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I've been coming for a long time

I had planned a business trip to Denver to meet friends, so I called John and told him I would be in town. My wife and I have known John and Betty for over 20 years. They live in Denver, are around 50 years old, have no children and are constantly on the move. Betty stands 5 to 6 inches tall, weighs about 115 pounds, has short brown hair, blue eyes and a great sense of humor. Betty and her neighbor Sally are best friends. They walk 2 miles around their neighborhood every evening and Betty goes to the gym two to three times a week. For a 56-year-old woman, Betty looks good: 36C breasts, flat stomach and slim hips, an hourglass figure. John works hard and enjoys a beer or three in no time. According to Betty, she and John were always faithful to each other and never dated during their 33-year marriage. As always, John insisted that I stay home with them, whatever I do. Traveling to Colorado in February is always a bit frustrating because of the weather. So I planned my trip and took the best flight to Denver without incident.

I'm Bill, my wife Hannah and I live in the southeastern part of the country. Hannah is still attractive, but she no longer has any interest or desire for sex. She has beautiful breasts, size 36, juicy nipples and a few extra pounds, but she has a good figure. We used to have a better sex life, but over time things have changed. She would rather play grandmother and is no longer the sensual, sexy and fun wife she once was. My weight is 6-250 pounds. and enjoy life as much as possible and like to laugh. As far as I know, I have always remained faithful to my wife, Hannah, and she to me.

Since we have known Betty for over 20 years, a close friendship has developed between us. We email regularly and use each other as a sounding board to complain about our spouses and our sexless marriages, always wondering what happened that changed our spouses. And try sharing ideas with others on how to spruce up your interior design. We both love our spouses, but there is almost no intimacy in our lives. She has sex more often than I do, but she says it feels good too quickly when it happens. So we email back and forth and express our disappointment. None of us have ever attacked your spouses and have no intention of doing so. Although we both said it would be nice to find someone who would alleviate at least some of our sexual frustration.

I always thought Betty was a very beautiful, girl-next-door type woman. We joked about dating but didn't want to ruin our friendship. And since the four of us are very close, we didn't want to complicate things when we were all with our spouses. So when we were all together we joked, laughed and teased each other, and Betty and I would occasionally pass knowing looks and smiles between the two of us when we were all together.

After I get off the plane, I go to baggage claim where I always meet John. I was surprised when I got there and found Betty waiting for me and not John. John always picks me up and leaves a cold beer waiting in the truck for the hour-long drive to her house. Betty and I hugged and she started telling me that John had to leave for work. Something very sudden happened that he only found out about this morning. So we wanted to spend the day with her since he was supposed to be back tomorrow afternoon.

While we were waiting for my bag, I noticed that she looked good and had maybe lost a pound or two? As I looked at her beautiful ass in tight jeans and a flannel shirt that showed off her lovely cleavage. She also has a nice cleavage. She grabbed my hand and hugged me, smiled broadly, she called me a talker and we both laughed. I grabbed my bag from the carousel and we walked to the truck. As we drove out of the garage she told me to get in the back seat and get us some cold beers. It will be a pleasant ride home...

There was February snow in the air as we walked home. On the way home, Betty and I talked about life in general and our spouses. We talked about John and his loss of interest in sex, and as always, Betty said the same thing she always said: "Well, what can we do about it?" A conversation and a few beers made the hour-long drive fly by. We discussed dinner plans and decided on Mexican food.

When we got home we decided to go ahead and have dinner since it was snowing a little. So I took my bag to my room and freshened up a bit after the flight. Betty put more wood in the fireplace and then went to her room to freshen up too. When we arrived at the restaurant I noticed that as Betty took off her coat she could clearly see her heavy breasts moving as she moved and her nipples poking into her sissy.Shirt. The way they moved and the weight of her shirt suggested she must have been without a bra, she had one on when she picked me up at the airport earlier. She must have taken it off while cleaning herself before dinner. I found it difficult to look away from her. When we sat down the waitress asked what we wanted to drink. Betty smiled broadly and asked if I had a pitcher of margarita. She really loves her margaritas. I smiled and agreed as I looked through the menu to order dinner. Since the first pot emptied too quickly, we ordered a second one shortly before the food arrived. The food was good, the margaritas were delicious, and every time Betty leaned in to say something quietly to me I got a great view of her shirt and her hanging breasts, so the view was great too. By the time the second pitcher was empty, we were finished eating and it was time to go home since we were both fine with the margaritas. As we got into the truck, Betty smiled at me and said, "Here, let me undo one more button so you don't have to strain your eyes so much to see the front of my shirt."

Laughing, I said, "Well thanks, that would be nice, because now you're wearing a coat and we're in a dark truck." If I unpacked them all, I still wouldn't be able to see anything." We both laughed as they opened the truck started. I told you we were close and could talk to each other or say anything.

