you, Stuart, find out what happened.”You want to do something and do it." It's not very helpful and I think it's gone now as I lift weights while Robin and Trinity talk on the ellipticals.

“So you had sex with Stuart because you wanted to,” he said. Robin asks and I'm grateful that no one is there right now.

“Yeah, it turned out better than I thought,” he said. - says Trin, looking at me and smiling slightly. And he was right. Remove any phrases like "Who did what to whom?" and just enjoy it."

"Who" Robin says and Trinity looks confused. Who did what to whom? You said “who” too many times and sounded like an owl.

They both laugh and I even laugh a little at the joke. We're done and I head back to the dorm after saying goodbye to the ladies. When I realize I have a shadow, I play dumb and move out of the shadow's field of vision before huddling against the wall and waiting for them to pass. They only take a few steps when I see who it is.

“Jamal, you can just use my name to catch up with me,” he said. I tell him, which elicits a quick shock.

“Damn, you’re so fast for a big guy,” he said. My new friend tells me and we shake hands.

We return to my room and I notice that Richard is not home that evening. He spends time outside of the dorm, but it doesn't bother me and I don't feel the need to hold myself if he gets into something. Jamal sits on my bed and I grab the computer chair and give him a sports drink.

"What brings you here?" I ask: I'm glad to see him.

“Well, I was bored and came over to see what you were doing. We hang out, but you need to get out into the world a little more, man. “I know you have a few girls here, but there’s a big, bright world of good women out there waiting for a real knight in shining armor,” she said. Jamal speaks with humor.

“I’m not a good guy, Jamal, I’m an animal,” he said. I joke back and he starts singing along a little.

“Why should I be like this, why should I chase a cat? Nothing but a dog in me,” he said. He sings loudly and I discover that he can do more than just dance.

“That’s a good guy, you’re one of those gospel guys who became a hip-hop sensation,” he said. I'm joking.

"It's more like I turned a few hobbies into something more, except I don't really stand out. "I need connections like yours," he said. He tells me and I immediately go to my defense.

"So you're here so I can help you become part of the singing and dancing audience? "I'm just new at my job, man," he said. I start, but he stops me.

“No, I mean, I want ones like yours, but for me. I'm not asking you to help me, man. Besides, I saw how you dance and I don’t think you can help me with that skill,” he said. Jamal jokes and I calm down,” he said. Also, I decided to find someone for you.

I sit back as Jamal tells me a little about Chaz, and within two minutes I realize he's a real asshole. He was arrested, not for anything spectacular, but mostly for disorderly conduct and being a general asshole. Also, a pugilist like a street boxer was kicked out of three gyms as a kid because, even though he was good, he did things quick and dirty, so it's not just me. He sang a little bit, if you can call that how he sings, and so Jamal dug into him a little bit. I don't mind the punk screaming, but it sounds like his penis got caught in a blender. Jamal and I continue to joke and talk until he leaves and leaves me alone on a school night.

They say in life that when it rains, it pours, morning practice was canceled due to a leak in the gym I wanted to use because the damn rainstorm decided to pee all over campus. I've never had an umbrella before, but now I'm walking around campus, taking a car is ridiculous because there's no good parking, and luckily I'm not the only one who gets wet while doubling and needs a towel. It has been raining all day and it is already Wednesday when Richard runs towards us, a little worried.

“Stuart, run!” - he tells me and I stop, confused.

"Running? From what or where? I ask, wondering what's going on.

"Dude, there's a creepy woman walking around campus looking for you," he said. He speaks and I laugh. She's already had several Emo crew members sent out when one told her that her skin was a bit worn."

"The skin and she's hunting me," he said. I ask and he nods. "Where?"

"Stuart, maybe we should go to your room or somewhere private?" says Robin, but I'm already up and following Richard.

When I follow Richard, I'm pretty sure who's here with me, and that makes me smile a little.I see a small crowd quickly moving away from the college bus stop and

That's when I see Kit sitting on her bike in her full leather biker jacket, standing on the sidewalk. There's a campus security car parked there and one of the guys tries to tell him to put the bike away.

“Ma’am, I will ask you one last time to put your bike in the designated parking space,” she said. The guard tells her and she almost spits on him.

“Okay, now I can figure out where to find it at my leisure,” he said. Keith tells him he's getting her phone.

“Keith, I have to ask you to put the bike in the parking lot, it’s scary for the students,” he said. I tell her as I get closer.

“Have you ever seen a dark rain cloud that lets in the sunlight?” is Keith's reaction when I interrupt her for good measure. She gets off the bike and I have all her 5’9” The leather and denim frame is in my hands and I feel her bite my lip and kiss me. I make a point of keeping her off the ground as she wraps her legs around me, and it's only after a minute that she begins to spin around me.

“Where the hell is your room and where the hell am I supposed to put my bike?” - Keith asks irritably.

We get on her bike and I lead her away from security and park her next to my bike. I point to my new car and she is unimpressed as I take her to my room. Richard and Robin are already there and I'm taking Keith inside.

"Would you like something to drink?" I ask Keith who woke up.

“See, that's why I don't listen to people in damn good shape. I’ve been traveling for five hours and no one, NOT ONE PERSON, OFFERS ME A DAMN DRINK,” he said. “Kit goes from calm to screaming when she realizes she’s scaring my friends,” Kit said. Do you have beer?

I get Keith a beer and get it to everyone except Robin, who rejects the beer in favor of bottled water. Richard sits in a recliner, Robin at one end of the sofa and Keith on top of me at the other end. Nobody wants to ask Keith questions, so I introduce myself. At some point she takes off her jacket and leans against me.

"Okay, Stuart, I think we deserve to know who your boyfriend is and how you met," he said. Robin says he is polite but confident.

“Oh, Stuart and I got married”; Keith tells them as Richard sprays his beer.

"What the hell?" That's the only thing Robin can say before Keith starts laughing.

“Last summer he proposed to me in Washington and we got married in a bar. "I just stabbed my jealous ex and he was so sweet that I had to marry this handsome man," she said. Keith says, almost purring like a damn tiger.

“So he was here at college and you were waiting for him up north,” he said. Robin asks and Keith laughs a little.

“Oh my god, girl, I know he's been here feeding college girls delicious meat and it's not a real marriage or anything. I like him but I’m too old for him but he fucks like crazy,” he said. "Keith tell her before you talk to me," Keith said. Or was everyone who passed out drunk?

“You ride a bike, I’ll ride you”; I tell her and Richard almost spits out his beer again.

"You got problems with beer, boy?" Keith asks Richard, who shakes his head: "Women don't like men who are girlier than them."

Richard blushes a little and Robin even laughs a little at the joke. Maybe a few more minutes pass before Keith asks where my bed is and I bring my “wife” out. to my room. I watch as she grabs a towel and quickly heads to my bathroom. I stand in the doorway and shrug, looking at Robin and Richard, who are just as confused as I am. Robin leaves, leaving Richard and I making small talk while Keith uses my facilities. Twenty minutes pass before Keith emerges from the bathroom, clothes in hand, a towel over his shoulders and a pair of skimpy panties. Richard pauses and I smile at him before following Keith into my bedroom. Her clothes pile up on the floor and she crawls under my covers as I undress and crawl in with her. She turns away from me and I hug her when I hear light snoring. Is a ride with a shower and a beer a dream come true for the die-hard biker gal? I shrug and get out of bed, putting on my shorts before sitting at the computer and talking to Jun. I don't understand Guy and his wives well; Apparently there was a dispute between me and the people wanting to help, while Guy says I could do it myself. I want to kill Chaz, but I have no idea how to do it without going to prison. He tells me that the legal department is on standby and we both laugh about it a little before getting back to work. The task involves me learning a few things about advanced hacking and childcare. It's a good way to spend a few hours as Keith.continues to ride my bike in my room before I collapse next to her. The next morning I get up and run. Kit is still asleep when I return, and I leave her a note telling her where I'll be when she wakes up. Classes are just classes. You listen, sit, write notes and generally when you have work to do you either help people like me or play on your phone or laptop. I get two lunches and go back to my room to find Keith still asleep in bed. I leave her the food and the corrected note about the food and go back to my afternoon classes. Things got even more boring at school and when I returned I found her up, dressed and walking around and Richard was nowhere to be found. As soon as she saw me, Kit flew into a rage.

