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Family in dispute Chapter 9

I wake up and feel something wet around my cock. The feeling grew stronger as I looked down and saw the lid rising and falling. I had no idea who it was and began to wonder if Savannah was surprising me or Megan. I grabbed the lid, lifted it and took it off to see what kind of lid it was. One day it ended with someone giving an amazing blowjob. I saw blonde hair, neither Savannah nor Megan had blonde hair. I started to feel panic as I stopped the woman and got out of bed as quickly as I could. I found my pants, quickly put them on and headed for the door. I was about to open it when I heard laughter. And then a familiar voice reached my ears.

"Baby, what's wrong, my mouth didn't feel as good as my pussy?" The voice asked, confusing me I turned to see who it was and my eyes widened. The woman's face looked familiar, but her hair didn't. I walked over to the bed to get a better look. I stood at the foot of the bed and looked at this beautiful woman sitting on her shins. She had a smile that looked evil.

“So, are you going to say something, baby?” She asked me with that evil smile “Megan?” I asked her my question

“Yeah baby, who did you think I was?” Megan asked me with a surprised look on her face “I...I thought you were one of the girls at the club. What happened to your hair? I asked her with a shocked look “Oh baby, I wanted to tell you about it. I, um... dyed my hair years ago when I left home. I didn't want anyone to notice me. This morning I woke up early and decided to take the color. “I ran out of paint.” Megan explained to me as I listened

I stood there, listening to her explanation and watching her climb out of bed. She came towards me, stopped and looked me in the eyes. She was only wearing her blue panties and smiling.

"It's true, it's understandable, but why did it take you so long to tell me?" I asked her and wondered

“We were out having fun, baby. And besides, you seemed to like my brown hair color, so I kept it the same." She tells me to get on my knees and unbutton my jeans, then adds, "Now, should I finish what I started, or Do you want to use your hand?”

I looked down and saw that my jeans reached my knees. She started stroking me with her right hand and massaging my balls with her left. I nodded as I watched her take me into her mouth again. She brought my semi-masculinity back to life. She was desperately trying to get it back to where she had it ten minutes ago. I felt my legs spread a little to accommodate her. She slowly took more of my cock down her throat. She looked at me and winked with her right eye. She wanted me to fuck her mouth. I wrapped my arms around her head and started thrusting, making her moan at the same time. She loved it when I took her into my mouth and throat. I think after everything she had done before I was close because at that moment she grabbed the base of my cock and pulled me out of her mouth. She continued stroking me and smiled slowly.

“Not yet, I want this cum to land on my pussy lips. Not in me, but on me.” Megan said, getting up and pulling me with her to the edge of the bed Megan leaned back in her chair and spread her legs. She made me pull up the crotch of her panties. She let go of my penis and pulled her legs towards her. Her knees touched her chest.

“Now baby, cum on my pussy lips, give me that sweet tasting cum.” Megan said, looking up and running her feet into my eyes I grabbed my manhood and started stroking myself until I erupted. I moaned as my balls began to tighten. Megan kept encouraging me, saying, "Just come, baby," or "Put the baby cream on my pussy lips." Her encouragement pushed me over the edge as I got closer and started squirting cum all over her trimmed lower lips. Megan moaned as I noticed her pussy lips were swollen with excitement. I continued pumping my cock so she could get everything that had built up since yesterday. I stepped back and watched as my cum lay where it wanted. She pulled back the crotch of her panties and squeezed her pussy through the panties.

“Now that the first load is done, I have to go, baby.” Megan exclaimed, getting up to get dressed I stood there putting on my jeans and suddenly I realized what she was saying.

“Wait...what do you mean first boot? What did you mean when you said it was time for you to go?" I asked her, slightly confused After putting her top back on, she walked towards me and placed her hands on either side of my face.

“Baby, I love you and I didn’t mean it. I just meant that your first morning is over and I can't wait to experience more." She tells me with a smile

I look into her eyes and see some kind of catch. She's never been able to hide from me, but this time I believe she was telling the truth. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Our kiss only lasted a few minutes when she broke it and said she had to go. I offered to accompany her, but she shouted:that my father wanted to see me after she was finished. I kissed her again and then watched her walk out the door and down the hallway. I was just watching her sexy ass as she walked to the front door of the club. I noticed a clock on the wall in the hallway, it said 9am. I left the lobby and entered the club bar. I noticed my father and several other participants. My father noticed me and motioned for me to come. I walked over and sat in an empty seat. He asked if I was sleeping well and I just nodded. He and several members sitting there were just laughing at my expense. Dad said Megan called this morning and asked if she could see me. He gave her permission and told her to be quiet and not too loud. I sat there speechless and they laughed again. We chatted for a while when Caleb and Simon came and sat at another table. They prepared food and brought it to us. We ate last night as I said. Dad asked Caleb, Simon and I if we were still upset or angry. Caleb and Simon nodded, sort of saying yes, but they didn't know how to handle the situation at home. Dad looked at me and waited for my answer. I sighed and began to speak.

