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Matchday for couples

Matchday for couples

This is the first story I shared with readers. Previous attempts were purely for the mutual pleasure of my wife and me. The story is fictional, but like many storylines, contains elements of real events. I hope some readers enjoy this fantasy.

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Joanna put the breakfast dishes away, poured more coffee and went into the bedroom. She took off her nightgown and went into the shower. As she walked past the dressing table, she saw a red envelope with her name printed on the front. She opened the flap and took out a page written in Rick's handwriting.

Good morning love. I thought you would enjoy one of our game days today and I know I will be thinking about you with anticipation all day long. I want you to spend this day with joy. When you get dressed this morning, you should only wear gold jewelry on your body. Use the complete set and attach the clamp to your labia. That's all you need to put on in the morning. At 11:00 a.m. open the next set of instructions, which you will find on my workbench in the garage. Do not cover your body before entering the workshop. Once decorated according to the instructions, send me a photo. Enjoy! - All the best, Rick

Joanna smiled. It was another casual “game day” that the couple attended to surprise and delight each other. After 13 years of marriage and two children, it helped keep their sex life interesting and fresh, and by now they knew what buttons to push to be successful. Early on in their relationship they discovered that Joan was something of an exhibitionist and Ron enjoyed flaunting her body and showing it off in a discreet way. They both found that extending their sexual play to semi-public places where there was a chance of being seen increased their mutual arousal and pleasure. First, Rick encouraged Joanne to wear more revealing clothing, then "casual" flashing in public, nudity on the highway, and sex in unusual places like highway rest stops and hiking trails. Both were very enthusiastic about these walks and over time they brought more and more variety into their play. Rick's note to Joanne said that today she would be something of a joke, as she didn't know what to do from one instruction to the next. She could refuse to play at any time, but she knew from her growing excitement after reading the note that she really wanted the game to continue.

After a quick shower, Joanna pulled a small jewelry box out of her closet drawer. Inside were gold body jewelry that Rick had given her, as well as two sets of nipple clamps with small rings attached. With the box in hand, she walked to the full-length mirror next to her dressing table. She looked down at her naked body as she opened the box to take out the pieces. Joan was petite, standing 5'7", with short blonde hair and smooth olive skin that quickly tanned to honey brown every summer. After two children, she now had a slim figure of 50 kg (size 38), her breasts were a firm size of 34 ° C and protruding, erect nipples that were very sensitive. Her stomach was sexy round now, but she had no stretch marks in either of her pregnancies. The feature that seemed to attract the most attention was her protruding butt and her slender legs with shapely thighs that flow seductively into her ass and stomach. She looked younger than her 33 years and tried to keep her body in good shape.

She was still standing in front of the mirror, putting clamps on each nipple. She pulled the clamps fully tight, then pulled out an 8-inch gold chain and attached it to two rings hanging from the clamps. Her already hard nipples became even more erect and protruded teasingly from her chest. She then took two more clamps and attached one to each labia. She then attached two gold pendants to it, consisting of several thin gold chains 1 to 3 inches long, resembling a pair of earrings. The weight of the clips with the jewelry attached opened the folds and brushed the inside of my thighs. She must choose her skirt carefully so that the jewelry does not remain too visible under the hem. Joan took a mirror and checked the position of the brackets on each bottom petal. Viewed from below, her sex was stretched and her inner folds and pink inner tissues were slightly exposed, a wet sheen already forming from her arousal. She then pulled out a chain that was wrapped around her waist, leaving it loose enough to rest just above her hips. The result was a chain about six inches long that hung below the clasp and down her right thigh. She then wore a gold ankle bracelet and a short gold dress.Chain necklace around the neck. Her body jewelry was then completed with a gold bracelet on her wrist and earrings similar to the ones hanging between her legs. She looked in the mirror and was happy with what she saw. The gold on her tanned nakedness was attractive and provocative. Her breasts were adequately supported by clamps and a connecting chain that hung between her nipples a few inches above her navel. The chain floated provocatively over her hips. Labia clamps and dangling chains complemented her tanned thighs and accentuated her hairless, smooth ass and pussy. She felt and looked shockingly sexy, and the buildup of moisture in her vagina told her that her reaction to her appearance and the day's task had already aroused her. She picked up her phone, took a photo of her reflection and sent it to Rick with a note that simply said, "You're a pervert." I love you!" The photo shows Rick that game day has begun. She took several more photos of her reflection from different angles, which she would later share with Rick.

