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13 months

13 months... it's been thirteen months in captivity, now finally in the safety of my permanent home.

We lost a member of our family; I don't know if he's still alive... I hope so. But our family added three more.

Thirteen months ago, my husband, our two children, and I spent two months on what we believed was a humanitarian mission. The mission was accelerated by an unexpected event when we won part of a major lottery the year before. In our narcissistic birth we thought we could help change the world. That's why we all set out with the intention of helping in a war-torn region of the world. We thought the good guys had finally taken control of their environment.

We were wrong.

The village we were in was captured by the opposition. This happened in the middle of the night. They broke into our house and dragged each of us out of bed and into the main room. They weren't soft and they were all well armed. They didn't even allow us to hide behind anything other than what we went to bed with. My husband wears shorts and so does our son, I wore a very light nightgown with nothing underneath. Our daughter, still a teenager, only had an oversized T-shirt.

Our puritanical, exaggerated ideas of modesty were instantly shattered when a large, rough, dirty, mean man came up to me and grabbed the top of my nightgown. I instinctively raised my hands to resist. The man hit me so hard my teeth chattered... and in one movement my dress fell to the floor. My naked body was now visible to everyone in the room...including my children.

Seconds later...Sarah, our teenage daughter, suffered the same fate.

To make matters worse, the guy who had taken off Sarah's shirt was now fondling her young breasts while making appreciative gestures towards his comrades.

She tried to pull away, desperation evident on her face. The criminal just squeezed her breast and pulled her towards him.

I wasn't spared... two hands appeared from behind and grabbed my chest just as the attacker let out a grunting laugh. Then a hand slid from my chest and straight to my exposed private parts. Two fingers immediately violated me, plunging them deep into my vagina.

I tried to free myself but was rewarded with another hard slap and a strong pressure on my chest.

My husband took a step to come to the aid of me or our daughter...he fell to the ground with a rifle butt to his head.

At that moment I knew that Sarah and I were going to be raped. My God... Sarah was still a virgin.

But... it was clear she wouldn't be there any time soon. The guy who spoke to her had already pulled down his pants. The son of a bitch had what looked like a summer sausage hanging between his legs and had the creepiest smile I've ever seen.

Sarah's eyes widened in fear, tears forming in the corners of her eyes as she began to cry. She looked at me as if I could stop the impending event. I was powerless, all I could do was look at her with confidence and love and hope that we would all get better.

The guy grabbed Sarah by the neck and spun her around on the dining room table. Her legs shook as her attacker stepped between them. The sausage between his legs was no longer hanging, but was hard as a baseball bat, pointing straight out and aimed at my daughter's virginity. Still holding her by the throat, he pushed the tip of his cock forward and spread the folds of Sarah's virgin genitals.

The touch caused a sharp reaction from Sarah, her body arching upwards to move. But the strong hand on her throat didn't allow her to move away... her body shrank slightly. His penis went halfway in... my daughter was no longer a virgin. She whimpered uncontrollably.

The bastard limped on; He pushed his penis all the way in... Sarah's hymen was torn, an obvious bloody discharge leaking between the bandit's penis and the folds of her vagina.

All the while the guy was pushing them in and out with three fingers stuck inside me, squeezing each breast one by one with finger thrusts.

When he looked at my son, he looked at his sister who was being beaten. I felt sorry for him... but... his shorts were sticking out. He had a boner!

Even worse...there were now four fingers moving in and out of me, and my vagina wasn't offering much resistance. I was wet!

I looked quickly at my husband... a feeling of guilt shot through me. He was still cold.

The scene was surreal and was only interrupted when the man who forcibly committed adultery with my daughter began to murmur loudly. He grabbed her hips and rammed his hard penis hard into her. He penetrated her and emptied himself with many convulsive movements.

Sarah just cried quietly, she couldn't control herself.

The rapist pulled out Sarah's vaginawide open. A pink stream of liquid flowed from her naked hole.

The attacker ran a few fingers through the mucus oozing from Sarah's vagina and proudly demonstrated the result by saying something in a language I didn't understand. They all laughed.

A guy now turned his attention to me, took a step towards me and unzipped his pants.

Oh shit... now it's my turn...

But suddenly the door swung open and the apparent leader entered. The guy petting me immediately came out from behind me and the others lined up.