"So why the hell don't we find Chaz and beat the crap out of him?" Keith demands an answer as my door closes.

“Because that means I’m going to prison for killing him,” he said. I tell her, but she doesn't mind.

“No, we have to find this shit and you’re going to destroy his world,” he said. She growls and I step in front of her to slow her pace.

“I was looking for an opportunity but I have no choice but to take his girlfriend and fuck her before sending him the video,” he said. I'm saying that Keith doesn't even like the idea, even though I like it.

"I'm going to meet some people and I'll be back the same time tomorrow. "Find your damn balls and get ready because I have a plan even if you don't." Keith barks at me before leaving the dorm and the Door slams behind him.

And now I'm confused, I think this is where some of the fights between Guy and his wives started, but as far as Keith goes, I'm in the dark here. She's tough and takes no prisoners, but I need a more balanced approach. I was lucky enough to save Jamal at the club and I really don't want to push my luck by evading law enforcement. I'm preparing for an awkward night alone when I realize I should call Guy.

“Stuart, this is unexpected, how are things at college?” The guy greets me on the phone.

"I just met Kit, my 'wife', she's mad because I haven't done anything with Chaz and wants me to be ready for her tomorrow," she said. I’ll explain it to Guy, who’s listening,” he said. I don't know what she's getting me into, but I need some advice.

“Well, if I know motorcycle clubs, she’ll probably have you fighting with Chaz over money,” she said. The guy flinches and I try to interrupt him with “What!” as he continues” Calm down, boy, and listen. Buy new clothes, think jeans and leather. If you can, find a few friends to accompany you wherever she takes you. Let them customize it and make it completely personal. And Stewart?

"Yes man"; I answer confused.

“Don’t lose, you will lose and we will be in serious trouble.” I know you can handle that bastard, so take him out,” he said. – Guy tells me with cold fire in his voice.

My phone call ends, I walk out the door, past Richard, and head to my car. The stores don't really understand what I'm looking for until I find a few stores that carry more durable clothing. The two jeans I get are loose but fit well, and the leather vest and gloves help a little. While I'm trying on a few t-shirts, I see a few locals notice my tattoo and one or two look confused. I take new clothes and think that if possible I will dress without a shirt and vest and return to my room. I've never looked forward to arguing, but I spend most of my day distracting my brain by doing homework and avoiding questions about what's bothering me. It's Friday afternoon and I'm sitting in my room when I hear a knock on the living room door. I'm wearing new clothes, jeans, a chain belt, construction boots, a leather vest, sunglasses, and disheveled brown hair covered with a red rag. I open the door and see Jamal standing there.

“Damn man, you look scary as hell,” he said. Jamal says I dress way better than I do.

“Dressed like this, you support me,” he said. - I ask, pointing to a silk shirt and trousers.

“I’m a lover, not a fighter,” he said. He's joking.

“You drive your car, I drive, but it looks like it’s just you and me tonight,” he said. I explain that no one I asked is doing shows.

“I’m leaving,” he said. Richard says, leaving his room in a tight t-shirt and jeans.

“I forgot I asked you because you didn’t say whether you were coming or not,” he said. I tell him a little aggressively.

“Hey, we're friends and I don't care if you forgot to ask. “I remember you asking me and I plan on being there for a change instead of leaving you hanging,” she said. Richard states that he performed aloneFury.

“Okay, it’s time for us to actually do something shitty,” he said. I say and he nods in agreement.

Yes, we're friends, but it looks like we're going to find out how real it is tonight. Honestly I'll take whoever I can, but at least Richard can fight. I leave the dormitory with two of my compatriots and we make our way to the parking lot. As dramatic as it starts, nothing happens until about fifteen minutes later when Keith rides his bike to a stop in the middle of the strip.

“Stuart, jump!” Keith shouts at me, I look at my friends and Jamal nods and leads Richard to his car. Better stay tuned, boys.”

I sit in the back seat and Keith shows me where my hands might have gone before he drove off on his heavy motorcycle. The guy driving was crazy, but I had a door and couldn't see the floor when I looked down. Now I can, and I'm holding Kit a little tighter than I should when she stops and reminds me that she needs to breathe to ride. We continue along the street and come to a park, a kind of isolated and deserted park where there is no couple or even several. Try dozens of large metal bikes and there are quite a few leather-clad bikers around. There's loud music and a few groups of fast cyclists, but for the most part it's traditional biker fare and I agree with them on the clothing choice. Keith parks the bike, we get out and she shows me around. I know many names, “The Devil Knows Best,” but I know a few more. The Daughters of the Damned are a group of ex-wives and ex-wives of fallen bikers who have been going solo for a few decades and have a pretty good reputation. The Convicts don't have the best reputation because they only recruit criminals from prison. What I'm almost asking about is the creepy group of spectators who are on their own but watch everything else, from drinking to racing to gambling. However, Keith sees what I'm observing and takes it upon himself to explain it.

“These are the faces of fear,” he said. she says, referring to the group without gesturing.

“And that’s exactly what they do: they scare people,” he said. - I ask confused.

“I'm not entirely sure, but one day a US Marshal approached their leader and they found what was left of him with teeth marks on the bones. The one with the beard and the hat is their leader Gabriel, and he is not to be trifled with,” he said. Keith tells me, to make sure I understand, "Don't look at them, don't talk to them until they come to you first, and don't eat anything they offer you."

“Are they really that bad?” - I ask skeptically.

“They didn’t just fall into their ranks and none of them killed anyone innocent,” he said. She explains and leads me away.

How do we spend our time? Parties, Keith dances a little with me, Richard meets women and plays the charming but tough guy, Jamal makes sure beforehand that the women he's talking to are single and almost starts a fight with one of the speed bike groups at. It's nice when someone in the band comes on stage and pushes the lead singer out of the way.

“I was invited because someone said the best damn independent fighter had a contender,” he said. I hear a voice and turn to see Chaz on stage. I was invited, but no one will take me to the boxing match.”

"Pit"; I ask Keith.

“All fights take place in a muddy pit about three feet deep. Nobody goes into the pit unless they fight,” he said. Keith goes into more detail and now I have more questions.

“Wait, how are they supposed to end the fight?” - I ask worriedly.

“They don’t,” he said. She says before walking to the stands and turning to Chaz: Hey, motherfucker; Yes, there is someone you can fight. A bit like a rematch.”

“You are, because if you want to get dirty, just say so?” Chaz shouts back, jumping off the stage and walking toward Keith, “ I have to give my girlfriend Sol a threesome experience.”

“You can't handle a real woman's boy, let alone one who can kick your ass, but this one is special. And if you win, you get to name your prize,” he said. Keith claims this makes him arrogant.

"How about it…". "Your bike," Chaz says to her and she actually looks shocked. "I think I need to sell something to get back the money I'm losing by wasting my time on someone I beat once.

“Ready, fifth shaft,” Devil’s best representative informs both sides.