“I have to say that Savannah may not have known what was going on, but she didn’t leave. I am still hurt and confused by their actions.” I replied to him with

He just looked at the three of us with a worried look. I took out my phone and saw that it was 10am. My father told me to go home and see what Savannah had to tell me. He said the same thing to Caleb, Simon and my sister. He said he would stay there and just keep thinking about what to do with my mother. I knew he still loved her, but what she said and did on the dance floor still hurt him. We got up, took our jackets and said goodbye to our father. There was an expression of sadness on his face. Caleb, Simon and I just walked to the front door and walked out.

Gray's POV:

I sit here and watch Caleb, Simon and my son leave. They could still fix everything with their love. As for me, I couldn't figure out what to do. I still loved Tessa with all my heart, but seeing her on the dance floor with another man, and that man was Carl, made it even worse. I was in thought when I heard whistling and cat cries. I looked up and saw a woman wearing thick leather entering the clubhouse. Her hair reminded me of Tessa. I noticed one of the new prospects approaching them. He smiled at first, but it disappeared from his face when the woman pointed at me. Then I noticed her eyes, they were the same as Tessa's. The prospect returned to her seat and walked toward me. She came closer and then I noticed it was Tessa. She wore leather clothes that she never wore again. She looked like Olivia Newton John from the movie Grease, only with longer hair. I stayed where I was when she finally stood in front of me. I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine. She silently reached for my right hand. I stood up and followed her as she led me into the hallway. I heard giggles and giggles. Tessa led me further down the hall to one of the back rooms. She opened the door and let me in first. I walked over to the bed and turned to see Tessa closing the door. She leaned against the door and smiled slightly. I just looked at her tight body from top to bottom. She came towards me and started unbuttoning my jacket. She wasn't wearing a bra and I noticed her nipples were starting to get hard. She dropped her jacket to the floor as she stood in front of me. She grabbed the hem of my shirt, pulled it up and undressed me. I held my hands up to allow her to do so. Once it was off, she started undoing my belt and then my jeans. She unzipped my fly, started pulling down my jeans and kissed my chest and body. I just watched as she quickly took off my jeans. Tessa squatted in front of me and looked first at me and then at her favorite toy, my penis. She wrapped her right arm around it as it was half raised. Then she started licking the head and then the sides. I felt her tongue sliding back and forth over the skin of my cock. She moved her head and circled my piss slit. The feeling was so pleasant and wonderful as I felt her left hand lightly approach my balls. She stroked them like she did when we were younger. I had to sit on my knees because they were weak. I sat with her and still brought myself to the point where I was having a hard time. I leaned back on my elbows and just watched my wife. She surprised me by smiling at me and then taking me into her mouth in one gentle motion.

"Oh, Tessa." I moaned and felt her wet, warm mouth around my cock She moaned and began sucking on what had always been hers. She shook her head as her pace quickened. She took her left hand, pressed it to my chest and began massaging my heart. Tessa's touch was so wonderful to me. She knew exactly what could turn me on. I leaned backenjoy her advances towards me. I loved her so much, but this was something new. I put my hand on the back of her head and ran my fingers through her hair. I felt her throat as she pushed my cock further into her mouth. Everything she did really touched me. I started thrusting into her mouth as she bounced up and down. I looked at her and raised my head. Her eyes looked at me. I felt her tongue swirling as she sucked on me.

"Tessa...oh, damn." I moaned her name She slowly pulled her mouth away from my cock, still stroking me while smiling.

“You baby, do you like the way your biker slut sucks your beautiful cock?” She asked me to hear a moan and then added, “Gray, my love, give me a hard time while I take these pants off .”

I nodded at her as she let go, placing my right hand on my cock and stroking it. Tessa stood there and kept unzipping her leather pants. She loosened them by leaning forward and letting her tits hang in front of me. I didn't notice any panties on her. She pulled her pants down to her ankles and tossed them aside. Tessa came closer to me, put both hands between her legs and spread her legs slightly. She spread her pussy lips and smiled at me.

“You want that pink pussy on that sweet tasting cock, baby. Do you want your wife to ride you like a biker slut?” she exclaimed with an evil smile and asked me

“Yes, I want my biker slut to ride me while I suck her nipples.” I answered her a little authoritatively Tessa climbed onto the bed and straddled my hips. She leaned forward and tilted her head towards the entrance. I watched as Tessa lowered herself onto my cock. Both Tessa and I moaned as her wet, warm pussy wrapped around me. She was wet, which never surprised me since she always did it to please me. Tessa leaned in and kissed me on the lips before speaking.

“I love you, Gray, my love. I'm so sorry about last night. She told me as she slowly pushed herself closer to me

“I love you too, Tessa, my love. But if you ever do it again, it won't happen again." I told her with my hands on my hips “I know it and it won't happen, you are the only man who will lay hands on me. Now give me your sperm producing child and I will get pregnant.” She said with a smile

“Are you serious, do you want a baby?” I asked her with a shocked look on her face “Yes, I want us to have a child. I want another child from you. She told me with a grin I looked into her eyes and saw love and desire as Tessa began to move back and forth on my cock. She sat down and started riding my cock up and down. Her hands on my chest look me in the eyes. While she was riding me, I started penetrating her. She moaned, some of which were my name. I turned us over and she was lying on her back. She pulled her legs towards her.