In the morning, Joanna worked around the house doing routine tasks. She felt in so aroused by her undressed and exposed state that she had to refrain from masturbating, knowing she didn't want to lose the excitement. Several times she noticed her hand moving to her clitoris and stroking the bottom. The tingling sensation of the clamps on her breasts and labia kept her aroused and wet no matter what she did.

As 11:00 a.m. approached, she began to worry a little about where the next envelope should be. Her utility room was outside at the back of the detached garage. She had to leave the house, walk through part of the backyard and open the side door. She had made a point of not exposing herself in the neighborhood, but it looked like Rick now wanted her to risk being seen, maybe even wanted someone to see her. As the hour approached she felt naughty, but the challenge excited her. Most of the yards around her were decorated with decorative wooden fences and shrubs, giving her partial cover, and there was usually little to be found outside in the morning hours unless someone from the neighbor's landscaping team showed up.

She opened the back patio door and looked outside. She didn't see anyone around, so she went down the few steps outside and ran across the few feet of lawn to the garage door, her bare breasts bouncing as she ran and her body jewelry whipping against her skin. She quickly pocketed the key, opened the door and stepped into the cool darkness. She turned on the light, looked around and saw the next envelope on the shelf directly above the workbench. She opened it and pulled out the next set of instructions.

Now you need to put on a short skirt and a blouse with buttons in the front. Only wear what you currently wear under your clothes. Only button the last two buttons of the blouse. You need to go to the mall on the other side of town and find a grocery store. Go to the grocery section and pick out a cucumber that's as big and long as the biggest cock you can imagine in your pussy. Try to choose one with a rough, uneven texture. Do not put the cucumber in a bag. Hold it in your hand as you walk through the store and at the checkout and carry it back to the car. You will find another envelope in the glove compartment. Don't open the cucumber until you buy it.

Following the instructions, Joanna turned off the lights and opened the door to check her surroundings again before heading out. The path was clear, so she hurried back to the house, hoping she hadn't been noticed.

Once inside, Joanna went to her closet and selected a green light cotton sleeveless button-down blouse and a short white pleated tennis skirt. She looked in the mirror and was happy with her appearance. Her pinched and hardened nipples were protruding and clearly visible. The short skirt barely hid the gold chains that hung from her pussy lips, but she knew they would be easily exposed if she bent over, got out of the car, or sat down. She put on her sandals and walked to the car. When she looked at her watch, she saw that she had about four hours left until the kids got home from school this week and her mom dropped off the car.

As she left the house she became aroused by the sensations emanating from her pinched nipples and pussy lips. With every movement of her body, she felt the chain that connected the nipple clamps rub lightly against her skin under her blouse. Two chains attached to her pussy lips went under her thighs. She felt the wetness building in her pussy. She knew Rick's instructions would probably result in her fucking herself with a cucumber, but the uncertainty of the circumstances excited her. It was the unknown and the risk that always made their games so exciting.