Both sides break off and go in different directions as Keith takes my hand and leads me away.

“I’m not losing my bike, you have to fuck it good,” he said. Keith tells me as we walk and I hand her my vest.

I give up most of my new clothes, except for my jeans and boots, and make my way to the pit. I study the rules and that's what I did think. The fight continues until one of them defeats the other so much that he stops and calls it his victory. So if he loads his fist again, I'll have to take care of it first, and when I ask about the gun, Keith just shrugs and asks if I brought it. Now I realize I really messed up. Jamal and Richard are waiting for me and it doesn't look promising.

“Well, I have a car if you want to jump now,” he said. Jamal says and Keith can almost see the hole in him.

"Hey Stuart, I'm with you no matter what you decide, but if you need to go to the hospital, I promise I'll take care of your ladies," she said. Richard says and I have to take it twice.

"Excuse me"; I ask as my anger increases.

"Seriously, I know Trinity and Robin are going to miss you while you're in the hospital and I promise I won't have a threesome on your bed while you're laying there," she said. – Richard explains without any humor in his voice.

“I’ll fucking rip your head off,” he said. I start to rush him, but Jamal and Keith stop me.

“Okay, now go to hell with this idiot,” he said. Richard tells me and points to the hole.

I fall into the hole and it takes Chaz about four seconds to realize who I am and now he fouls.

“I want something new. “There's nothing this independent tyrant has that I haven't taken down before. If that’s what Devil’s Best has to offer, I don’t mind and I won’t send him back to the hospital,” he said. Chaz screams cockily as I burn a hole in him.

"He beat Devil's Best before he went into the pits and he can claim it as his own if another group doesn't want to support Keith Boy," he said. an older biker with Devil's Best sayings to the crowd.

The crickets make louder noises than the people approaching me to give me a chance for revenge. Chaz had a good laugh at me as someone new jumped into the pit and I found myself face to face with Gabriel. He is 5'11" tall. wearing a black leather sleeveless trench coat and a white fedora. His beard is barely combed and reaches a good six centimeters below his chin. The only thing I see about Gabriel is his light blue eyes looking at me, and now he's smiling and giggling.

“We will support him,” he said. Gabriel chuckles before losing his laugh. I want to see something new. I want you to show me who you really are, boy. "I see it." sways. Guy showed me how most boxers fight, and it's pretty much the same as what I've seen in training. He's smiling, he's cocky, and Sol is watching us from the edge of the pit with a scared look on his face. She's afraid for me. Guy called it “Boom Rush,” where you simply throw everything at your opponent without considering safety. My ankles are going to hurt like hell, but it doesn't matter because I grab Chaz by the waist, twist my waist around, and push him into the hard dirt. Top mount, a dominant position in MMA fighting, and that's where I find myself before giving Chaz punch after punch to the head as he tries to retreat. I grab my right hand between my knuckles and tuck it under my knee before continuing the spanking. I have blood on my hands and know Chaz is what Guy called drunk as I stand up and look around. I see Keith and my friends, but for some reason I look at Gabriel and he's smiling.

“More boy, give him more,” the scary leader tells me that for some reason I feel his words more than I hear him.

Compacted earth with almost vertical walls surrounding the hole, good solid ground as I grab Chaz by his jean shorts and hair before throwing him head first into one. I let him hit and fall before ramming my boot into his ribs, feeling the wind leave his body. I put it on the edge and hit Chaz in the ribs, feeling the crack and watching him fall to the ground. He moves, but not quickly, as I take his right hand and rip off his knuckles. I know people think I'm going to do it, but instead I toss them aside and hit Chaz with a hard right hand right in the cheeks and watch a tooth or two fly out of his mouth bleeding. I feel strong, really strong, and I love it.

“Get up, get up, Chaz. You defeated me once when you overpowered me, but now what? WHAT NOW?! Give me this hand. I bark at Chaz, grabbing his right arm and pulling him to the ground.

I put his hand flat and hold it there while he tries to pull it back in, but to no avail. I let go for a moment before lifting myself off the ground with one impressive foot, I'm heavy, and I plant my boot hard on the ground, feeling the crunch of bones beneath my feet.Hoe. Chaz's scream almost drowns out everything else for me, and I turn the boot and squeeze harder as he continues to scream.

“Stuart, stop it, it’s over,” he said. I hear Saul's request from the crowd.

“I’m not done yet,” he said. I shout back. What did you do to stop him from blinding me with his gun? What did you do when people asked you what happened to me? Shut up and see what happens when you fuck the wrong people!”

I pull the boot from Chaz's hand and see that at least two of his fingers are broken and there is a deep gash on the back of his hand. I grab Chaz by his hair and look at my injuries: one eye is swollen, a little blood is flowing from his mouth. I return my fist, punching him in the nose and holding it to repeat the blow. I get maybe four good shots before it slips out of my hand and falls. I want to pick him up, but now all I see is a broken man. I call this a hand raise because he isn't even able to stand up, pull himself out of the hole and start walking. I don't know what I feel, at first I felt great, now I just feel empty. I climb up about twenty feet and Keith leads me to a place to sit.

“Take me home, I’m done here,” he said. I'll tell Keith.

“Baby, you can walk away, but some people might want to thank you for your victory,” he said. Keith informs me and I shrug. Okay, we'll get started soon.

I shake a few hands and a few people walk away from me and say I had a good fight. I didn't fight, I beat him and maimed him. I broke his arm and no one stopped it. I'm waiting for Keith to let me go with her when I realize I'm being watched. I look up from my spot on the bench and see Gabriel and his whole gang watching me. He sits down in front of me as one of his men pulls out a chair for him, and I wonder how anyone but Guy can have complete privacy in a crowd.

“I know what I saw tonight: I saw a demon come out of his shell and let everyone know that he lived on this earth,” he said. Gabriel says and takes off his hat. Let me tell you a story: My mother was a sweet woman. I loved my mother, but my mother didn't love me. Gabriel, she told me, you are a bad child and will never be the boy I wanted.

“What does this have to do with me?” I ask and he continues as if I hadn’t said anything.

“I was thinking about what she said. I wasn't what she wanted. Well, who needed me then?" I knew my father worked a lot and I hadn't seen him in years, so he didn't stop me. I asked my mother if she could help me become the son she wanted and she told me there was no hope for me. Firefighters say the fire was an accident, but if I could never have been the light of her life, she would have been my spark." "he says laughing and I look at him in disbelief." Burn it all, boy, you know that you want it. When everything is finished and in ashes, find me.”

I watch him walk away and wonder why the hell he burned his mother alive as a child? I get up from my seat and find Kit with a few of her people, and they all nod at me as I approach.

“I’ll find Jamal and go home. Either you pick me up or I’ll leave without you,” he said. I tell her and go to where I last saw my friend.

I meet up with Jamal and let him know and he doesn't even hesitate to cancel a possible date and we run off to catch Richard who is seriously flirting with an attractive blonde. I have him get everything he needs to contact her before the three of us head to Jamal's car. I'm almost in the car when Kit's bike pulls up quickly and she looks at me like she's hoping I'm not gone yet. I tell my friends to have fun, I need to recover, and Jamal says he'll take care of Richard, who laughs as they head off. I sit on the back of Keith's bike as she shows us to the dorm. We go in and are alone and I go to my room but Keith pulls me towards the bathroom. I let her lead me in and it wasn't long before she was removing my now dirty clothes, I hadn't noticed before, and then watched as she undressed. I remember something when I woke up with her the morning after the “wedding.” but I don't remember knowing her, which actually catches my attention more than the dried blood on my hands and the dirt on my body.