When we left the restaurant it was snowing heavier than before, there was about an inch of fresh snow on the ground when we left the house. Betty noticed John was driving and hoped the weather wouldn't prevent him from returning home tomorrow.

When we got home, Betty smiled and asked, "I'm ready for more!" She started making a blender full of margaritas while I added more wood to the fire.

"Surely!" I really enjoy a good margarita and this is the best. “If you put any more tequila in it, I will not be held accountable for my actions and it will be entirely your fault.”

Betty smiled widely and then poured some more tequila into the blender before turning it on... Deep down I knew nothing good would come of it. As the blender came to life, crushing the ice and mixing everything together, Betty bent down to grab the margarita glasses from the bottom cabinet of the bar. As she leaned over on the other side I could see the front of the shirt, whether they were friends or not I was getting hornier. Her beautiful round breasts and perky nipples hung freely and swayed as she pulled out her glasses and salt for her frames. When she stood back up I could clearly see her hardened nipples poking through the fabric of her shirt.

With full glasses on the counter, smiling, she shocked me: “Do you understand what you wanted now?”

With a shitty grin on my face from being arrested, I replied, "Not really, there aren't enough buttons undone for the old blind man to see everything I want."

We laughed, rejoiced and tasted our drinks, which were pretty damn strong. We went into the living room where the only light came from the flames through the glass mantel in the fireplace and the light came from the kitchen behind us. We sat on the couch, sipping margaritas and catching up on each other's worlds and what was going on with mutual friends and family. We talked and finally decided on the topic of our unhappy, sexless family life, how time flies and how we don't get younger to enjoy our dreams and passions. How we both missed the intimacy and joys of sex. How we missed crazy activities and sexual pleasure and how we hated not having a partner who wanted the same thing. We discussed fear of dating, sexually transmitted diseases and how common they are now. And the dangers are no longer the same as they were when we were younger. You could try to eliminate them, but today they kill you or stay with you forever. Not to mention all the weirdos and stalkers that exist on the internet. We both agreed that having an affair is pretty scary.

And again Betty says: “Well, what can you do?”

Time passed, we finished the mug and we both liked the tequila quite well. Betty got up from the couch and went into the kitchen. I shouted to her that I was finished and didn't need anything more. So she pulled out two double shot glasses, a lime and some salt, filled them and carried them to the coffee table.

Something happened so I ask her, “Are you trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?”

Smiling, she said, “I don’t have to get you drunk for that, sir!”

"It is true".

We both laughed as she handed me the glass and took it.the other and we both finished our shots and sucked on the lime and salt. Maybe the approach was wrong, but we really didn't care at the moment. As it ran down my throat, I looked at the funny face Betty made from the tequila. She was still standing in front of me with a glass in her hand and her face took on a serious expression. She took my glass, placed our glasses on the coffee table and carefully pushed it to the side of the sofa. She stood in front of me, kneeling on the couch and straddling my legs. With her knees on either side of my thighs, she sat across from me, looked me in the eyes and asked, "If we have sex, will this ruin our friendship?" As she placed both hands on my shoulders and placed her hands on the back of my head, her breathing quickened.

I thought a little about how I should respond. "And that's why we drank margaritas all night?" As we talked, I slowly began to unbutton the remaining buttons on her flannel shirt. Betty's breathing deepened. With every button I opened I began to see more and more of her beautiful round breasts and body. The yellow light flickered on her soft skin and her face seemed to glow.

"Yes, I've wanted that for a long time too, but I needed a margarita that gave me the courage to ask you, I've always wanted to have sex with you." Smiling she said, "Do you like what you see?" As I slowly unbuttoned her shirt revealing her full breasts lying on her chest, her nipples sticking out and begging to be sucked on.

“Yes, I like what I see. And I think our friendship will be fine, right? I slowly reached out and gently rolled her hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

I saw the lust increase in her eyes and she moaned softly, "Me too." She leaned in and we kissed passionately. Her lips pressed firmly against mine as her tongue entered my mouth. I felt the warmth radiating from her body as she pressed my lips to hers and moaned into my mouth. She started pushing her hips against me. My hand continued to massage her left breast as my left hand slid down her back to cup her firm ass as more moans escaped her.

Betty broke our kiss, leaned back and looked into my eyes, breathing heavier than before. “I've been with the same man for 35 years and he's not a very creative person. Tell me what and how to do and I will do it. I am at your disposal to do whatever you want me to do. Just be patient with me?”

I look into her eyes: “We’ll just do what you want, okay?”

"NO! I'm tired of unsatisfying sex, I want to fuck, and fuck well. Maybe we'll never have this opportunity again, I want everything, everything you can imagine, I want to feel fucked and used, is that clear?