The boss took a quick look at us, then walked over to the table, put his hand under my whimpering daughter's head and slowly helped her stand. A trickle of cum and blood ran down her leg.

He looked at me and then said in perfect English, “I will personally apologize for my people…they do not know how to deal with the spoils of war.”

He looked at my husband and then ordered several men to carry him out. That was thirteen months ago and we haven't seen him since.

He then ordered the remaining men to leave. For a moment I thought this man might have some decency. It wasn't like he reached out his hand as I bent down to grab my nightgown.

"No need... I like naked women... both of you." Make me something to eat. He ordered.

“But…” I started, but his eyes radiated anger.

“You do what I say... don't talk... just nod yes or no... do you understand?”

I nodded.

“Make me some eggs”; I nodded and went to the stove.

He then turned his attention to Sarah, “Come here, young woman,” pointing to the seat next to him.

She did so hesitantly.

"You too, don't talk... got it?" Sarah nodded.

As she looked at the stream running down her leg, she asked, "You were a virgin... no?"

Sarah nodded with a sad expression on her face.

"It's a shame... I'm very sorry for you... but you can't be him forever and luckily you're still ready for your first conception." The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end.

Despite all this, my son still stood against the wall and didn't make a sound. At least a few hours passed. Our “guest” now turned his attention to him.

“You must be a son... tell me your name, you can talk”

“John,” my son answered hesitantly.

“Malek…you can call me Malek” He said, gently caressing Sarah's bare buttocks. “John… are you a virgin too?” Why hasn’t your sister slept until today?

John looked nervously in my direction and then at his sister, who was being absently petted by this guy named Malek. He lifted one of her breasts as if cradling her. Sarah winced...

I don't know why, but my head snapped to John.

“Uh... hmm... yes”; - said John, almost embarrassed.

Malek shook his head and squeezed my daughter's chest as if testing the ripeness of an orange. He then turned his head towards me as I placed a plate of food in front of him.

His eyes were like tentacles as he looked me over from toes to chest and then settled on my cropped pubic area. A smile...almost scary spread across his face.

"John... with such wonderful opportunities so close to you... it's a shame you were deflowered." Malek squeezed my daughter's breast again, patted her right butt cheek, and then dove into his food .

Sarah wanted to pull away... but Malek took her hand and shook his head.

He then motioned for me to move to the opposite side of the table from him. “Stand on the other side so I can watch your beautiful body,” he ordered.

I didn't take it as a compliment.

"John... stand in front of your mother... do as I say or I'll hurt your sister," he said. Malek went from a commanding tone to a threatening one.

John came within a foot of me, fear and nervousness in his eyes, but careful not to let them fall on my bare chest.

My son had a full view of his completely naked mother; The moral dilemma was not lost on me. I felt ashamed, guilty, and afraid that this would change my mother-son relationship forever. What happened next was a change that had never occurred to me in a million years.

“Mom... take off your son’s pants” Director: Malek. I hesitated and gave Malek a disgusted look.

“Do as I say or your daughter will scream in pain”; Malek now held her on his lap, wrapped his left arm around her and squeezed her right breast. In his other hand he held the fork he was eating with and pressed it against his protruding right nipple. painReadings on her face confirmed the presence of a small drop of blood that formed at the tip of a fork inserted into the side of her nipple.

I leaned forward and pulled down John's shorts... his penis sprung free. I haven't seen him naked since he was seven, at least ten years ago. He wasn't a child least not down there.

“John...feel your mother's breasts...nice tits, right? it!” – demanded Malek.

I was stunned...inwardly outraged at the thought. My body unconsciously moved away from John's growing reach. Then I heard Sarah's painful moans...

I leaned forward and pressed my chest into John's arms.

“Feel her, John…” John squeezed her lightly, “no,” not harder, like that.

Malek now held both of Sarah's breasts, one in each hand, and massaged them as if he wanted to milk them.

John's hands began to copy Malek's hands, only on me.

I closed my eyes and bit my lip...this couldn't be happening; My son massaged his mother's breasts. It must have been a bad dream... but it wasn't.

"John...tell me how you feel..." Malek demanded again.

“Uh…hmmm…they are soft…but firm…warm…hmm” John almost stuttered.

“Pull and twist your nipples...see if they come this”

My mouth dropped as Sarah's nipples protruded more than half an inch past her areola and Malek rolled them between his thumbs and fingers. Sarah closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. She tried to distance herself from our surroundings.