"Well, it looks like you're not too crazy," he said. Keith says with a smile, looking at my other brain.

I grumble in response, remembering that Kit is meaty, doesn't miss meals, and even though I'm pretty sure she's never been to the gym, I know she does squats when she bends over to pull down her panties . I let her drag me into the shower where she washed off all the dirt and some blood. my hands and my body. I jump up and squeeze her breasts, which don't moan like I'm used to from women. I feel her lathering up and I start rubbing my cock with her hand. Either she's trying to get me hard or she's just really hard, but either way, when she washes me off, I'm clean.

"Stuart, you know I'm not wearing a bra, right?" Keith asks and I nod slightly. That means I let these girls in leather vests ride a loudly vibrating motorcycle for hours a day. They constantly rub against the skin.”

“I’m very sorry,” he said. I tell her and start to pull my hand away as she covers it with hers.

“That means you have to be tougher,” he said. - she explains with a smile.

I'm not sure I want to be any harder on her after everything I've done tonight, but she almost pulls me towards her as we're about to kiss her. The kiss was all French and I'm pretty sure she touched my tonsils as I tilted my head back to test the depth. At this point she sticks her tongue out at me and I see it sticking out of her mouth at least three inches. You shouldn't move quickly in the shower, but Kit is her own woman, that's what I called her when she was drunk, that is, when she gets to her knees with a speed that a strong woman usually lacks. I look down and see her holding me, turning her head to the side before wrapping her lips around my cock. It feels different but nice when she makes a noise to get my attention and I look down and see her tongue wrapping around the naked part of me. and touch her upper lip. Now she has my entire cock in her mouth, even though I'm not even really in her mouth, and she does the unthinkable: she starts jerking me off. The water running over me may be ice cold right now, but I can't tell because I'm holding the shower's version of "Oh Crap" in my hands; Handle. I move a little with Keith when I feel fingers massaging my balls and I'm so restrained and angry that I feel my orgasm taking over.

“Keith, I’m going to cum,” I moan and she smiles, pulling her lips away from me.

“That’s the idea, you told me you were a quick shooter,” he said. She giggles and I wish I could remember our first night.

"But I want more"; - I ask while she supports me with her hand.

“Me too, and I’ll get it,” he said. Keith says, continuing the oral thrusting session.

With both hands and her mouth on me, I don't stand a chance and it only takes a few seconds before I cum all over the shower wall. Keith takes his time letting me come down from my orgasm and I'm glad I didn't rip the rod I was holding out of the wall. Kit herself is in the middle of grooming herself, washing her body and hair, when I notice that even though she doesn't get her hair cut, she is being groomed. I actually think and realize that she is the only woman I've been with who actually has a lot of hair on her mound and I can't remember the first time I was there. The shower ends and we dry ourselves off. As she leaves the bathroom naked, I stop her.

“Richard could be here,” he said. I say and she laughs.

"Then he can bring me a beer and imagine what kind of fucking my pussy would give him if it wasn't here to fuck you," he said. Keith laughs and opens the door.

However, Richard isn't home and we don't even go far because she only thinks about one place - my bed. Kit crawls onto my bed and spreads her legs for me so I can get a better look at her hair and starts rubbing herself with her fingers. Yes, I just left about ten minutes early, but tell that to the little brain on duty.

“God, you are a good soldier, attentive and willing to please,” he said. "Kit growls at me and I climb on the bed and start burying my face in her pussy when she grabs my head to stop me," Kit said. What do you actually think you're doing here?

“I wanted to return the favor,” he said. I tell her confused.

"Then stand here and kiss me before you give me the one thing I haven't had on our honeymoon in over ten years," Kit says and I follow her instructions.

I don't have to look for Kit's entrance because she holds me in her arms and it feels interesting and sensitive when the tip of my cock rubs against her pubic area and her lips before she positions me right at her entrance. There is no resistance and I slide into Kit, finding that she is more than adequate for my size, before she wraps her legs around me, pulling me in a little more and slowly rocking our bodies together. Kit is a tough woman who won't take any crap from anyone and will stab people who fuck her. So the soft and sweet lovemaking we make when she kisses me gently and our bodies curl together is not what I expected. . It's soft and gentle as Keith runs his hand through my hair and moans.light. The fact that I've come earlier now helps me stay in control, and I feel Kit relax so much that she's almost melting into my bed, but still keeping me on all fours. I speed up a little and she doesn't complain as the slow thrusting in and out of her made me a little nervous. I guess my expectations are high. I feel her walls squeezing me slightly, her legs pulling me against her, turning her hips against mine as she works me just as hard as I work her. It's mutual, gentle lovemaking and I relax and forget almost everything as the passion ramps up to ten and Kit's lips press against mine as her orgasm takes over. She moans and shakes slightly as she continues to give me the full treatment as my second orgasm of the night takes over and I fill her as much as my body will allow. We were a little sweaty and tired when she rolled me off her and I lay on my bed breathing deeply. I don't know if Keith or I will fall asleep first, but she's in my arms, kissing my chest as we cover ourselves.

The next morning I wake up late, too late because Keith isn't there. I quickly assess the situation and notice that all of her clothes are gone, as well as a six-pack of beer and a handwritten note on my computer.

Stuart, this is the part where you let me go. Yes, we were married and I got you tattooed, but I'm exactly who you said I was the night we met, a free spirit. I woke up this morning and realized that I can't make you happy forever and that you deserve it. I will be there when you need help or when you are hurting for love, but not for long. I don't like saying goodbye when you're such a sweet young man and can make me stick with your doggy look. Take care of yourself and find the good girl you deserve. Your first wife, Kit.

P.S. Our first night was as tender and sweet as the last, and you are the only man who treats me like a lady, remember that.

I fold the piece of paper and think about it. I didn't feel like I was focusing too much on Keith. Is she too focused on me? I'll leave a message for someone more experienced as I decide to take another shower and it's time to exercise.


I will never be free, they will continue to fuck my wife, and now I have no choice but to end my shame. I have everything prepared, but there is still one thing left to do: make one last call while dialing the phone number.

“Hello,” the woman answers on the phone.

“Hello, it’s me,” I answer quietly.

“It's two in the morning, never call this late. “Are you canceling your time with Johnny again?” she asks me and I sigh. "You can't do this to him, it's been over six months and he really misses you."

“I know, but it's bad here and I have to say goodbye. I took care of everything myself, but I wanted you to know that even though I sucked up my life, you were my biggest mistake. I shouldn't have pushed you away, bye," I tell her before hanging up without a word.

I have to unplug my phone and remove the battery from my cell phone to avoid being disturbed. In a few hours I'll wake up my daughter, take her to school, and then get ready so the boys can take care of the house along with my wife while I go to work. A few more days and I'll be just a distant memory.

Type: a week after the Stewart fight

I'm beyond proud of this guy, this time I mean Stuart. Yes, he needed a badass bitch to bring him back to his senses, but after Kyle gave that little bastard a quick checkup at the hospital, I'm proud to say he's finally making progress. We talked and he told me how Soledad's girlfriend came and apologized and that she broke up with Chaz and he wasn't going to press charges. Of course, I wasn't worried about Stuart and the prison or what awaited the boy when Devil's Best ran the show. He told me about a man who I honestly thought was dead and had some terrible words with him, but I assured him that it was best to leave her alone and we both agreed that he would that did. It's only March and only a few months until summer, and we're inviting the new guy over to celebrate his graduation and then see what we can do to open a satellite office somewhere, hopefully on the East Coast.