“Yeah… fuck me… faster… harder.” She told me out loud I grabbed her legs and began moving in and out of her mindless love tunnel. She watched as I hit her with the hammer. I looked and saw the passion on her face.

“Oh God… you… make me… cum…” my beautiful wife moaned and shouted

"Oh shit... cum for me... cum on my cock." I moaned back to her as I made love to her "GRAY...I'M CUMMGGGG..." she screamed and squirted her sweet cum all over my cock “TESSA…” – I told her when my climax came

I exploded deep inside her as I rammed my cock deep inside her, she let go of her legs and wrapped them behind me. She held me deep inside her and placed her hands on my hips to help. I leaned in and kissed her lips, our tongues finding each other. Just a few minutes later, her legs fell and her feet landed on the ground. She hugged me and held me close.

“Thank you baby, I love you so much and I promise to never hurt you again.” Tessa told me in a quiet voice “Welcome baby, I love you just as much and I promise to never leave like I did last night.” I answered her what she shouted

We kissed for a while, lying side by side and hugging. Both naked and feeling our bodies coming down from an orgasmic high. I broke our kiss and looked into her eyes.

"So, what made you dress like that and come here?" I asked her out of curiosity She looked me in the eyes and answered.

“I knew this was the only way I could show you that I was deeply sorry for my actions. And I haven't dressed like this for you in years." She replied and explained to me “Wow, it worked, but I have one thing on my mind.” I told her, laughing - What kind of gray is this, dear? Tessa asked me: curious

"If that was your way of apologizing, I'm just wondering how the rest of you are going to apologize to your people." I told her curiously Tessa looked me in the eyes and then giggled. I looked at her dumbfounded when she finally answered.

“All I can say is that all three are in for the shock of their lives.” My loving wife told me as I placed my lips on hers Simon's POV:

Caleb and I stood in front of the house we both bought Shelby and Lisa. On the porch, the two of us discussed how we should handle this situation. I turned around and looked at my best friend and saw him looking at the door. I was thinking about telling him that we could just get on our bikes and ride off when the door opened. I turned around and saw Lisa and Shelby standing there. Both wear transparent doll outfits. Lisa is pink and Shelby is red. Caleb's and my eyes opened wide. Shelby and Lisa just stood there giggling at the looks on our faces. After their giggles stopped, they both walked towards us and took our right hands. Lisa is mine and Shelby took Caleb with her. They led us inside and Caleb closed the door with a gentle movement. We were led to a sofa in the living room. Caleb on one side and me on the other. Shelby stood in front of Caleb and Lisa stood in front of me. We both looked at her confused. I noticed that Lisa had some kind of inscription under her clothes. I couldn't understand what it said as she walked over and pressed a button on the stereo remote. A few seconds later the song started playing. It wasn't too loud and fast. I think it was a love song for both of us. Lisa came towards me and knelt down. Out of the corner of her left eye, Shelby did the same for Caleb. Lisa looked me in the eyes as she unzipped my pants. She pulled them down as my cock flew out. She smiled when she saw this. She pulled my jeans down to my ankles and pulled them over my biker boots. I looked over and noticed Shelby doing the same to Caleb. At this point I looked back at Lisa as she began to wrap her right hand around my cock. When her hand touched me, I sighed in relief. Lisa winked at me and took the tip of my penis into her mouth. I moaned at the sensations she was giving me. I heard a groan a few meters away. Shelby did the same thing to my best friend. I sat there enjoying what my beautiful girl was doing to me. She was loving and full of passion for me. I felt her tongue swirling around and stroking my cock. She gave me pleasure like never before. My emotions were running high as I never expected something like this to happen today or anything like that. Caleb moaned just as hard as I did. Lisa quickened her pace, sucking me and moaning. The vibrations of her moans made me start fucking her mouth. I had to put my hands on the sofa to keep her head from tilting down.

"Oh my god...Lisa." I moaned as I said her name "Oh crap...Shelby." Caleb groaned as he said her name Both Shelby and Lisa stopped and removed our mouths. Lisa continued to stroke me as she spoke.

“Simon, I want to apologize for everything I missed last night. You are the only man I desire and love. Please forgive me, my love. - Lisa exclaimed as I heard Shelby say almost the same thing to Caleb

I turned and looked at Caleb. He looked at me again and nodded. We returned to our loved ones and smiled. Lisa stood up and walked over to me and straddled my hips. She reached down, moved her right hand to the side over the doll's crotch and placed my penis at her entrance. We looked into each other's eyes as she lowered herself. She was wet as my cock entered her sweet spot. I put my hands on her hips and moaned as she began to ride me. She leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“Simon, I can only think of two ways to show you how much I love you.” She told me in a whisper “Who is this Lisa, dear?” I asked her in a whisper in response “I want to give birth to your child.” She responded by standing up and pressing her clitoris against me I looked into her eyes and noticed how they sparkled. I noticed that she moved her hands to the front of the doll.