I almost jumped... a squeak came from my mouth as John pulled and twisted both nipples. Sarah's hard nipples were definitely on my side of the family, much to my chagrin; My nipples stuck out an inch.

John rolled them between his fingers. I closed my eyes... tried to do the same as Sarah... and distanced myself from what was happening.

"Mom... you have neglected your boy for too long... help him." Massage his penis with both hands..." Malek demanded again... I kept my eyes closed and pretended not to hear him.

Sarah screamed in pain.

My hands grabbed my son's penis.

I was amazed... it was hard... it was slippery... it almost burned my hands. I opened my eyes and looked down... my son was truly a man.

If I had to, I would want to get it over with quickly. So I started jerking his penis... hoping it would stop quickly.

"Hey... hey mom... slow down... you want it so bad... can't you hold back?" - shouted Malek.

I stopped twitching and opened my eyes. Luckily, John's eyes were closed... but the corner of his mouth was slightly turned up. And his fingers manipulated the entire area of ​​my breasts and then slid to the tips of my nipples... like he was milking me!

My hands were still gently squeezing my son's penis, almost unintentionally. One of my hands even squeezed his balls as if they were at a distance... There was no way I was allowing myself to do that... No... that would have been wrong... on too many levels.

Malek broke the trance: "John... kiss your mother's breasts... suck those nipples... just like you did when you were a child."

John's eyes widened...almost glassy. Without hesitation I felt John's mouth sucking the flesh of my breasts. He did this on both sides, around it, and then pulled on one of my nipples... I didn't want to feel like that... but as he pulled my nipple into his mouth, he flicked the end of it with his tongue. A spark ran from my nipple to my private area... oh damn, that's wrong.

John spent several minutes studying every spark. I was afraid to look in my daughter's direction... afraid that she would notice that my sensitive nipples didn't care that her brother was watching them.

I stole a glance out of the corner of my eye... Sarah wasn't looking at me. Malek turned her body half toward him and held half of my daughter's breast in his mouth. Her head was turned towards the ceiling, her eyes were tightly closed...she almost winced. This amazed me; She struggled with the same sparks.

Malek's attention turned back to John and me. “Mom… show your son how much you adore him… get on your knees and take him in your mouth… NOW!”

It was disgusting... my nipples immediately drooped and the sparks disappeared. I never let my husband put his penis anywhere near his fact, I had his penis in my mouth twice when I was in high school. Secondcured me of wanting to do it again... because the unexpectedly hot cum that came out of him made me gag. Now this son of a bitch wants me to... put my son's penis in my mouth? No way, GD…

From the other end of the table came a loud thud and then a dull thud. I felt dizzy.

Sarah was lying upside down on the table, her legs dangling to the side and her head hanging down. Malek kept her head bowed and pressed her chin to the floor. With his other hand he unbuttoned his pants.

"Do this...or I will rape your daughter's throat so brutally that you will never hear her voice the same again." His ugly penis jumped out of his groin and hit Sarah in the face. The horror in her eyes made me fall to the ground.

I held John's penis...closed my eyes and then slowly closed my mouth around it.

Again... I think the faster the better; I put half of it in before it reached the back of my throat. My head hit my tonsils and I gagged... this was going to be hard. I pulled back for a moment.

"Tell your son how much you love his cock... tell him I want to hear it." - Malek ordered.

" your member...John," I murmured quietly.

"No!" Malek shouted, "With those words... I love your cock, son, and I want to swallow it... say it now!"

“I like your cock, son… and I want to swallow it,” I said angrily, looking at the bastard.

His ugly cock was in Sarah's face, her mouth clamped around his thick cock. Her face was bright red and splotches of snot emerged from her nostrils as Malek slowly thrust in and out. I could see Sarah's throat expanding where the end of his cock went in and out of her throat.

Oh... I felt for her... but she didn't fight... so... how could she do that? My god, his cock reached her throat... his balls slapped her from nose to forehead.

My hand squeezed my son's balls...almost in rhythm with Malek's slow thrusts. What the hell did I do…

“ Suck your son's cock... mother... maybe your daughter can teach you something." Malek laughed.