However, I am currently struggling with a pregnant mother, Katie, who hates the world outside of our family. I think it brings out extra attention and gets it from all of us. Esme sat on the couch next to Katie and spoke to the new family member in Spanish and English. It's nice that my children are team players and the team is our family and there were no serious arguments in the house except for small things.

On Tuesday I sit in my chair and relax while the kids get home from school and work hard while CoreyA phone conversation in another room catches my attention for two reasons. In one of them she said, "Oh my God!" More than twice and twice she spoke quietly to my phone. Now here's the man's conundrum: I can interrupt her and risk her anger, but she's on the phone. I watch as she hands my phone to Imelda and I hear Imelda talking to whoever is on my phone. I get up from my spot in the living room and decide to get on the phone, but just as I'm about to approach Imelda, Corey interrupts me.

“You have to pack your things,” he said. My first wife tells me she's taking me to our upstairs bedroom.

"No, I don't know, the kids are downstairs and we don't have work." I know this because June contacted me and discussed it with me on the phone. I explain to her that I'm not moving where she wants me to be.

“No, your wife, and soon the women will send you to work because someone needs your help,” he said. Corey states he's not moving when I hear "oooh."

“Mom looks angry,” she said. Connor tells Murphy without realizing we can hear him.

"No, that's mom's look, taken at home, she looks so angry, like she's breathing fire," she said. Murphy protests again, not realizing we can hear her.

“Not breathing fire is trouble, throwing knives is homework. “Dad forgot to do his homework,” he said. Connor tells his twin that they are both quitting.

“Dad, do you have homework?” Murphy asks and my first wife almost laughs.

“Yes, your father has homework and has to go on a trip,” he said. Corey says our boys are trying to walk me up the stairs.

"Cory, either you tell me what's going on or I'll take Imelda's phone," she said. I say these words and watch my Latina wife walk around the dinner table and away from me.

“This is Jackie,” he said. Corey says quietly and I see some concern on her face.

I let myself be carried upstairs and Corey follows me, explaining that Jackie won't talk about it, but it's serious enough that she's assigned Imelda to take care of the details while we pack me light and just a few clothes leave my leather jacket to change. I walk down the stairs with my bag and kiss the children goodbye. Imelda drives me to the airport. I was told that June booked me during the trip and I sat in first class for ease of boarding, not for comfort. I kiss my wife goodbye and get on the plane. My flight leaves in a few hours, and when I land in Texas, instead of being picked up by my mother, a man in a leather vest with a patched perspective is standing around waiting.

“Name” - I ask, walking up to him and handing him the bag.

“Simmons,” a fat, bald white man tells me.

“Simmons will take me to Jackie,” he said. I tell him and he flinches. "Is there a problem?"

“Actually, I should take you to your house first,” he said. He tries to tell me but I stop him.

"See these two patches here?" "I'm pointing to my two Union patches," I said. What do they say?"

"Outcast and Treasurer"; He says he's nervous about the situation.

"Does Jackie have those stripes now?" I ask and he shakes his head. Okay, now do what I tell you and take me to Jackie.

"But I was told, Mr. Donnelly," he said. Simmons flinches, but I snatch the bag out of his hand.

What should I do with my escort, I'm leaving his ass. I I can understand following orders, but if I'm known for making the Union make more money, then it's no joke. Beginners have to learn, but I still take a taxi and go to the tattoo parlor. It's been a while, maybe a few years, since I've touched up, but I'm here to talk shop and catch up. I pay the man and grab my bag. Then I go in and find Smitty, still tall as hell but graying around the edges, guiding the new artist through the work. The new blonde at the front desk was about to say something, but as I walked past two spots silenced her.

“Honestly, it’s a great job,” he said. I’m commenting on a tattoo on a man’s back,” he said. But why does he need a huge black penis, I mean he can like all kinds of penises.”

The customer panics as I laugh and Smitty interrupts him, declares I suck and says he'll take care of me. I'm led into the office and watch as Smitty sits down where I used to talk to the old man. I close the door and Smitty laughs quietly and we shake hands before I calm down.

“Jackie sent for me and then tried to tell me where to go. I wanted to see her, but she tried to send me to my mother's house," she said. I explain and he shakes his head.

“Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on with my daughter,” he said. He officially adopted her, at least according to the rules of the Union." She is dating someone now, but she said:She wanted you where she could find you.”

“Then it’s good that I’m here,” he said. I joke and he laughs." Do you have any idea what the hell is going on? My wives sent me here blindly and said I just had to come down because Jackie had a problem.”

"I don't know, but I have a key to her house and Johnny is home," he said. - says Smitty and hands me the key.

"Okay, but I'm minus transportation unless." I pause and see him nod. Thanks for that."

The plan is to drive to Jackie's house in one of the full member vans, and I thank Smitty as he'll probably get hell from Jackie for that. There are quite a few motorcycles parked in the driveways around this area, even if they are not as high quality as where I live, but I'm pretty sure the neighbors will never have to call the police. There's a knock on the door of Jackie's house and I'm greeted by a teenage girl who sees the stripes and recognizes the biker's daughter.

“Hello, nanny!” I ask for a nod. “Already paid?”

"No, Miss Jackie said she would pay me when she got back," she said. - says the girl and I take out my wallet.

“I’ll take over, but there are forty here,” he said. I’ll pull out two twenties and give them to her,” she said. Go home and relax, I'll take care of John.

The girl isn't entirely sure, but as soon as I enter she's given all the evidence she needs when a blonde boy comes running up from behind.

“Uncle Guy” are the only words as he tries to throw me off and I catch him.

“John, God, no running tackles, you’re too big. It makes me do these things,” he said. I go over and tickle the boy as he laughs.

Our hooliganism is not interrupted by the nanny who leaves with his salary. John and I talk while I cook dinner. Right now I can get real information.

"Okay, what's wrong with your mom, buddy?" I ask John to stir the spaghetti sauce.

“She was gone for a few days, other people kept coming to me, but it's already been three days. "Mom said she would be home when I talked to her, but she didn't say you were coming to visit," Mom said. - says John, sitting at the table.

“This is an opportunity to visit my godson. Why wouldn’t I want to visit you?” I ask him with humor.

“Because no one visits me anymore,” he says, somewhat depressed.

“Grandpa and Smitty aren’t coming,” he said. Nobody calls him by his family name anyway.

“No, I mean… “It doesn’t matter, it’s nothing,” John says quietly.

“John, you know I’m vacationing at a horse ranch this summer,” he said. I tell him and he shakes his head. “I’ll take you and your mother with me.”

"Okay, but can you talk to mom about letting me and her move in with you?" he asks and I stop what I'm doing.

“John, your mother and I are different and I’m married,” she said. I tell him and he shrugs.

“You could marry Mom,” he said. - he answers and I love the childlike simplicity.

"Dude, I like your mom, we're close, but I'm already married," he said. I'll try to explain, but having five wives and not taking a sixth doesn't make sense to most adults, let alone boys.

“I just want to be part of a real family. “Mom doesn’t date and the last guy she let me meet was stupid,” she said. John tells me this and I quickly turn to him.

“Don’t call him stupid,” he said. I reply, trying to save face for Jackie’s circle of friends.

"Well he kept trying to ask me if I liked Disney, Disney is for girls," she said. John breaks out and I counter.

“Okay, why is Disney for girls?” I ask you to wait.

"You hear about all the princesses who have wonderful lives, but a boy comes along and gets poor and abused before he finally gets something good, which means he sucks up to some asshole," he says. - John says loudly and I interrupt him.

"Language, and you're right, but I know your mother's opinion about such language," he said. I tell him and he calms down.