- Are you serious? What other idea did you have? I asked her curiously when I noticed Shelby doing the same "Yes, about the other one." She answered me as I watched her stretch her arms and pull down her clothes I sat there as she rode me slowly, reading the words written on her chest and stomach. I noticed Shelby had the same thing. Caleb's eyes were wide, as were mine. I looked back at Lisa and could only respond by pulling her closer to me and starting to penetrate her as she started riding me a little faster. Her chest pressed against me as I stood up and supported her. She wrapped her legs around my hips and then her arms around my neck. I put my hands on her sexy ass and helped her stay upright. We enjoyed our love and moans filled the room.

"I'm cumminggggg." Lisa screamed loudly and lowered herself onto my shaft again And Lisa did everything to my cock and legs while she rode my cock. I turned us around and laid her on the sofa. I positioned my body and started pounding her pussy. She reached out, placed her hands on the back of the sofa and held them tightly. She looked me in the eyes.

“Fuck me, baby... cum deep in my belly.” She told me while moaning I heard Shelby and Caleb moan loudly as they filled the room with their love. I felt my balls twisting and contracting.I reached out to Lisa and looked into her eyes.

“LISA!” I moaned loudly "Yes... cum inside me... give me a baby." Lisa moaned and told me everything was fine

As her words left her lips, I exploded deep inside her, the final thrust burying the head of my cock deep. I felt her cervix as my cum filled her womb. I moaned with her. Her hands released the back of the sofa and placed them on my back. Her nails dug into my skin, leaving marks. I stood there for a while, enjoying Lisa's pussy squeezing me. Lisa smiled at me as I leaned in and gave her a long, passionate kiss. After a few minutes she broke the kiss and made me stand up. I stood up and slid out of her. She sat down and started cleaning my cock with her mouth. Her licking and sucking had an effect on me again. When she was finished, she grinned at the knitting needle.

“As always we have a lovely time together.” Lisa said, Leave a comment

She stood up and put the doll's crotch back in place. Lisa made me sit up and put me on my lap to cuddle. I turned around and looked at Caleb and Shelby doing the same.

“So whose idea was this, if I may ask?” - Caleb exclaimed, asking Shelby and Lisa, who were still topless

They both looked at each other and then back at us.

“Megan did just that, she told us that the best way to apologize is to give ourselves completely to our men. Did you know that she is actually blonde? “It looks like the brown hair was just hair dye.” Lisa explained it to Caleb and I "No shit, well, she's a smart blonde, but what if she suddenly wanted a child?" Caleb asked Lisa and Shelby

“That’s the downside of all this. Meghan explained that if we truly regret not seeing what happened last night, then we should make our love known, baby. Shelby responded with a statement

Caleb and I sat in our seats and listened to everything Lisa and Shelby told us. .

"So are you going to answer our question that we wrote on our bodies?" Shelby asked, looking at Caleb and then at me Caleb and I turned and looked at each other. I nodded and then reached into the inside pocket of my jacket. Caleb did the same thing I did: I pulled out a small ring box and gave it to Lisa. She took it from me with a confused but surprised expression on her face. She opened the box and then Shelby and Lisa climbed off Caleb and my lap, screaming.

“Actually, we wanted to ask you both the same question.” I said and smiled at Lisa “Oh God, really?” - Lisa asked in shock Caleb knelt in front of Shelby as I did in front of Lisa. We were both topless so it was a strange moment. I took Lisa's hand and looked into her eyes.

"Lisa Dawn Covington, I love you very much and I answer your question with yes: Will you marry me?" I asked her and received a "yes" nod from her

I took the ring she was holding on her right finger and put it on her left ring finger. She knelt down and we hugged, watching Caleb do what I had just done. Shelby wrapped her arms around Caleb's neck.

"I wonder how Gray and Nick accept their apology?" Caleb said he was curious “Oh, I think they're enjoying their morning. And besides, “Nick had a snack this morning,” Shelby told us, laughing Caleb and I looked at her confused, not seeing Savannah or Megan at the club. But then I remembered seeing a blonde woman walking towards the room where Nick was. My eyes opened and Lisa nodded at me. Caleb also opened his eyes wide and remembered the same thing.

"Well, I'm sure Nick will have a great morning and a great half day." I called out to the three of them "Actually, guys, we have to be at Mom and Dad's around 2:00 p.m.." Lisa showed me and Caleb

"What the hell Lisa, we thought we were celebrating our engagement?" Caleb asked my fiancée

“Caleb, Simon, my brother and his lovers can’t get married like we do. So my mother made sure that we all witnessed the engagement ceremony. There will be four of us: Dad, Mom, Rick, Kera, Dwight, Yvonne, E.P. and Jax.” Shelby explains to Caleb and me

“This day will be even more amazing. Does Nick know about this? I asked Shelby and Lisa

"No, it was Savannah and Megan's idea, mom just makes it happen." Lisa replies with a smile “Well, I think we should get ready since it’s about 11 p.m. And besides, we have to tell your parents the good news." Caleb said, holding Shelby in his arms I'm standing in the doorway of our room. Savannah and Megan are lying on the bed with their backs to the door, in a position where they can't see me.