I took John's penis back into my mouth. Move in and out slowly, stopping first at the back of the throat, then a little further. There was a slight gag reflex... then a little deeper, a slightly stronger gag reflex. Then a little deeper, but this time I didn't let the head come all the way out of my throat. It worked, just a little joke made my throat relax even more. I thrust in and out a few more times until my nose was pressed against John's pubic bone and his pubic hair was tickling my nostrils.

I realized that John was having a hard time; The slippery, smooth cock was now inserted well beyond my mouth. I massaged John's balls with one hand and touched his throat with the other... I felt his cock stretching my larynx at the bottom of my throat.

Necessity is the mother of invention... now we have to finish this. I worked it to the end and then to the end, running my tongue along the entire length. Sweet nectar flowed from my son's cock eye onto my tongue. The taste, the aroma, the texture seemed to trigger a reaction deep within my lady parts. I felt a stream of juices flowing through my vagina. Oh God!...that was very, very wrong...try not to give in to the lust...just do your job.

John tried to help now; He squeezed my swaying head at the same time.

Then I felt him tense... Oh shit! Oh no! My brain went back twenty years... that horrible sperm... that goo.

Too late... his cock throbbed, a jet of hot substance hitting the back of my throat. I felt it in my entire stomach. But it was okay... maybe that's the trick... keeping it in your throat, not your mouth.

But John still squeezed me and the next shot didn't reach my throat, some of the thread of his ejaculation entered my mouth. It was hot...salty, I could almost taste the heat...but not bad enough to make me throw up.

Another portion went down my throat... the next into my mouth. Something was oozing around his cock as it passed through my lips. I felt a drop reach my chest.

He stopped thrusting into my mouth and inexplicably sucked the last of my son's cum from the end of his cock.

I did it... why and how I could be proud, I don't know. I may have had a hidden deviant sexual desire for oral sex...but not with my own was an exception, I was forced into it...for the sake of my children.

My head snapped to Sarah. Sarah looked at me, Malek was standing next to her, the tip of his cock connected to Sarah's upper lip by a thread of his sperm. His cum dripped from the corner of Sarah's mouth. HerThe lips were swollen from the devastation they had caused.

I felt for her with all my heart... but then... her eyes lit up and a small smile appeared on her face. I smiled back... and then wondered what just happened?

Did we both experience this moment?

I slowly sat up; John is still inches away from me, our eyes meet. His eyes told me that he was apologizing... I felt sorry for him and I hugged my son like a mother. I kissed him on the cheek to let him know that none of this was his fault... without even thinking that my naked body was now shaped to resemble my naked son's body.

Then something strange happened: when I kissed John on the cheek, he turned his head and our lips touched. Just like a butterfly, then a little stronger... than a normal kiss. It was just a moment... lost for Malek or Sarah, but not for me. A drop of John's cum traveled from my lip to John's lip... I swallowed the rest.

We separated... the morality of the situation is slowly returning.

"Well... wasn't that special... John... tell me you enjoyed feeding mommy your cum... come on... I want to hear it," Malek ordered.

"I...I really, cumming in your mouth, Mom," John told me carefully.

I preemptively replied, “I liked it too.” I hope Malek leaves us alone.

Malek laughed loudly. "'re addicted...John...have you ever eaten pussy?"

John looked at the ground, traced circles in the dust with his toe, and shook his head.

I looked at Sarah, we looked at each other half in despair, half in horror at the thought.

What the hell was I thinking...spare Sarah the frustration. I sat on the edge of the table and leaned back in the chair. My breasts stick out, my trimmed bush is the third point.

"Boy...there's your pussy...go there, your whore mother is serving her son breakfast," Malek laughed.

I felt John's hands touch my thighs... a tingling sensation ran through me. Then I felt his warm breath on my labia. I clenched my fists... this is so wrong... but.

His lips touched my outer crotch wanted to reach him. But... it should be anyone but my son. I was so focused on removing my consciousness from reality that I couldn't hear what Malek was instructing John to do.

The tongue thrust into my vagina woke me up. And then he sucked, sucked on each of my pussy lips...slowly licking up to the top of my slit and carefully circling my clit. Juices flowed from my deepest parts. His mouth enveloped the outside of my pussy...drinking my juices while his tongue explored my inner sanctuary.