The spaghetti is good, we relax and I let him watch TV before showering. He got dressed and went to bed at ten, which seems late, but there's nothing I can do since I was on the plane for several hours. I sit on the couch and check in with the women, who ask me why I'm not with my mother and explain what happened before telling my mother that I'm fine and doing things my way do what gets me some praise, but let her know soon. I'm just about to grab a blanket and go to sleep when I hear a loud van pull up and wake up when Jackie comes through the door and sees me, which she wasn't expecting.

“You shouldn’t be here,” he said. She says looking around. Where is Barbara?

“I paid the girl and sent her home, I can take care of it.” my godson” I tell Jackie as I stand up.

She looks good, when we were younger she was always curvy and a bit dirty but now she is a plump woman. Dirty brown hair, once curly, is straightened and pulled back into a ponytail, her once pear-shaped figure now resembles an hourglass, and she wears a traditional patched jacket with a Union label for the family and another labeled "Bank." " I smile and notice that she has taken on new tasks from the old man. I know that she appreciates me, but there is no expression of “good to see me” on her face. one.

"I told Simmons to take you to your mother's house," he said. Jackie says and looks around. Did someone cook dinner?”

“Yes, I cooked spaghetti and left you a plate. And I won't do anything until I find out what scared my wives so much that they sent me here blind to see you, which is nice, but no one will tell me what the hell is going on," said he. I answer, taking her plate and heating it up.

“It’s complicated, but I need your help,” he said. Jackie says as she sits down and pauses, waiting for me to bring her a plate. This is Stephan.”

Stephen, I remember putting a gun in his hand and almost killing him, but he made the wise choice with his life and gave it back. I sent him to college and his family to give Jackie some space, but just when I thought the bastard was going to come back and please my friend, he brought his new wife with him. The shitty CEO opened a store on the other side of the state and filed for parental rights. Luckily he lost, but Jackie was gentle with him and they worked out a personal visit plan. Technically, I have more rights to John than he does. Jackie knows I've been mad at him since John started talking.

“Stephen is in trouble,” he said. I ask her to give her a plate of food and lean against the counter.

“This is a bad guy, I mean really bad,” he said. She tells me not to eat.

“Of course it’s bad, he deserves it,” he said. I explain and she tries to stop me." No, he brought that little girl to John's birthday party and didn't bother to tell her they were siblings. When John tried to be polite to her, his wife pulled him away and they left. Maybe you can ignore it, but I don't know how to forgive.

“I know, but he needs help,” he said. Jackie says she still hasn't touched the plate.

“Eat first, then we'll talk while I figure out how to either say no or not kick his ass,” he said. I say before walking into the living room.

Steven is in trouble, wow. What kills me is that it's Jackie who calls me and convinces my wives to send me to fix everything that ails the poor, to "run away from problems." Stephen. I know she's finished eating and I hear her fidget before she comes out with a beer in her hand and I look at her funny.

“Hey, you drink too, so shut up,” he said. "she says and sits down on the sofa next to me, "I would offer you something, but you're already sleeping in my garden."

“Because I don’t just jump in to help an idiot,” he said. I ask and she nods. Okay, this is the yard.

“Hey, he’s really in trouble. Yes, he makes bad decisions, but he’s not a bad person,” he said. Jackie says and I grin.

“This is a bad decision,” he said. I tell her and she grumbles back.

“So that means you got hit over the head with a bottle, now shut up and let me explain,” he said. Jackie snaps and I look at her sideways, "He opened his own veterinary clinic for animals and pets." He was doing well, but the people he had borrowed money from came to collect the money and increased the Interest charges. He could barely keep up.”

“Wait, guys? No bank,” he said. I ask because I know the answer.

“Yeah, he signed a stupid contract and they waited a year to get started. Now they're taking it out on his personal life for fun." Jackie says and I look at her and demand an explanation.

She explains everything she can, tells me what she saw, and even remembers the farewell letter/call she received from Stephen. She lists the humiliations and levels of depraved sex that Stephen's wife is subjected to. I want to feel something for this guy, but he dug himself a hole and got himself into this trouble. Yes, I could help him, but I could also use the same time and resources to create a haven for teenagers who are tired of the bullshit. I think I have the right to, I'll interrupt this train of thought and let Jackie finish explaining the events.

“My problem is that he works with people who have connections and they are closely monitored by law enforcement. Who can say what they'll do if I step in and force them to retreat?" I tell Jackie, who quickly counterattacks.

“We could buy his debt,” he said. She says me tooLook at her like she lost a baby. “It’s something and it doesn’t mean anyone’s getting hurt.”

"Except for my common sense, which made it worth saving stupid Steven," he said. I reply and Jackie is not happy with my words.

"Okay then don't help and tomorrow I'll take you to the airport after I drop John off at school," he said. - says Jackie and I stop her with my hand.

“Hey, it’s not about you and me,” he said. I tell her and she shrugs.

"No, it's about John." You didn't let Stephen into his life and give me conditions. You came and helped me when I had nothing around and I will always love you for that." Jackie says she finds herself saying those words. But John loves his father, and that's Stephen, he knows it, and losing him will hurt MY son. That's why I ask you, damned God of justice and vengeance, or whatever you call yourself now, for help."

I try to follow Jackie into her room, but the door is closed, not slammed, but slammed in my face. Don't give in to a woman or she will withhold your reward from you. Well, I'll be home in a few hours and after finding a blanket in the hall closet I'll get some sleep. Sofas are not meant for sleeping and some people may say they sleep well on them, but the fact that I wake up four times to get my body in order doesn't convince me. I don't know what time it is in the morning, but my consciousness switches on and I see John walking towards me as if to wake me up. I look at him, sit up and rub the back of my neck.

“Why were you sleeping on the sofa, Uncle Guy?” he asks me, confused.

“Your mother is mad at me,” she said. I tell him and leave out the details.

"I have to wake my mom up so she can take me to school, but can you drive me today?" John asks and I look confused.

“I can do that, but I don’t have a car,” he said. I tell the boy who gets the keys to his mom's van, "Okay, I'll take you to school, but don't think I'm going to do the whole show and tell your classmates."

The boy doesn't like my joke because I make sure he has eaten before I put on my leather jacket and boots. The ride to school was supposed to be short and quiet, but John is nervous about something and I think I'll talk to the boy.

“You sleep well, baby,” he said. I ask him and he shrugs. I'm sorry, everything seems so difficult at the moment."

“Dad doesn’t come to visit me anymore,” she said. John says, and I don’t give him any information,” John says. He has problems, doesn't he?

"He has some problems, but he's a good father and doesn't want to drag you into it," she said. I tell the boy he's going to throw up, with the words "okay" and "dad" in the same sentence.

“Mom wants you to help him, right?” John asks and I nod. You hate my father, don't you, Uncle Guy?"

"I don't hate him, I just know he should have done better with you and your mother," he said. I tell him and focus on the road.

“Could you help him if you wanted?” John asks and I sigh loudly.

“Yes, I could,” he said. I tell the boy that I'm a little ashamed that my classmate called me.

“Could you help him for my sake?” - John asks as we approach the school.

I nod; That's all I can do. The boy never had real people around him and Jackie was a working mother and it was hard. I let him out of the van and go back to his seat after a hug. I go in and make coffee in the pot, then sneak down the hall to check on Jackie. I barely open the door to Jackie's bedroom and see movement on the bed. Jackie jumps up with wide eyes and a shocked expression on her face before throwing her body out of bed.

“I have to take John to school,” he said. She says, hastily trying to put on her jeans.

“It’s at school, I took it,” he said. I inform her and notice the tank top and panties she is wearing.

"Why did you take it?" "Jackie almost spit on me," he said. You don’t want to help the people down here.”