"Oh God... fuck me, Megan... fuck me with that hard... fake cock." Savannah moaned loudly "Nick, baby, please come home, I" "I'm getting tired and she's taking more and more," Megan said as she continued to move her hips back and forth

I felt my cock getting hard as I watched my blonde Megan slide her strap-on in and out of my ebony beauty. Enteredroom and quietly took off my jacket and shirt. Then I also quietly took off my jeans, held my cock straight out and pointed at her. I slowly walked to the foot of the bed and sat on it. I stood in front of Savannah, who was on all fours. Her eyes were closed for several minutes until she felt something touch her lips. Savannah looked at me and smiled slightly. She opened her mouth and invited me in. I put the tip of my cock in her mouth and she started enjoying it. I leaned under her and started playing with her beautiful breasts. Savannah worked my cock for a few minutes until she pulled me out of her mouth.

"Put it in me... oh fuck... I'm going to cum." Savannah told Megan and I “Baby, please take me, my knees hurt.” Megan told me as she put on her Savannah belt As he did, a sudden jet of cum hit Megan's legs. Savannah turned her sexy ass towards me. I noticed her pussy lips glistening with cum. I placed the tip of my penis at her entrance and entered gently. She moaned as she followed my step, taking in more of me. Megan stood up and took off her belt. She returned to the bed and lay on her back. She positioned her pussy in front of Savannah and spread her legs wide.

“Eat me, my sexy black lover. "Pay back the fuck I gave you while our man fucks that pussy." Megan told Savannah with some authority Savannah nodded and lowered herself to begin pleasuring her now blonde lover. I placed my thighs on her thighs and started making love to her very wet love spot. I heard moans fill the bedroom as both of my wives felt pleasure. I watched as Megan cupped her breasts and pulled on her nipples. She let out little moans here and there. Soon Megan lifted her legs and hugged them to her. She lifted her crotch a little so Savannah could have better access. With every thrust I slammed into Savannah. Savannah moaned into Megan's vagina, making Megan moan from the sensation. I continued at the same pace, preparing myself for the real climax.

"Oh god... baby, you're... oh, fucking... close." Savannah asked me, moaning "Yes...Where do you love cream?" I asked her to tap it

“In my pussy… make me pregnant… oh god…” she explained, answering my question with a moan I continued thrusting and felt my balls tighten. I felt her fingers as she rubbed her clit. My cock began to throb deep inside her. At that moment I pushed her onto my cock and penetrated her deeply. I felt one rope after another shooting inside. Savannah moaned at the feeling we both shared.

"Oh, fuck... I can feel your baby juice... Yes, I'm pregnant." Savannah moaned loudly I stayed behind Savannah and felt her pussy milking my cock. Megan moaned as Savannah licked her pussy. I sat on my feet and watched my black beauty rubbing her clit. My sperm stayed inside her without even appearing to exit her beautiful pink hole. I moved in with Megan. I lay next to her and started kissing her lips while my hand went to her right breast. I caressed her nipple as our kiss continued. She moaned into my mouth as our tongues found each other. I felt someone's hand slide to my penis. Megan stroked me, bringing him back to life. Savannah was still licking and sucking on Megan's clit. Megan broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

"I want your cock... in my mouth... oh god." she said moaning as I got into position I brought my cock to Megan's mouth. It opened wide as I inserted it. She closed her mouth around my cock and began to work my cock back into its rock hard form. I watched as my black girl looked at me, smiled and licked her lover's clit. We all enjoyed this moment when our love became one again. Savannah held her hand between her legs. She worked her clit and moaned into Megan's wet pussy. Megan really gave me back my courage. I felt my cock getting hard in her mouth. She took her left hand and started stroking me, looking into my eyes. I moaned as Megan removed her mouth from my cock.

"I can't... oh fuck... take this anymore... baby, fuck me... fill my pussy." Megan moaned and shouted what she wanted Savannah moved between Megan's legs and up to her head. I moved between Megan's legs and grabbed my cock. I pressed my head against Megan's wet entrance and entered in one motion. I put my hands on Megan's hips and started fucking my beautiful blonde. She looked at me smiling. Savannah was on her knees holding Megan's ankles up. She watched as I went long and deep into Megan.

“Oh yes… baby, fuck me.” Megan moaned loudly again and said what she wanted I did her a favor by thrusting faster and harder. She put her hands on my ass andpulled me deeper into himself.

"Yes, my love, fuck her pussy, cum deep inside, give her a baby." Savannah gave me an encouraging smile I felt my climax approaching. I held Megan's hips as I pounded her faster and faster. I felt my balls tighten again.

"MEGANNNNN." I moaned as I exploded deep inside her I stayed deep inside, didn't move, and made sure my baby love cream hit the right spot. Savannah let go of Megan's ankles and laid down next to Megan. Megan moved her feet and dropped them onto the bed. One on each side of me as she caught her breath. I slowly pulled out of Megan when we heard a pop. I sat on my feet and looked at them both. Savannah is my black love, Megan is my wild blonde biker. They both completed me in every way. I wanted so badly for us to have a wedding to show our love for each other and those who doubted. I went to Megan's left side and put my hand on her breast, my hand on Savannah's left breast.