I grabbed her breasts, massaging them and rolling her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger. A moan escaped her lips as she whispered, "I want to do anything and everything you could ever imagine or do. I want something new and exciting and I belong to you in every way and will do whatever you want." As she kissed me again, I continued to massage her breasts, pulling and rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Her breathing was rapid as she sat on my lap, rubbing against my hard cock in my pants.

I held her in my arms and looked into her eyes. I saw the lust in her eyes as I looked at her and said to her, "Okay, your ass is mine."

Smiling she said, "My fantasy is to be forced to do everything you can imagine and to be treated like a complete slut." I've never done anything like that in my life. Until Bill gets home, I'm yours to do whatever you want. Understood?

When I saw the seriousness in her eyes, I wanted to make sure she knew what she was asking of me. "Whatever I want, whenever I want, and you can do it!" Right?”

“Yes, I am yours, for as long as I can remember I have dreamed of being captured and forced to do something.”

"Fine!" I held her and kissed her as our passion grew and our tongues fought in each other's mouths. Her breathing quickened as a moan escaped from her throat and into my mouth. Her hands held my head so that our lips touched in a deep kiss. I continued to knead her firm left breast with my hand, squeezing and pulling as my thumb and forefinger continued to attack her nipple. She pushed herself against my hard cock and continued moaning into my mouth. She broke our kiss and leaned back, breathing heavily. Her eyes closed as I leaned down and began sucking on her hard nipples, moving from one to the other. Her moans turned into screams as her hands pressed my mouth harder against her breasts and I bit her nipples hard and sucked on them. WordsShe started licking, Oh god yes!!!! OHXX... God, yes... Yesssssssssssssssssssss... Hardddeeerrr…… YESSSSSS… as she bounced on my lap as she had her first orgasm….

Her body was soaked with sweat, she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and hugged me, resting and trying to catch her breath. She carefully pulled away from me and looked me in the eyes with a smile... "Oh God, yes, it was incredible... I haven't felt anything like that in years!" Then she leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips... She rose to her knees, her body higher than mine as I reached down and began to loosen her belt and the clasp of her jeans. The zipper followed as I began to remove her jeans. Betty rolled off me and sat next to me on the couch. She quickly stood up, took off her jeans, panties and socks and shrugged her shoulders as her shirt fell to the floor along with her other clothes.

There she stood in all her glory, as naked as the day she was born. The sight of her hourglass figure after miles of running and working out at the gym made me smile. Her breasts were perfect, nice and full, just a little sagging. Her nipples were hard and protruding, just the right size for suckling. Her stomach is flat and a small dog sits on her flared hips. She was clean shaven except for a 1” a landing strip of short hairs over the clitoris. I looked at her face again and saw surprise in her eyes. I asked myself if I liked what I saw. I continued to smile and could only murmur one thing: “Absolutely beautiful.”

With a smile on her face, she placed her hands on my hips, knelt between my legs, reached out, loosened my belt, and unbuttoned my jeans. The belt was undone, the zipper was unzipped, she took off my shoes and socks, she started pulling down my pants and underwear, I lifted my hips to help.

When my cock popped free, she smiled, put her mouth on it and started sucking on it. It was so good. She stopped, pulled down my pants and underwear, pushed them aside, smiled, and placed her forearms back on my hips. She leaned forward and sucked my cock into her mouth. She started stroking my cock up and down with one hand while sucking on the head of my cock. The feeling was fantastic. She moaned as she continued to suck, sliding her mouth and hand up and down my cock. She continued to push my cock deeper into her mouth. My balls and penis were already wet with her saliva. The loud, wet, sloppy sounds of her sucking my cock were all I could hear except for the crackling of the fire until I started moaning, it felt sooo good. The more I moaned, the harder she sucked, wrapping her tongue around my cock and then putting it back in her mouth. I felt my cock touching her mouth as she gagged a little every now and then.

I told her to take her other hand and play with her pussy. Her hand fell from my thigh and she moaned. “Rub your clit, stick your two middle fingers deep inside and fuck yourself with them.”

She started moaning and her head and hand started stroking my cock up and down faster. I placed my hands on her head and stopped her up and down movements. Her eyes looked at me and I began to gently push her down and told her, "Swallow, swallow me, baby." She was a trooper, she tried, and then she shut up and ran away. She looked me in the eyes and I told her to try again, just keep swallowing and breathing through her nose. She tried again and started taking me deeper into her mouth and she started gagging again but she took me deeper and deeper as her throat started to accept me. I felt my cock begin to enter her throat and felt her throat constrict around my cock as she took me deeper and deeper into her throat. Her eyes watered, but she continued to swallow me until her nose was against my stomach. It was absolutely wonderful. I could see her shoulder moving quickly as her hand rubbed her pussy. I'm not sure if her moans were from her grabbing my throat or if she was playing with herself. Once she had me deep, she slowly pulled out and then went back down. She put her hand around me again and started jerking me off while continuing to stroke her pussy. She was completely into it, bobbing her head up and down and fingering herself quickly. She moaned around my cock as I began to push her head all the way onto my cock.