The drive to the city's suburbs only took 20 minutesMinutes via the expressway. Joanna got out and drove towards the city center. She passed several gas stations and private businesses and then saw a large shopping center with a grocery store. She drove up and parked. She walked across the parking lot to the store, now even more aware of the jewelry on her body and the sensations its presence evoked. She had never worn braces in public before and the feeling was incredible. As she entered the store, a blast of cold air from the air conditioning hit her nakedness beneath her clothes, causing her nipples to become even harder and the pain from the clamps to increase as they swelled even more. She went to the grocery section and found a basket of pickles. Joanna selected several pieces to assess their size and scope. Sizes varied but most felt smooth. She searched the trash can for something more structured. The container had recently been filled and was very full. As she continued to search, several vegetables rolled out of the basket and onto the floor. She quickly crouched down to pick it up. A vendor working nearby rushed to her aid and knelt before her as they picked a few cucumbers from the ground. Joanna apologized repeatedly for the spill, and the kind young man also apologized for filling the trash can. As the man knelt before her, Joanna felt his eyes focused on her feet. Then she realized that her squatting position exposed her naked, jeweled pussy to him, how could he not notice. She was also aware that her unbuttoned blouse gave a clear view of her breasts and pinched nipples. The young man stopped picking up the scattered cucumbers and simply looked between Joanna's legs. Joanna slowly spread her legs wider, causing her short tennis skirt to ride down her thighs, exposing her sex openly, while her pussy lips were spread and the jewelry emanating from her stretched pussy lips touched the floor. The young man seemed to hold his breath as he took in the sight before him. Joanna broke the spell by closing her legs and apologizing again for the spill. They finished cleaning and Joanna thanked the young man for his help, straightened her skirt and regained her composure. As the young clerk watched her, she continued rummaging through the trash can until her hand touched a vegetable that had a coarser texture. She pulled out the cucumber and found a cucumber that she assumed was 9 to 10 inches long and of considerable girth, certainly larger than any cock she had tried to fit before. Having made her choice, she turned around, smiled at her young admirer and walked towards the entrance of the store.

The woman at the checkout looked at Joan, who was standing in front of her with a large cucumber in her hand, and asked, "Is that all?" Joanna sensed what the woman was thinking and smiled to herself. Joan paid for the cucumber and the woman began putting it in a plastic bag. Joanna said, "Oh, that's not necessary," picked up the cucumber and left the store.

Once in the car, Joanna placed a cucumber on the passenger seat and opened the glove compartment. She pulled out the next envelope and a sheet of instructions.

Now that you have decided on a natural dildo, you need to find a suitable place to masturbate in the car. Suggest that you find a public parking lot with incoming and outgoing traffic so that you can be seen but at the same time safe. Once you've chosen a spot and parked, you'll need to unbutton or take off your blouse to expose your breasts and take off your skirt completely. Masturbate with your hand and your cucumber until you cum. Then open the last envelope of the day. It is in the trunk of the car. You should get it without buttoning your blouse or putting on a skirt.

Joanna was shocked by this last instruction. It assured her that her nudity would be publicly displayed if she had the courage to do so. She pulled out of the parking lot and drove around, looking for a suitable place to accommodate herself and the demands of the game. She passed one or two shopping areas that seemed to have small, crowded parking lots that didn't seem suitable, and approached the edge of the suburban area. Joan began to wonder if perhaps she needed to turn around and try other streets in the city. This wasn't an area she knew all that well. Then she saw a new center that she didn't even know existed. There were two anchor stores at each end of the center, with small shops and stores in between. The parking lot is large and not crowded. Most of the activity seemed to be near the larger hardware and discount store at the other end.

Joanna drove slowly through the large area a few times, trying to find the best place to park.

She eventually chose a spot in the back of the parking lot where several cars were parked, away from the busier parking lot near the anchor stores. She believed that thisThe cars probably belonged to store employees who were probably there all day. It also prevented her car from being left alone in the backyard. She stopped so that her car was facing the shops so she could see everyone coming towards her. Several empty cars were parked near her home, providing some protection from traffic that might pass near her. Joanna watched the cars appear and move for several minutes while at the same time she began rubbing her sore nipples under her blouse. She realized it was already a few minutes past noon and she still had over two hours left before she had to go home. She sat and observed the scene in the parking lot and noticed that the traffic was quite light and although there were a few cars driving or passing near her location, no one stopped. She heard the noise of passing traffic on the busy street behind her. She casually rubbed her breasts through her blouse and played with her hard nipples and the clamps attached to them.

After observing her surroundings for a few minutes and being sure that it was a fairly safe place, she reclined the seat slightly and moved it all the way away from the steering wheel to gain more space while also being able to see the people approaching to be able to. It was a warm day, so she rolled down all the windows to let air into the car. She unzipped and unzipped her little skirt, lifted her ass and let it slide down her legs to the floor. She pulled both chains attached to her folds from under her stretched pussy lips and felt the wetness along her slit. Looking around, she unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall open, revealing her perky breasts. Now she sat back in her car, her body on display, listening to the sights and sounds of people coming and going. Joanna experienced a flood of feelings of anxiety, arousal and guilt and realized that the thought of being seen or caught doing what she was doing made her sexually hungry and aroused.