"That was great, you two." Savannah told Megan and I "Yes, it was so incredible that my pussy was throbbing with ecstasy." Megan told Savannah and I "I assume it was an apology or something?" I asked, just lying there and hugging my loving ladies

Savannah sat down and pushed Megan closer to me. She lay on my chest after I lay on my back. Savannah looked into my eyes with a nervous grin.

“Baby, I’m sorry about last night. Megan's words startled me awake and I realized what had happened. “I love you, baby, and yes, it was all an apology.” Savannah admitted that she had laid her head on my chest “Okay, why is Megan helping?” I asked her to place her left hand on her head and run her fingers through her hair Megan rolled onto her stomach and propped herself up on her elbows.

“Oh, after I took your first load of cum this morning, I came home and told her the details. She was horny and needed to cum but she wanted more and after 45 minutes my knees started hurting and that's when you came along. " Megan explained all this to me

"Well, I have to say, if coming home and what I saw is normal, then so be it." I said smiling at Megan

Megan laid back down and snuggled up to Savannah and I. I loved that moment, holding in my arms the two most beautiful women I loved, alongside my mother and sisters. Savannah moved away from me and quickly got up from the bed. Her naked body turned around and looked at me with wide eyes. . Megan looked at Savannah who was looking at the clock next to the bed. She also got up from the bed and stood on the other side.

“Okay, what happened, did I fart without knowing?” I asked laughing They both looked at me with slight disgust.

“Eww, no baby, we just need to get ready. It's 12:45 p.m..” Savannah told me what confused me

“It's good what's going on. You both know I hate fucking secrets" I said, still confused "Baby, this is a good thing, please don't worry. And besides, your mother has everything prepared, so please let’s get ready because we only have an hour,” Savannah told me with a nervous smile I lay there and looked here and there. I didn't know what my mother was planning, but I suspected that whatever it was, it had to come from the heart. I nodded as they both smiled. Both of my wives helped me get out of bed and take a shower. They flooded me as I washed them back. We dried ourselves off and began to get dressed. They are both well dressed. Savannah is wearing the dress she wore last night and Megan is wearing a skirt and blouse. Neither of them worried about panties or brassieres. They made me wear what I wore last night. Neither of you touched each other's hair or makeup too often. I noticed it was 1:45 p.m. when my two lovely women came up to me smiling. Savannah took my right hand in her left and Megan took my left hand in her right. They led me out the door and down the hallway. We reached the top of the stairs and began the descent. I noticed that the coffee table was moved closer to the entertainment center and the chairs were moved back. The three of us continued walking until we reached the top of the stairs. Then I noticed my father, mother, sister, Caleb and Simon standing behind the couch. Mom came and stood in front of us smiling. I probably had a confused look on my face when I started talking.

"Nick, I can tell you're wondering what it is." She said she got a nod from me and then added, "Boy, what you, Savannah and Megan have is unconventional. Since your family is here, we will see the three of you being devoted to each other.”

I stood there in slight shock as her words reached my consciousness. I looked at them all and saw smiles and nods. I turned around and looked at Megan and Savannah, who were also smiling. Mine took a step back and nodded to Savannah and Megan. They both let go of my hand and stood next to me. My mother was walking towards me when I noticed my father coming to me and standing on my left while my mother was standing on my right. My sister was walking past Shelby near Savannah whenLisa put up with my Megan. Both Caleb and Simon pulled out their phones and I think they took photos and moved to capture the girls' faces. At that moment there was a knock on the door and my mother went to open it. After a few seconds, Sierra ran towards Savannah, who bent down and picked her up. I turned around and saw Rick, Kera, Dwight, Yvonne, A.P. and Jax enter. Rick and Kera walked over and stood behind their daughter. Dwight and the others also pulled out their cell phones and began taking photos of everyone on the screen. Mom came back and stood on my right. Savannah looked at Sierra and then at me.

“Nick, you and I have known each other for many years. We passed the test of love and have since had a beautiful baby girl. She is a symbol of our love. I love you, baby, and always will. I dedicate my love, my body, my heart and my soul to you. Because I swear never to harm you or betray you. I will value it, honor it, be loyal and dedicated. I dedicate all of this to you," Savannah finished, came towards me, hugged me with her right hand and kissed me on the lips. Sierra let go of Savannah and walked towards me. Savannah stepped back and it was Megan's turn. speak.

“Nick, at a time in my life when I felt lonely and empty, you brought love and filled my heart again. The day we met was the beginning of the beginning. I lost one love to have another, just like a big heart. I love you, my love, and I will always love you. I commit and vow to value, respect, be faithful, devoted and support you every day of my life. No other man will touch me as long as I live," Megan said to me as she looked at me and Sierra

She hugged us both and kissed me on the lips. Megan stepped back, smiling. I stood there listening to everything they said until I felt a pounding in my ribs. I turned around and saw my father smiling and nodding. I turned around, looked at my lover and sighed. I looked them in the eyes and began to speak.