The slamming of the door behind me is enough to snap Jackie out of her agitated and annoyed state. I throw my coat on the floor and watch as Jackie comes back and forgets to put her jeans on.

“I think everything I’ve done for people is pretty easily forgotten,” he said. - I say and take off my T-shirt.

“Boy, I’m so sorry, I’m just not having a good morning,” he said. Jackie says apologetically.

"I know, but that doesn't give you any reason to yell at me when I'm so damn useful here," he said. I take off my jeans and Jackie looks a little nervous.

“Boy, it’s been a long time,” he said. - she says nervously, but warms up.

"Okay, I don't want to believe that you agree with everything that happens at Johnny's school," he said. I speak quietly and close the distance.Jackie, “ But I need a massage after sleeping on the couch last night.”

You could say with a little bewilderment that I didn't ruin her body, yes. The nice thing, though, is that as I lay on my stomach, I feel Jackie straddle my butt and her hands begin to work on my upper back and neck. I'm not in much pain, but I feel the need to get closer to my old woman... I really don't know who we were because of the sex with her before, during and after her pregnancy. I let her work and relax when I feel her hands moving towards me from the front and I'm interested.

“Someone’s perking up after closing the door on me last night,” he said. - I ask from the mattress.

“Maybe someone is just doing a thorough job,” he said. Jackie replies as I roll onto my back: Okay, I missed you being there last night.

No more words, I pull Jackie to me and kiss her deeply. I feel her rubbing against me as I press myself against her and take off her top. We're almost desperate to get naked, but I'm wearing the least, and as soon as I take off my boxers, Jackie stands over me and carefully and slowly lowers herself onto me. It's thick and warm, but mostly wet, very, very wet, so it penetrates easily. I take her hips in my hands and she leans forward, setting a rhythmic pace, straddling me. I move with her and we continue kissing deeply as she picks up the pace a little. Moaning, kissing and bouncing are the predominant actions as Jackie tries to pin my arms to the bed with her hands. I smile, she smiles and the fight for victory begins without stopping our sex. It takes a minute or two, but ends with her clasping her hands behind her back, and then I increase the speed. Her quiet scream, my grunts, and me fucking Jackie with my cock are the only sounds in the room, and probably in the house, that make me glad we didn't do that last night. I feel Jackie squeeze me as her first orgasm takes over and she has nowhere to go, she just lies chest to chest with me and moans. I loosen my grip and let her move her arms again, feeling her slowly slide off me before rolling onto her stomach, breathing heavily.

"I miss this"; Jackie asks and I look at her curiously. all this “bitch, yours is mine, now get ready for an orgasm.”

I walk around behind Jackie and stroke her a few times to make sure I'm strong enough before grabbing her hips with my hands and pulling her up a little and pulling her back towards me. I bring my head to her entrance and slam the entire length with one powerful stroke.

“Fuuuuck”; comes out of Jackie's mouth as I plunge into her.

I used to do it hard when Jackie came first, now it's my turn and I fuck her hard and deep. She throws the pillows off the bed and lies almost on her stomach, ass in the air as I rub her tight folds. It took me a while to reach my destination, but Jackie doesn't complain as I feel her slide deeper onto the bed. She leans forward a little more and I lean into her and we get to the point where I'm lying on top of Jackie and pressing myself against her. I shift my body weight onto Jackie, leaning on my elbows but still pressing against her and pumping hard and deep. I feel the familiar head gush out and flood Jackie with my seed as she comes towards me, enjoying the feeling a little with a deep moan. It might take five minutes or five hours, but I can still roll off of Jackie and watch her plump ass slide off the bed and into her private bathroom. She comes back to me naked but dresses up a bit and I think I should follow her example. We were dressed in the kitchen when I began my research.

“I want details about who Stephen is working with,” he said. I ask Jackie, who looks at me confused.

“When are you going to help Steven?” - she asks, embarrassed and relieved.

“I’m not helping Stephen, I’m helping John,” he said. I tell her and get a smile.

Jackie spent so much time with Stephen that I learned the name of the man who enjoys his credit: Leonard Furino. He is from New Jersey, which means he has family connections or is someone authorized to work outside the Garden State. After finding out what Jackie knows about the people screwing over Steven's family, I only call three times, the first to June, who makes sure the network is up and running.

"Okay, boss, I'm alive and calling Stuart for technical assistance unless you want me to call him," he said. - June suggests.

“No, I know who I need, but I want them to support you, that might be risky. Send Ben, Isaac, Desmond and Wilma. I place a team order and June gives me an affirmative answer.

My second call, made while June is still on the phone, is the call from Gwen.Why call my sister who has absolutely nothing to do with my affairs? Because I have a plan, damn it, that's why. Finally I call my mother and ask if she can go shopping for a suit with me. Half an hour later a car picks me up and takes my mother and I back to the house.

“Mom, I don’t have any suits here,” she said. I tell her and she laughs.

“There are no ready-made suits for my son,” he said. Mom says with a laugh, “ I have a few prepared for next Christmas and I think you might need one of them.”

I want my mom to have time and money, well, mostly money, but it's family money and I contribute more than my fair share to it with my business and the odd jobs I do. Of all the options I consider, my mother chooses to make me look sharp and intimidating: a black suit with vest, white shirt, red tie and polished black shoes. Now I understand that boots seem out of place, but if you think you can fight in dress shoes, you're living in a fantasy. Mom is incredibly happy with her choice for me, and I have to admit that she usually chooses my clothes better than I do, considering that I will be wearing jeans and t-shirts until the day I die. When I tell her where I need to go next, she smiles and allows me to use her car.

It's midday on a weekday and I'm walking through the police station like I own it, looking for a person. I see my destination and casually walk into the office, sitting down without saying a word. My target barely notices me until I clear my throat and see her black hair and attractive Latina face transform from shock to joyful surprise.

"Mr. Donnelly, nice to see you again," he said. Lt. Escalante, a former detective, speaks warmly.

"Nancy, nice to see you again," she said. I tell her with an answering smile.

We're catching up a bit, her two children are doing well, but they miss their mother and her husband has decided that a divorce is not in his best interest. A good man, this doctor, and after talking to him, Desmond can still count to ten with both hands. Okay, Desmond didn't harm him or threaten him, but he reminded the doctor that marriage is hard and that leaving someone bigger is worse than staying with someone who is honest and not like that often, as he would like to note. from this people. I tell the lieutenant the name and she quickly checks me out. About halfway through her review, I notice a buzzing noise on her computer and she gives me a goofy look. June is currently scouring the system and is a little annoyed with me, but it's not a bad thing in the long run.

“So why come here and talk to me if you don’t really need to?” Nancy asks, leaning back in her chair.

“I really needed to see you and say hello, you underestimate the value of a pleasant conversation,” he said. I joke and she laughs a little with me,” she said. but this job probably won't end well."

“Will you give them this opportunity?” Nancy asks and I nod. Okay, but after that click on me and let me know where to point the right people. I have Detective Dugan ready to handle anything you might ask of him.”

"Detective? He passed the exam." I ask and she nods.

Sometimes things go better for me when people don't get beaten to death and covered in mud. After a warm farewell hug, I leave the lieutenant to work and go to Jackie to tell her about the plans. John had never seen me in a suit before; The way he's looking at me, I don't think he's seen the suit before. Jackie, on the other hand, looks like she wants me to spend the night, and not on the couch this time. I lay them down and explain what they're doing, which gives John a reason to walk around a little crazy while his mother looks at me confused.

“Vacation, you send John and me on vacation,” he said. She asks directly: “Where are we going on this vacation?”