She began rubbing her erect clitoris, pulling on its hood and squeezing the little nub with her fingers. She stuck two fingers inside herself and pressed her clit with the back of her hand. She felt the wetness from her pussy seeping between her legs and into her ass, cracking on the seat. She pinched the nipples and pulled on the chain connecting the pinched nipples to increase the pressure and pain.

Every now and then a car or truck passed in front of or behind her on the road, but no one stopped or seemed to pay her any attention. As far as they knew, she was just an employee resting or waiting to go to work. Joanna took the cucumber and slid it up and down her open, wet slit. The rough, bumpy texture stimulated her even more and she swirled the object around, coating her skin in her juices. She brought the cucumber to her mouth, licking the top and sides, tasting the tangy flavor of the juice. She spat on the tip, letting her saliva flow as some dripped onto her stomach, mixing with the sheen of sweat that was beginning to cover her body from the warmth of the sun in the car and her state of arousal. She lowered the cucumber and began pressing it to the vaginal opening. She had to spread her legs wide to allow the large object's penetration, so she lifted her right leg on the seat and spread it as wide as possible, then parted her lips and pushed the hard intruder into her hungry pussy. The hardness was much more demanding than any big cock because there was no flexibility. She slowly inserted this new dildo inside her and began slowly twisting it, moving it in and out. She now had about four inches of this monster dildo inside her and the stimulation combined with the slight pain from the rough stretching of her internal tissues felt very, very good. She began to develop a rhythm between her hand and her pelvis, now resisting her body's welcome disturbance.

She had to spread her legs further to allow for more penetration and to stick her hips out the way she wanted, so she lowered the back of the seat even further, to the point where she could no longer see all of her surroundings, without sitting up. She didn't care at the moment; it was about the growth of the sexual energy that took over her body and mind. Now she could swing her right leg over the center console and rest it on the passenger seat while her left knee was pressed against the door. She was completely open and taking in more and more of the huge cucumber. She was aware that she was letting out small sighs and rasping growls as she worked toward satisfaction. Her right hand drove the cucumber into her pussy, and with her left she moved her pursed lips to the side, stretching them to widen the opening for hard, rough penetration into her tender flesh. The speed at which she penetrated the vegetable cock increased, her ass now fully lifting off the seat as she pushed into the hard cock.stretches her insides. She began alternating between pulling on the breast chain and roughly rubbing and pinching her clitoris, allowing more and more of the cucumber into her vagina. Now there was a full eight inches in and she. Her penis was painfully stretched, but as she resisted the size and hardness, the walls of her vagina stretched and greedily accepted the dildo.

She had heard vague noises in the distance around her, but had now gotten so far into her sexual state that nothing mattered anymore. She could now feel the cucumber pressing against her cervix, her juices coating her ass and making her seat slippery, she could feel her climax approaching and her thrusts increasing in pace and urgency. She turned her head to the right and when she opened her eyes she saw a man standing next to the open passenger window, holding a phone. She shuddered and began to control herself as best she could since she was naked and in an extremely aroused state. The realization that a stranger had used his cell phone camera to record her public appearance shocked her. She had no idea how long the man had been watching her or how much he had already filmed. The man made no attempt to get into the car or approach her, but simply stood there, looking at her with a camera in his hand and continuing to film.