“Savannah, you are right, we have known each other for many years and yes, our love was tested but it has never left our hearts. I have always loved you, even when I was away for the second time. Megan, you came into my life when I felt alone and numb inside. You helped me realize that I have to live. I love you like the first time I said those words to you. I dedicate my love, my heart, my body and my soul to you both. I vow to never leave either of you for the other. “I will always remain faithful, loyal, cherish and respect you both.” I told them both and they had tears in their eyes

I walked up to both of them, hugged them both and kissed them on the lips. collar of my shirt and watched as Sierra took the pacifier out of her mouth. She pursed her lips and closed her eyes. It made me smile because she was so sweet. I kissed her, stepped back to see her smile, and then put the pacifier in her mouth. Rick and Kera hugged Savannah and then Megan. They came to me and welcomed me back into the family. I thanked them as I heard my friends applaud and tell me it was time. My family hugged us and congratulated us. Soon I sat down on the couch with Sierra on my lap. Savannah and Megan were with the women. While the boys sat in the living room. Dwight sat to my right and E.P. to my left. Dad sat in his chair and Rick sat in another. Jax sat on the armrest of the couch. Caleb and Simon stood on either side of Dad's chair. We all talked and laughed. Soon we heard a scream from the kitchen and a frightened Sierra wrapped her little arms around my neck. I held her close and calmed her down. Mom came in and went to Caleb and Simon. She hugged them both as the others left the kitchen giggling.

"It's time for you two to ask my daughter." Mom told them both

“Well, you could say they invited us this morning.” Simon replied to my mother “Well damn, it’s time. “I’m so happy for you four.” Mom smiled at them and said

Mom sat on Dad's lap and kissed him. Kera walked up to her husband and did the same. My sister came and stood in front of me and Sierra, who had calmed down by this point. I looked at her and saw a nervous smile. Sierra looked at me wondering what happened. Shelby spoke herself.

“My little brother Lisa and I would like to know if you would accompany us to the altar at our wedding.” Shelby asked me with a smile Everyone looked at me and waited for my answer. I looked at my father curiously, wondering why he didn't take her downstairs. I had to find out why.

“What about dad? I thought he was going to walk you down the aisle?" I asked her out of curiosity

“That’s because Dad is the best man for Caleb and Simon. “You made this decision a long time ago.” Lisa answered me with a smile "Okay, um, how did you get engaged this morning?" I told them I got a few laughs from my dad, Caleb and Simon "That's because years ago we asked Gray if we would ever get married, if he would be our best man." Caleb answered my question

“ And his answer was: and meQuote ‘ If you two idiots can actually get two girls to say “yes” and marry you, then I will be the best man. . Simon said, making my father shake his head “ Damn, I forgot that. "Your real son, I said it, so I won't walk Shelby or Lisa down the aisle." My father told me with a grin I looked at her with wide eyes as Sierra began to move. My daughter ran her hand through my hair like she always did before bed. I sat and thought and then smiled as I looked at my two beautiful sisters. I sent Sierra to E.P. hand over. and he took it. Sierra loved her uncles very much. Despite the fact that E.P. and Jax weren't my blood brothers, they were still family to me. I stood up and looked at my sister. Savannah and Megan were on the other side of the couch behind me. I felt like they were waiting for my answer too. I took Lisa's right hand in my right and Shelby's left hand in my left.

“Shelby, Lisa, it would be an honor to walk you both down the aisle. I love you both as much as you love me. I called out to both of them They let go of my hands and hugged me. We heard oohs and cheers from the room. At that moment I heard E.P. behind me they say.

“Sierra, do you have any other aunts who need a husband?” E.P. my daughter asked, making everyone laugh

I pulled away from my sister's embrace and turned to pick up my daughter. I got it from E.P. accepted. and stood there smiling.

"Brother, don't force my daughter to be a matchmaker, she is too young." I said my family is making fun

“Sorry man, but Jax and I feel abandoned here. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for you all, but damn, you can't blame me for asking my goddaughter. He said chuckling and Jax and I joined him I sat back down between him and Dwight. Savannah and Megan placed their hands on my shoulders. Only a few minutes passed before Sierra took the pacifier out of her mouth, made a strange face and spoke.

“Yes, yes, I poop.” She told me that she made us all laugh

Savannah reached down and took Sierra from me. Savannah and Megan said they were taking her to change her dirty ass. Sierra laughed as my black lover started tickling her and calling her shabby pants. And again everyone laughed and giggled. Savannah and Megan went upstairs with Sierra to change. I just sat there and thought about how this day would turn out. I smiled to myself and thought about how lucky I was. My family supported both sides. Savannah's parents, Dwight, Yvonne, E.P. and Jax. Then there was my family, we all gathered as a family. I listened to Dad and Rick talking, as well as Mom's Kera and Mom. Caleb, Simon, Dwight, E.P. and Jax got along really well. Yvonne decided to go up and help her niece. Although she and Dwight were not yet married, she claimed Sierra as her niece. My daughter was very loved and I could tell she was happy. I thought about two people I hadn't thought about in a long time, Sasha and Lucy. I may disagree with their father, but they never knew about the adoption or anything their father did. I still loved them both, but after the last few years I didn't know how to talk to them anymore. After so many minutes, my women returned with Sierra, followed by Yvonne. Sierra pointed at me as Savannah and Megan approached me. Dwight and E.P. moved so they could sit down. Savannah is to my left and Megan is to my right. Sierra came over to me and sat down.