In and out, in and around... my body responded despite my best efforts, my hips rotating and thrusting, taking full advantage of the oral stimulation. It had been years since anyone had put their mouth on him... my husband was useless at oral sex and never had any desire for him to do it. But the one romance I had almost ten years ago showed me what I wanted: he loved fucking me orally... and didn't want it done to him... the perfect romance. Well, maybe not anymore...

Despite all the immorality, my body has entered a new dimension; Somehow one of my hands ended up behind John's head... pressing his mouth harder against my wet, hot mound.

Once again, without realizing it, I propped myself up on one elbow, giving myself a clear view of my son as he pressed his face back to where he came from. Oh god... this is so wrong... so wrong... but the entire lower part of my stomach was telling me otherwise.

I felt it rising, first as if there was a little itch inside me that wanted to be scratched... and then growing into an uncontrollable wave of desire rising from the depths of my womb... just as John intervened my clitoris sucked his teeth. I body curled up. With all the coercion... with all the fear, the deviance, the immorality... I had just experienced my first real orgasm. Thirty-seven years... married for eighteen years... two children... multiple lovers... and here is my first real orgasm, caused by my own son! Even as I put my head back on the table and tried to somehow explain what my body had just done, my husband's possible death was just on my mind because at least I didn't have to explain it.

My breathing slowly returned as John positioned himself between my legs. My vagina was completely naked... I felt wetness between my legs. I should try to cover my legs, at least close them, to hide the traces of my orgasm. But... my legs felt like butter.

I raised my head; John looked at my now enlarged areolas, his face obscured by my discharge.

His cock stoodstraight up... like a soldier standing at attention. Oh my son just gave his OWN mother an oral orgasm...and his body responded. No, no, no, there are limits... fornication between mother and son... NO, absolutely not.

"DO IT! John...your mother wants don't have to be a virgin..." Malek began with a demand, but fell silent because John apparently no longer needed support.

I felt the head of mine son touched the edge of my vagina... I tried, but I couldn't put up too much resistance. The head of his cock split my folds and entered me, the excess of my own lubrication overcoming my strongest contractions and stopping my son's penis from entering his mother. Vagina.

I closed my eyes tightly, dug my nails into the rough wooden table top and my mind screamed NO.

But there was no denying John... his penis penetrated me to the hilt. It filled me and stretched my vaginal walls... I could have sworn it touched my cervix. My son's cock was buried deep inside his own mother.

My mind raced with the thought that I would go to hell for this... but I had no choice. I said to myself... no, we were doing this at the risk of our lives.

John began thrusting almost immediately...he wasn't just doing the movements...he was being moved. My son pounded his mother's hole, unaware that a taboo had been violated, his expression distorted to match the intensity of his thrusts.

But again, my body didn't reject, but adapted, completely contrary to my understanding. My hopes of not crossing the final frontier of immorality were almost immediately dashed when my son tensed up and shot a hot jet of his sperm deep into my womb.

Oh God, it was my fault, I subconsciously just wanted one more thrust... that's what my body was telling me... even though my brain was screaming for it to stop. My body won...that final thrust brought my body to orgasm...unnoticed...I didn't want John, Sarah, and especially Melak to know that my body was craving such deviant sexual behavior.

John continued to fill his mother's womb with downward ejaculations as his thrusts slowed.

I could feel my son's sperm filling every crevice deep inside me... I imagined semen desperately searching for... I haven't taken contraceptives in years. My brain raced with the calculation: I had my last period two weeks ago...or three?

Of all the worst possible scenarios...a war invading our lives in the middle of the night, my husband probably dead, our daughter being raped right in front of me, and us being forced into unspeakable sexual humiliation with my own son. .. and now the possible consequences of this last action can last a lifetime.

I imagined one of these swimming tadpoles breaking through the barrier of one of my eggs, and the thought made me tremble.

My eyes flew open... this perversion reminded me that my son's semi-flaccid penis was still deep inside me.

The perversion also awakened his sensitivity, John moved... but instead of breaking out, he kept moving. Oh my god... no... not again... my son's cock got hard again.

A minute later he entered me again, but at a slower pace. Move as if you want more pleasure with each thrust. His hands grabbed my breasts... squeezing, manipulating and caressing my nipples as he methodically penetrated me. I was no longer his mother...I was his sexual target. I wanted to say something... but the obvious expression on his face didn't stop him. Plus... Marek's threat was right next to me.