“It's just a small place where people don't know you and no one cares about strangers coming to visit,” he said. I tell her and she looks at me angrily. You go to my sister's ranch and take Stephen and his family with you. I think a few weeks is enough for all of you to go away and mind the business of a blended family.”

“No, you have something else planned,” he said. Jackie says accusingly.

“Yes, I know, and that assumes you get Steven and his family out of the area. I am not asking you to end the negotiations,” he said. I'm about to order Jackie, who looks at me confused but happy.

"Wait, does that mean I'm on the team?" she asks hopefully.

“For now, yes, and maybe more if I need you in the future, but I need you to make this happen. Click on the old man and send the people by accompany you and John there and pick them up. “Don’t give them a choice,” he said. I tell Jackie and she nods and continues to prepare for the trip.

I see the mother-godmother group and agree to spend the evening with my mother and stepfather while June and Stuart gather information and find real leads for me. Anyone who says waking up at four in the morning is good needs a kick in the genitals at worst, but I get up and look at my phone because Jun knows the name and location of the man with the plan. He also made an appointment with him last night, and the other party checked my IDs and made an appointment at nine this morning. I think nine o'clock comes earlier if I sleep a little longer, and I sleep until about seven. Showered, dressed, and armed with some of my personal Texas gear thanks to June, I head back out the door in my mom's car. It takes an hour to head north out of the city and about another hour to get off the main roads and into the wilderness. I follow the instructions and find a ranch that's a bit like my sister's ranch, but with fewer horses and a greater variety of animals. Several hands are at work, but the appearance of one man in a Mercedes is enough to draw attention to the agricultural situation. I approach the house and am called out of the barn.

“Was it you who wanted to sit down?” – the man asks, coming towards me.

He is a tall farmhand, about 6’2” but weighs about 250 pounds. Overalls, a distressed t-shirt, work boots, and a straw cowboy hat that's been around longer than I have completed the salt-and-pepper dress for the bearded man.

“It’s me, sir,” he said. I respond by holding out my hand.

“Young Henry Mulligan,” the man tries to crush my hand but finds a firm grip instead. “Good grip, you make a living.” Now that I know I'm dealing with a working man, let's sit down and talk things through."

We go to his stable, where I watch him practice slaughtering pigs. It's humane, but the pig still tries to squeak, and when the man notices the look on my face, more than a little blood drips into the bucket.

“That’s something I don’t see in city boys,” he said. He speaks and I look at him questioningly. “You’re a hard man, aren’t you, young man?

“I used to solve problems this way. If we could complete your tests and discuss the deal, I would be grateful,” he said. I say and Henry leads me out of the barn to walk around his property.

“I've known Jim and his people for a while, he doesn't send me bad news. So when I see if you're coming to visit, you can imagine how hesitant I am about doing business with someone who might not be up to date? “Call,” he says and I nod in understanding. But we're here, so let me stop being old and tell me what you want."

“I want to buy your loan,” he said. I tell him and he looks at me strangely.

“I'm pretty sure we have a few loans that you could purchase, but I would venture to guess that you have a specific loan in mind,” he said. Henry says and I nod.

I explain that the account is for a veterinary clinic and pass Stephen's information on to Mr. Mulligan, who in turn loudly calls someone at home and asks them to check, and the sender of the messages is a very pretty one, perhaps a year later Brunette graduation. High school and therefore very inaccessible. Even if she were, this is about business, and mixing business and pleasure is bad. We talk for a while and he asks me if I'm carrying it with me, to which I answer and he nods in agreement as I realize that if I try anything here my chances of getting out unscathed are very slim. The girl comes back after a while and states that the contract has been paid in full, now I'm confused.

"Sir, I would like to speak to whoever received the assignment, and if possible, could we do it here?" I want to be on holy ground, so to speak. I ask and explain in equal measure.

People in the house are on the phone and I'm invited to lunch with Mr. Mulligan, who's a pretty nice old man considering he does a lot of money laundering and drug dealing despite his moderately successful farming background. I don't engage my granddaughter in long conversations, but she gets that doe look in her eyes when I talk flippantly about trivial things. I'm sitting on the back porch with Mr. Mulligan enjoying lemon water with real lemon (his joke) when I hear someone walking through the house.

“Where’s the old bastard?” I hear a thick Tri-State accent coming from inside the house.

Guido, that's what I actually call it, flies out the back door and almost passes us at the the table before stopping and turning on the heel of his expensive Italian shoes. He is around 5-9 years old. He easily weighs 200 pounds, not terribly obese, but he is a chubby baby. A light blue sparkly suit, a black shirt with a big open collar and a gold chain, a pinky ring and maybe a fake gold watch and we have Leo Furino.

“Oi, Mr. M, you called me before you said it was urgent,” he said. Leo says, checking his status.

“Yes, Leonard,” he said. Says Mr. Mulligan, using his full name.

“I asked you to call me Leo, sir, who is this guy,” he said. he asks, pointing at me.

“I’m here to buy back the debt you collected,” he said. I explain that I am not getting up from my chair.

“A gentleman here asked about purchasing one of our debts, but it turns out you received the full amount for it. "Heights Point Animal Center," Mr. Mulligan asks and Leo gets an "Oh crap" look on his face.

“Yes, I got paid back when he paid Mr. M in full,” he said. Leo says and Mulligan interrupts him.

“Leonard, stop lying to me and tell me who paid back the loan,” he said. Mulligan looks a little annoyed as he looks at Leo from his comfortable chair.

"I paid; I saw an opportunity to have some fun with the shitty little doctor and his wife. So what?" - Guido asks as I get up.

"Mr. Furino, "I'm intentionally mispronouncing his name," he said. The problem is that you are now getting involved with people who are protected by a higher power than you. I understand that you... the Enjoy the situation, but this is a business and as a businessman I want you to allow me to buy the debt from you completely.

"Did that little shit ask you for help?" - Leo asks to come to me come and I calmly get up to meet him.

"No, he hasn't, but anyway, I'm here to buy back the debt you currently hold," he said. I strive to keep the tone neutral.

“Leonard, listen to me, you work in my city,” he said. Mr. Mulligan starts but is interrupted by Leo's big mouth.

“This is your city now; I'm here because you need someone in town to take care of business while you and your local hillbilly family run around playing with the pigs. I paid the debt and that makes her mine, old man. Leo spits at Henry before turning to me. I like being in control of this damn little life and his wife isn't doing so bad now that we've cracked it, so fuck you, you're a fucking ass."

“I’m sorry to hear that, Mr. Furino,” he said. “I still mispronounce my name,” he said. but since the situation is untenable, I will have to take more direct action.”

I feel a slap coming but I allow it, I have a plan and despite a bit of crap it works, but I have taken harder hits from my wives. I sit up and Guido seems confident in his work.

“That’s right, just like the little doctor and his bitch, you won’t talk or do shit. And remember, Mulligan, I make a call and you will answer

“The big boys in the East,” he said. Leo grins back and forth between the two of us. “Kapish?”

I watch the little Italian walk around the house and turn to Mr. Mulligan, who is watching me carefully. I sit back down and he shakes his head.

“I would let you beat the crap out of him and then get the contract for free,” he said. Mr. Mulligan says and I nod.

“Yes, but now I will just find out his known partners, the address of his company and his home and ask you to give me the green light,” he said. I say and the man smiles at me.

“Now I know why Jim said I should listen to you. I'll make the call and at the end of the day the light will turn green. Personally, I would like a pine cone in my shed, but I think you have something planned,” he said. Mr. Mulligan says, calling the phone.

“I have a few ideas,” he said. I tell him to drink water.



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