Joanna was slick with sweat and juices. Her chest heaved with heavy breathing. Her pussy was desperate to cum. She took out the cucumber and closed her legs. She looked at the man, but not a word was spoken between them. Her eyes met his. He appeared to be around 50 years old and was wearing work clothes. He didn't react to her, just looked at her, pointed the camera at her and looked at the screen from time to time to see what was in the camera image. Joanna felt her panic subsiding and her excitement resurfacing. Sexual needs slowly took over her thoughts, normal concentration was impossible. She began slowly rubbing and pulling on her clit again while the man watched her. Feelings of excitement and excitement made her return to her own contentment. She lifted her right leg over the console again, placed it on the passenger seat, spread herself again and began inserting the hard cucumber into her pussy. She began moving her hips as more and more hard objects slid into her much more easily due to her stretched vagina and sloppy wetness. The presence of a stranger and his gaze as she recorded her self-deprecation made her indecently hot, and she felt the desire to show herself performing and cumming for him, and to satisfy herself. Her pace quickened as she felt her pussy being stretched to the limit again and the hardness hit her cervix again. Her breathing was rapid and she cried out as she was about to reach her climax. She saw the man unzip his pants, pull out his hard cock and start masturbating while recording. His hard cock was directly above the open window as he ran his hand over it. As her excitement reached its peak, Joan grabbed and pulled the chain attached to the nipple clamps, forcefully pulling and stretching her nipples as the clamps dug into her aroused flesh. She was absorbed in her beating, unaware of the obscene displays with which she was torturing her flesh and selflessly satisfying her animalistic sexual desires.

Joanna pushed her Dido hard into her, her back arched and her bottom lifted high off the seat. Now hanging her body over the seat, she pulled the plant dildo back up to her vaginal opening and then pushed it back in, the rough surface stimulating her wet, tender insides. She drove the object into her again and again, thrusting her hips lewdly with each penetration. Now she was panting loudly with every single breath, her legs trembling from the tension of her aroused body. She felt her explosion reach its climax. Now her orgasm took over, her legs trembled, her pubic area stretched upwards, the muscles of her legs and ass tensed and resisted the waves of pleasure, she panted in short and rapid breaths. She was drenched in sweat and her heart was pounding like it was about to explode. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, and the orgasm continued one spasm after another. The man's speed of stroking his cock increased and he leaned closer to her window as streams of cum streamed through the window and fell onto the seat, landing on Joanna's outstretched right leg that was resting on the console. Throughout this entire episode, her eyes remained glued to his face as he looked at her pubic area, making eye contact with her from time to time, but still not saying a word. After a few minutes, Joanna's orgasm began to subside, only occasionally causing her to spasm.

She relaxed into her wet seat, still spread wide to keep the stranger and his camera in view. SheLeaving the cucumber fully inserted, she relaxed and felt beads of sweat rolling down her chest, back and stomach. Her hair stuck to her forehead with sweat. Her leather seat was slippery from the copious juices that were now constantly flowing out of her pussy and around the cucumber with each contraction of her throbbing pussy. Every time she tried to pull the cucumber out of herself, a new wave of pleasure hit her. The man continued filming as she felt several short waves of pleasure as her vagina repeatedly closed around the invading object.

Minutes passed as Joanna lay naked and sprawled in front of this stranger, waiting for her vaginal cramps to subside. Unconsciously, she began pulling on the clitoral hood and touching the small swollen area protruding from it as she watched the man watching her. She realized that self-stimulation had increased her arousal again. She looked at her random companion, his softening cock still resting on the edge of her car's open window, cum still visible in the crack of purple head, the stranger's eyes looking back at her, and checked the camera screen, to make sure he recorded it. All. She felt so slutty, so slutty and so hot that her skin could have burned. She dipped her free hand under the now slippery cucumber and scooped a generous amount of vaginal fluid and thick cream onto her fingers, brought her hand to her mouth, inserted four shiny coated fingers and sucked them clean.

Then Joanna noticed that her companion's penis had risen again. She realized that her lewd behavior and her obvious and seemingly endless sexual stimulation were very arousing to this man and that his recovery was very rapid after his first orgasm. His hand moved slowly up and down the open shaft that now protruded from the window. Joanna responded by swirling the cucumber around in her vagina, causing more spasms and sounds of pleasure. She moved the dildo inside her with her left hand and began pulling on the tight labia, stretching the thin membranes along and around the cucumber. She arched her pelvis upwards and grunted and cried with each thrust of the dildo inside her. She could feel the sweat and vaginal wetness running down her bottom and dripping onto the seat beneath her. She held her dildo still inside her, alternately holding her breath and gasping for air as her vaginal walls convulsed involuntarily around the large intruder. More moisture seeped out around the cucumber, filling the car with the smell of sex. She saw that the man's penis was fully erect again and his breathing was becoming heavy and loud. She reached to her right leg that was on the passenger seat and with her index finger picked up some of the man's cum that had previously landed on her shin, brought her finger to her mouth and inserted it all the way, she felt the difference in taste . of her own juices as she sucked on her finger and looked into his eyes. As her orgasm subsided, she watched as the stranger's cock shot a second jet of cum through her window, most of it dripping from the end and flowing into the door. The man continued to milk the cum from his softening cock and then banged his limp head against the leather interior, causing even more fluid to leak into the car. He then stuffed his exhausted member into his pants and continued to stand by the window, filming Joanna in her disheveled state.