I lay motionless for many minutes, accepting his punishment for exploring my uterus, before deciding that a contribution from me might increase his pleasure and help him stop so soon.

My hips began to rock with his thrusts, then I rocked my lower body in time with the rocking. My son's rhythm increased... slowly at first... then faster, stronger and harder. His grip on my breast was almost painful now... but for some reason it increased the drive in my body as a wave began to form deep within me.

I don't know how long I didn't pay attention to the time... but the waves got bigger and bigger with each thrust. Then it happened... the waves crashed... my mind exploded... I couldn't hold back the scream that came from my throat. There was nothing mysterious about it... my orgasm was strong and long, my fingers digging deep into my son's back and my legs wrapping tightly around him, pulling him close just as he began to release his fleeting, hot seed. enriched sperm deep. inside me.

My body has betrayed me again...

John pulled back, his cock flying out of my pussy accompanied by a jet of his cum. Cool air flowed into the voidSpace... but I couldn't move... my muscles were like jelly.

As I came to my senses, my eyes scanned the room. Sarah stood with her eyes wide open and her mouth open, but covered with her hand. What I would I explain to her...I had a strong orgasm while committing adultery with her brother, my son.

Marek patted my son on the shoulder: "Good job, John... I told you that your mother wants your cock... I'll let you fuck her..."

My brain came to its senses...who knew he could give me to anyone...especially my son?

I started to protest…

“Would you rather that I hand you over to the rest of my army?” – asked Malek.

"But...but he's my son." I protested again.

“So” That’s all Malek answered.

During the day, Malek allowed Sarah and me to cover ourselves with our bathrobes after forcing us to shower.

Since he forced us both to shower at the same time, I had the opportunity to comfort Sarah and apologize for putting us in this predicament. It also allowed us to briefly grieve the loss of my husband and her father.

Sarah was very pragmatic about the events, noting, among other things, that she would inevitably lose her virginity at some point and that it was "somehow"; It was disgusting to have a fifty year old's sperm in her mouth... but it wasn't the first time.

"What???"; I was completely surprised.

“Mom, why do you think I’m a virgin? Apparently you don't look like John,” - she explained, briefly mentioning her brother... who, as I now well know, has the stamina of a horse.

"This should never have happened... it's taboo... it's a sin... but I couldn't let anything happen to you." I try to justify my actions.

"Mom...Mom, it's don't need to explain." Sarah reassured me: "But it was pretty hot!" She giggled...

For the rest of the day, Malek used us as his personal servants to cook and clean. While his comrades took liberties with both Sarah and me, mostly just fumbling around and not allowing any forced penetration except with a finger or two.

Apparently Malek ordered us not to interfere. We didn't know their native language yet.

As evening approached, Malek led us upstairs. I told John to take me to his room while I pointed Sarah in the direction of what used to be my husband's room and mine.

Malek ordered a guard to watch the corridor and then stopped John: "Make sure your mother is filled with your seed... I'll check in the morning."

I was hoping this perversion would be over... well, guess again... but now I'm alone with my son and maybe we can find a way to do this without doing the unthinkable.

John's shyness and reticence lasted less than half an hour. As I lay on my back on his single bed, I felt his penis harden against my buttocks.

His hand went under my shirt and grabbed my left breast.

"No...don't...I'm your mother." I protested and tried to push his hand away.

"Yeah...but...he'll hurt Sarah if we don't." The last part about Sarah wasn't so convincing.

Twenty minutes later my son unloaded the first of many layers of his seed inside me.

He was insatiable... the first two times; I could disguise anything remotely as an orgasm. Not so much the third time... and definitely a screamer the fourth time.

His fifth... was a sound that reached the back of my throat... I was carried away... he screamed.

Then he attacked me... cum in my pussy and that was it... I couldn't hold back. I thought I would drown him.

In the meantime we were able to get some sleep, but when Malek burst into the room in the morning it became clear that my cunt was full of my son's seed. A puddle formed under my spread thighs.

I had trouble walking... never had this before... felt like my pussy was going to fall out. I still had the lingering taste of my son's cum in my mouth.

The next week or so was similar; I came to the conclusion that this is my life now.

He was still my son and loved him like a son, but I was also his concubine or, as Malek called me, “my son’s sack.”

My daily shower with Sarah gave me some peace and gave me the opportunity to continue being a parent.