“Yes, yes, I clean.” My daughter told me with a beaming smile "Good girl." I shouted to her to hold it

"Yeah, but damn, it's time she gave up the spinach." Megan told us she laughed “So, baby, what’s it like having two wives?” Savannah asked me, grinning "It's wonderful, what's it like to have a husband and a wife?" I answered but called back

"That's wonderful, my love." She answered me by placing her right hand on my left knee "So where are we all going to eat?" Are there like 17 people here?” My mom asked all of us

We all sat there and thought about her question. It didn't take long for Dwight to answer his mother's question.

"How about Golden Corral, they have the best bourbon chicken I've ever tasted." Dwight announced it to all of us

"Sounds good, Kera, and I'll pick up the tab." Rick said he agreed with my best friend

"I'm sorry, Rick, but Tessa and I will pay for all of us," my father shouted to my father and the law - No, I'm sorry, Gray, I already called. Rick said again

We all watch as they continue to argue about who should pay. It was my black love ringing with giggles.

"Dad, why don't you both pay?" Savannah told them why they were looking at her They both sat in their chairs and looked at each other. It was Rick who responded to Savannah's words.

"She's right, okay, we'll pool our money and pay." Rick told my dad and my dad nodded “Delicious food, here we come.” Dwight, AP and Jax all three said in unison “Yes, Wat UrbonChicken?" Sierra asked me how sweet

"It's chicken cooked differently than fried." I answered her with a smile

She sat on my lap, thought about what I said and then smiled.

"I'll try," she said. Gives me that bright smile

This sparked laughter from the people around him. I laughed at my daughter, she was the apple of my eye. Mom got up from Dad's lap while he stood.

“Okay, everyone is ready. As for you, little Sierra, there are other dishes besides chicken.” My father told us and my daughter

“Gandpa means.” Sierra said, sticking out her tongue “Awww, what am I saying wrong.” My father said as he walked up to his granddaughter

"I think it's because you said there was more to it than chicken." Megan answered him

"Well, damn." He said, holding his beautiful granddaughter in his arms We all got up and got ready. Savannah stopped by to get our daughter's diaper bag in case we needed it. I just looked at all of us and saw family.

Opposite the warehouse:

Cal's POV:

Since that week in prison two years ago, I have learned never to judge a book by its cover. Alex asked me to learn about detective work and bounty hunting from his friend. So I looked at both and got the right equipment to get the job done. I worked for the local prosecutor to gather evidence he could use against Carl. Recently, Karl alerted the PA to some illegal transactions. The PA wants Carl to leave his city and state. So he hired me with good recommendations from the local police chief and Alex. I think Alex talked to the police chief after the whole Savannah thing. They form a task force to capture Carl and those who work for him. Although he tries to remain a good family man and respect those he talks well to. Those he hurt along the way told everything from their side. I spent 6 months tailing Carl and hiding with the help of police and law enforcement. I also have a storage room with my new toy bag that I was given as a gift. Now I can hear everything that Karl and his employees are saying now. It's about 3:00 p.m. when the conversation got really interesting. And around the same time my cell phone rang. I looked at the number and a smile appeared on my face. I responded with a greeting.

"Hi... Yes, I... Yes, he's really making plans... No, he personally didn't... I can do it, wait." I said while listening to my friend on the phone

I held the phone up to the speaker so he could listen too. We both hear Carl arranging the kidnappings. One is a decoy and the other is real. Carl explains that he wants one last conversation with his nephew and that this is only possible if one of Nick's women ends up in Carl's hands. He also explains that this will be the last conversation as he has plans to kill Nick and kill the woman of Nick's heart. I sat in the driver's seat and felt my blood boil at Carl's words. He told his men to just ignore it and guard the house where Nick lived. I knew he lived with his parents, so I wanted to set up an ambush myself just to make sure no one got hurt. I put the phone back to my ear and spoke.

“You all hear this... yes, I plan on... you will arrive when... tomorrow... so the task force is preparing... okay, and I have enough for PA... yes I just see Carl in the warehouse and what he's going through with Nick... Yes, I'll be ready, I have everything I need to protect... yes, see you later." I explained that I hung up

I continued to listen to everything Carl said until he told the decoy team that they could have fun with any woman who was with Nick and gave the real team the chance to hook up with her later that night. Everyone laughed at his comment until one of them asked about the real kidnapping. Carl explained that once Nick was out of the way, anyone could take advantage of both women before selling them. My fist clenched and my anger flared.

"Son of a bitch, Carl, you'll never touch any of Nick's women again while I'm around, and you'll never hurt people again," I said as I hit the roof of my car -------------------------------------------------- ---

Author's Notes:

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed Tessa, Shelby, Lisa and Savannah's way of flirting with men. Also, Megan woke Nick up unexpectedly. The next chapter will begin to make the point clear. Will Carl be able to escape Nick's grasp? Will Gavin get his just reward? Who did Cal talk to on the phone? And did little Sierra take a bite of Uncle Dwight's bourbon chicken without Grandpa Gray looking? Some of these are answered in the next chapter of the book, “A Family in Discord.” RemainTuned.



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