"Oh yes, that's all... Yesss..." Suck me, yeahhh... God, it feels so good." The more I encouraged her, the more she responded, her eyes watering, my balls wet with her saliva and the faster her hand moved. The moan that came from her throat only increased my pleasure as I felt my cock tighten. I knew I wouldn't last long before she didpulled me almost out of her mouth and then pushed it until her nose was against my stomach, all 8” I into her mouth and throat. I haven't fucked my wife's face in over 5 years, it was so incredible. I felt my cum begin to boil and flow from my balls and I screamed, "I'm cumming, swallow, baby, swallow." Breathing heavily, I lifted my hips off the couch and pushed her head down. I began squirting cum down her throat, her swallowing increasing as she swallowed every drop of my cum with each release from my balls. She continued to moan and a muffled scream came out of her as my cock was in her mouth. I let go of her and she removed my cock and fell on her back on the floor, panting, moaning and coughing as her body writhed, rolling around on the floor, trying to catch her breath.

Betty's knees were raised and spread wide, her feet flat on the floor. I looked at her beautiful pussy. Clean-shaven except for this 1” wide runway at the top. Her pussy was stained with her own juices, her lips were swollen and swollen from the fingers she had given herself. Her juices were still running through the crack of the beautiful brown rosebud. She must have had an orgasm too when I shot my load down her throat. The fingers that were once buried deep in her love canal and brought her so much pleasure were soaking wet. Her pussy was so beautiful and looked delicious to eat. She lay on her back, panting, gasping for air, her body glistening with sweat. With the firelight dancing on her body, she looked absolutely beautiful and at that moment I was the happiest man in the world.

"Oh my God, Betty, that was the best blowjob I've ever had." I was still lying on the couch, holding my breath and looking at the beautiful mature woman lying on the floor in front of me.

With a big smile she replied: "Thanks, I'm glad you liked it, I've never deep throated anyone before."

Surprised: “It felt like you knew what you were doing. It was fantastic. Oh my god, you did it like a pro, you really nailed it.”

Smiling, she said, "I wanted to learn how to do this, so I started practicing using dildos until I got used to it. I'm glad you liked it…”

"I liked it!"

I roll off the couch between her spread legs and onto the floor. Smiling, I went down and started licking her swollen clit. I continued sucking it between my lips, gently pulling it in and out, sucking more and more. She moaned and put her hands on my head, guiding me and holding me tighter against her pussy as I continued sucking and licking her clit and her lips with my tongue. Her moans and breathing told me that I was doing it the way she wanted. I continued to tease it, nibbling it gently, then sucking and sliding my teeth over it. Her breathing became heavy and her hips began to move back and forth as she pressed herself against my face. I slid my hands under her knees and lifted them onto her shoulders, licked her clit between her swollen lips, tasted her sweet, flowing juices and returned. He sucks on her pussy lips and bites them gently. I went back to her clit and inserted two middle fingers into her wet, sloppy, moist pussy. I felt the walls of her slick love canal trying to pull my hand deeper into her. I cupped my fingers, found her G-spot and began stroking it.

The pitch of her moans changed and her mouth opened wide, letting out the hint of a scream. I started moving my thumb around and over her clit while stroking her G-spot with two fingers. Her hips were now off the ground. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened, screams and moans began to come out of her mouth, "Oh God...". Oh God….Yeahhh….. flowed from her mouth as her hips bounced up and down off the floor...her hands grabbed her breasts, squeezing them hard and pulling on her nipples as I stroked her G-spot harder. I watched her orgasm again as her hips moved up into my hand and I felt her gentle spasm of her love canal contract on my fingers as her juices ran down my hand and wrist.

I slowly pulled my fingers out as her body fell limp to the floor and she panted, trying to catch her breath. I looked into her face, a glow of contentment and satisfaction was on her face and in her eyes. When she said those words: “Thank you, that was great.”

I slowly slid up her body and gently kissed her lips as a soft moan escaped her lips. I leaned back and gently placed my wet fingers on her lips, covering them in sweet juice. Her tongue twitched and she tasted herself for the first time. With a surprised expression and a smile, she whispered, "Not bad."

I smiled back and replied, “Damn good!”

I placed my fingers on her lips again as she beganlicked my fingers, smiled and enjoyed the taste of her own juices. I lay down on the floor next to her, gently pulled her towards me and hugged her as our lips touched in a kiss.

When our kiss ended, I smiled and asked her, "Are we still friends?"

As she lay there looking so sexy and content, she smiled at me, "Oh yes!" I'm so ready for more, sir.




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