Sarah told me that for the first few days with Malek he simply raped her orally, but then began vaginal intercourse. Now, a week later, she was given the task of ensuring that Malek could have sexual intercourse with her at least three times a day. “A difficult task since he was fifty-six years old,” she said with a slight sense of humor.

In a more sisterly way, almost like friends in similar situations, I explored the topic further: “Well, at leastHe's nothing like your brother... I swear he'd have sex all the time if he could eat and sleep while he was at it."

We both that moment we didn't understand all this depravity at all.

A few days later... I woke up sick. I hoped it was the flu...but five days later when I kept having early morning attacks...I knew it.

Still, John never slowed down... every day he was on a mission to see how many times he could cum inside me. I finally had to tell him... I thought I was pregnant.

He must have told Malek because the doctor came and did blood and urine tests.

I didn't need confirmation from the doctor, but when he did, John took a break from our fornication.

The first few days were a relief... but as time passed my mind started playing tricks on me. Was I now unwanted because I was pregnant?

Then, after the first month had passed, Malek called a meeting. It was John, Sarah and me... Malek outlined our program for the future.

The first shock...Malek announced that Sarah was pregnant. Then, of course, he publicly told Sarah about my pregnancy.

He convinced Sarah that I was both a grandmother and a mother, while Sarah would become a mother and an aunt and have a new brother or sister.

John would be a father, uncle and brother again.

Malek thought it was funny.

Then came the orders.

“John” that you have raised a woman, this will be your job. We will bring you women to reproduce...they will give you American children..." Malek was serious: "Mom, you will give birth to John's firstborn as atonement for coming to our country." Then expect I that for the same reason you will give birth to as many of my comrades' children...they will be American babies."

"Sarah, my beautiful child, you will carry our child...we may have more, but ultimately I must share your generosity with my country." You are all the best you can be. He said with a heavy tone.

"As both mother and child are pregnant...others with the intended semen have the opportunity to take advantage of your beautiful bodies." Both of you are expected to give your sex to anyone who wants it...they only need mine Permission.”

At that moment there was a knock on the door. A security guard came in with a young woman. She was no older than twenty, dressed like a farmer's wife, but clean.

Malek pointed it at John... an unexpected twinge of jealousy ran through me.

John looked at me suspiciously for a moment, then took the girl's hand and walked towards "our" house. Bedroom.

"That's how it begins," Malek smiled... his hand stretched towards me.

Half an hour later, Malek drove his thick cock into me, his heavy, smelly body pressed against me. I wondered how Sarah could handle it.

He only lasted a few minutes before he grunted and shot his cum into me. It was obvious that he expected me to revive him... he tried his best to get his ugly, thick, smelly cock in my mouth... but if Sarah could do it... I could also. My mouth hurt from fiddling with it for almost an hour, but it was finally done.

Malek turned me over, spread my cheeks and stuck his thumb in my ass.

I was immediately nervous because I had never been raped…

"Ah...still a virgin!" - Malek exclaimed as the tip of his thick cock pressed against my ass.

“You can relax... or I'll tear it up anyway... I'll fuck a virgin ass”

I tried my best to relax... using the same technique I used when I gave my son his first deepthroat.

The thick end of his cock slowly spread my rosebud... he could have been crueler, but he slowly inserted his thick cock. Soon my canal began to adjust and Malek began fucking... driving his cock in and out. The uncomfortable feeling of penetration gave way to other sensitivities, such as when I tried to fight sexual feelings while fucking my son.

I soon met his blows with my own.

As he came... I came... his hot cum covered the inside of my rectum.

He pulled out and then turned me over without giving me time to enjoy my orgasm.

He grabbed my head, shoved his cock into my mouth and ordered, "Clean me up."

I did exactly that, no matter how disgusting it was... and luckily he left me alone.

Five minutes later one of his guards walked in... and that's how it all began.

For some reason I felt the need to stay updated... and so did Sarah. Every day during our shower we tattooed a teardrop with a small thin ponytail next to one of our blondes, mine on my left thigh, Sarah's on her right thigh. They represented each donor's sperm.

Then, halfway through our eighth month of pregnancy, Malek stopped everything.

A week later Sarah gave birth to her childTwins... a boy and a girl. It was difficult for her, but the doctor was actually very good and made sure that whatever was torn was repaired as best as possible.