When the dildo finally slid out of her deflated vagina, a stream of fluid ran out of her and pooled on the car seat below. She was resting, her sex completely exposed to the viewer and juices slowly oozing from her swollen, sore pussy. Recording of her open sexual intercourse was permitted once she had regained her strength and self-control.

She slowly lifted the back of the seat and adjusted it to a position that allowed her to drive, still wearing only her jewelry and her open, now sweat-soaked blouse. She started the car and rolled up the windows while the man continued filming outside. She drove off and he put the camera down and turned to leave. She had no idea where he came from or who he might be, but now he had records of her public appearance that, if revealed, could seriously damage her reputation and become a major public embarrassment. She can only hope that the video remains confidential. She also wondered how much risk she was taking and how naughty she could be. This could be a dangerous encounter with someone who would force themselves on her. She began to question how far she would go in the heat of sexual excitement and how much risk she would take. She felt inside that the satisfaction and sexual thrill was worth the risk, or at least that's what she thought at the moment.

She drove for several minutes, engrossed in all the thoughts running through her head before they blew upThe conditioning made her aware that she was still naked. She couldn't reach her skirt without stopping somewhere, so she pulled her sweat-soaked blouse over her bare chest, buttoned a few buttons with one hand, and continued toward the highway, her bare bottom sticking to her skin from the liquid. combined with the drying sweat underneath.

She got home and there were about 40 minutes left before the kids arrived. She drove into the garage and came out still topless. She retrieved her now wrinkled skirt from the floor of the car. She noticed that the cucumber lying on the passenger seat was covered in foreign sperm that had gotten on the seat. She left it there to clean later.

In her bedroom, she took off her blouse, undid the clasps on her body and took off her body jewelry. Her nipples and labia were sore and red from the stretching and stretching Joanna had applied during her walk. She then took a hot shower to get rid of the smell of dried sweat and vaginal discharge. She wore a long, flowing shirt to cover herself, but was naked underneath. The doorbell rang and Joanne went to let the children in, waving to the neighbor who had transported them as she backed out of the driveway. She took the 7- and 9-year-olds into the kitchen and prepared them an after-school snack. While the children ate, she returned to the car and opened the trunk to take out the last envelope, which she had not opened due to the appearance of a stranger in the parking lot. She closed the trunk lid and opened the envelope.

I wonder if your nudity is being watched? I have a hard time imagining that you could be watched while you take this out. I hope you had a capital O.

You should only go home with body jewelry. Save the cucumber for later. We're taking the kids out for a quick dinner tonight and after we put them to bed I want to hear all about your day. After that I want to sleep with you and watch you masturbate with a cucumber and then after inserting it into you I will penetrate your ass while your pussy is stuffed. I want to feel that you are completely fulfilled. I love you!

Joanna felt her vagina becoming wet again. She wondered if they could both relive their story from that day and what Rick would think about their risky public appearance being recorded by a complete stranger. She knew that she would love performing with a cucumber again and that ass fucking would be an added pleasure to her already sexually charged day.

She thought about cleaning the car seats, now sticky with the stranger's vaginal juices and cum, but then decided that it would provide a little extra stimulation for the coming night if Rick would help clean while she helped him talked about her game day. Joanna got out of the car as she was, with the windows rolled up to keep in the smell of sex that was now permeating the cabin, and with a nice cucumber resting among the cum stains on the front seat. She could already feel new moisture on the walls of her vagina. She went back into the house to put the jewelry and body clasps back under her dress. Play Day will have a second part tonight!



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