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My visits to London are always a lot of fun (especially with London escorts!)

My visits to London are always a lot of fun (especially with London escorts!)

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I love getting off the train at Kings Cross and feeling the summer heat hit my face. They’re air-conditioned trains of course, but when that heat hits me, I really start to get the feeling. And that feeling is one of anticipation and euphoria, because I’m booking in to see a beautiful London escort. I travel all over the country, but I have to say that the girls in London are far superior.

I have a bit of an addiction for escorts when I can afford them. In fact, I often think to myself just how much wealthier I would be if it wasn’t for my habit. But then again, I’d be much less happy wouldn’t I? It’s a no brainer, simply because it makes me so very happy; what’s life without happiness?

I’d been looking at the agency girls on my phone, on the train. This is often awkward itself, since people tend not to be able to mind their own business. I always seem to get that one “nosey Parker” who has to look at what you’re browsing for some reason. Then I’ll freak out about showing the reflection of my phone screen in the train window. It’s not too bad if it happens towards the end of my journey, because I can cope with people frowning at me for a short time; and it’s not as though I’m likely to meet them again!

Looking for a suitable escort for my visit is half of the fun of the whole experience. I enjoy the whole booking process, and even the sneaky looks at the agency websites. Finding a young lady available in South Kensington that I like the look of is wonderful. This is because when I visit London, this is the area I spend much of my time. Either there or Earls Court (not far from each other I know!) In fact, come to think of it, anywhere in West London is usually fine with me because I can just jump on a tube.

I realise that there are plenty of escorts in South Kensington (believe me I’ve booked a lot of them), but they’re not all suitable for me. My favourite times are when I spot a new young woman with big, natural boobs appear on my favourite agency sites. What can I say? I’m a “boob man”. But then, saying that, when it comes to some of these Russian and European escorts, I can be easily swayed to choose another category. I’m quite contrary at times, but then these girls are hard to resist.

So, I digress somewhat. I’ve chosen a stunning, and very busty brunette in South Kensington. She’s more than likely going to be in Chelsea Cloisters, but I’m waiting for the confirmation text with the address. It’s exciting, and I’ve already got a twitch in my trousers! I know that the agency won’t let me down. I use the same few agencies every time I’m in London because I trust them. They also let me message them rather than call, and I appreciate this because it’s not always practical to call when you’re on the train.

When I get on the tube train from Kings Cross I know that by the time I arrive in South Kensington, as I rise from the depths and into the sunshine, my phone will chime and my confirmation text will appear. This will bring a huge smile to my face of course. Those watching me may believe that I’ve just received a text message from my wife or lover. It amuses me to think this.

My pretty Russian escort in London was making a gentle insinuation and I certainly wasn’t planning on resisting. Turning over, my eyes met hers and we kissed passionately as one of her small, soft hands grasped my cock and gently began to wank it. She moaned softly as we kissed and then took me by surprise by moving down to put my dick in her mouth. The sexy GFE callgirl sucked softly and gently. Alexandra was so passionate!

So I make my wat to a coffee shop. If I have time, I usually go to a pub and order a bite to eat, but not today. I don’t have the time. It’s nice when I get to have a nice pub lunch and a pint before my meeting. It makes me feel nice and relaxed. I like to feel comfortable as possible when I visit a London escort. After all, that’s the point isn’t it?

Chelsea Cloisters is always very easy, and no one ever bothers me when I visit a girl there. I literally glide across the lobby (especially if I’ve had a beer!) and to the lifts, then off I go. The mirrors in the lift make me self-conscious for a brief moment, but then I remember just how accepting and unconcerned these escorts really are when it comes to their clients. I’ve been seeing girls long enough to know what they look for in their customers. It’s basically common decency and good behaviour above all else. And those things come naturally to me (even if I do so say myself!)

The doors open and I’m on the right floor. The Cloisters is good like this, because if you have a flat number that’s in the 200’s it’s the second floor, the 300’s the third and so on. Nice and easy! The welcoming red carpet of Chelsea Cloisters welcomes me as I take my walk to my chosen girl’s room. I reach my destination, I straighten my hair and my tie and knock.

And the rest is none of your business this time!

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