Youth amazes me - by the time my new daughter was born a few weeks later, Sarah had lost almost all of her pregnancy weight - it took me about a month to get in shape. The impetus was Malek's words that were constantly floating around in my head: “You are as good as you can be.”

Sarah and I discussed this at our daily shower...both agreed that we were expected to do well. But other than the constant search, we weren't forced to procure sperm.

Our bodies have now fully recovered from the pregnancy and birth of our children.

In fact, I felt like my body was in better shape than ever before.

Another month passed, perhaps Malek felt that we were no longer “spoils of war.”

On the other hand, my son John was now surrounded by a seemingly endless stream of girls and women. At first, Malek served each person for several days, but after a month and a half, each day could be considered a different person.

And not only Malek, but also the rest of his troops seemed to take John's arm. He was their friend, and it soon became apparent that John spoke the language, as he seemed to discuss every conquest with them.

My son became her hero. But then Malek decided to show that he was still in charge.

Malek said something to John and John's head turned in my direction. John's expression didn't even show that he recognized our familial relationship. He walked towards me, put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees.

"Mom, show everyone here how much you enjoy your son's cock," John said in a commanding tone and without a hint of reservation.

My mind, my spirit, is completely disoriented by the knowledge that I still belong to my son.

His cock bounced in my face... A few minutes later my son was fucking my mouth with impunity, no matter what and how he did it to his own mother.

As he came, he threw my head back and held the tip of his cock in front of my gaping mouth. He showed everyone, including Sarah, how he could fill my mouth with cum.

"Ah...Mom, show us how much of your son's cum you can hold in your mouth," John ordered...intentionally to humiliate me.

Despite the hint of embarrassment, I did as I was told, slowly turning my body with my mouth open, revealing the amount of my son's cum that I was holding in my mouth.

Then I swallowed it... and said, "Thank you," without provocation, in John's direction.

He patted my head like I was his favorite dog... for some reason I felt the need to accept myself. I now know that I am psychologically stuck in my perceived turn. But I realized that my son was now one of them, and if I pleased him, my situation would improve. I would do anything for him.

“Mom, you have been good to me and continue to show me your worth”; John began as if I were his subordinate and not his mother.

“Now you must show us your full worth”; As he stepped aside and a young man stepped forward: "This is Calib, the only son of the hero of our cause." You will carry his son.

Kalib was facing me, he was barely taller than me, with peach-colored fuzz covering most of his face...only a few mustaches sticking out on his chin.

There was a moment of wonder on my part. My son gave this young man my uterus. But that thought quickly passed... I wanted to make my son happy. I took Kalib's hand and pointed it at my chest.

It took three days for Kalib to begin to control himself; in fact, his first ejaculation barely reached my lips. His first seed didn't enter my uterus until the next morning. Kalib's young penis was very sensitive.

What he lacked, however, was that his youth ensured an almost immediate recovery. He challenged me several times a day for a week. Towards the end of the third week, Kalib began to experience characteristic morning sickness. I enjoyed the thought of a job well son would be proud of me.

The confession came a week later, and when Kalib was told about it, he felt a childlike joy that grew into pride at being a man.

During the same period, Sarah was rarely seen; She was absent from our daily shower. Then, just as my worst fears for my daughter became all-consuming, she came back.

She told me that Malek had lent it to the rebel president. She was pregnant again...

As soon as my morning sickness was over, Sarah and I were separated from the rest of the population and put into passive detention. They gave us new clothes, gave us real food and began to heal us completely.another.

It only took a few days for the confusion to pass, and finally the change became apparent when one of the guards, who I thought was serving me, squeezed my spread legs as I offered him my pussy. He shook his head, raised his hand and told Sarah and me that entry was off limits to both of us.

Is it because we were both pregnant last month?

This question was answered later in the day. Later that day we were greeted by a well-dressed man who told us that he represented a border country with ties to our country and that they were negotiating our release. He said that our country does not know whether they are negotiating specifically for us or perhaps for others. So if we were released, we should not disparage the rebels for what they did to us. Otherwise, those left behind could be in danger.

Sarah and I agreed. What about John? He hasn't been anywhere for the last few days.

We were told that he might come later as he was with another rebel group at the time.

Malek came in and handed us our babies, without saying a word he turned and left.

A week later... I wrote thisstory.



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