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Hot Blonde Teen Does Her First GFE

Hot Blonde Teen Does Her First GFE

London Escorts - AngelsOfLondon.comHelena had only been working as an escort in London for a few weeks. It was safe to say that she was loving her new job so far! The hot blonde teen had been on incall and outcall dates across the city. Performing BDSM, OWO and WS, no date was ever dull! However, she still hadn’t been asked to provide her girlfriend experience service. So when she was finally booked for GFE on an incall appointment, she was pretty excited!

The incall appointment was to take place at her incall apartment in Paddington. Because she wanted to provide a full, authentic GFE, the sexy blonde teen decided to dress fairly normally. The GFE escort would typically wear a revealing dress or a short skirt but today she wanted her client to really feel like she was his girlfriend. So she wore jeans and a white t-shirt.

Admittedly, she still looked very sexy in her chosen girlfriend experience outfit. The jeans were tight and her ass looked delicious in them! Meanwhile the t-shirt was tight and hugged her breasts, helping them to stand out. He wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off her, particularly because Helena wasn’t wearing a bra underneath! The hour of the date soon arrived and the GFE escort went to answer the door.

From the look in his eyes, he was happy with what he saw. The blonde teen callgirl was looking very nice indeed. A fairly young man himself, the two of them hit it off. Of course, it helped that Helena was very sociable and knew how to break the ice in such situations. She used her GFE techniques such as asking him about his day and snuggling up to him when they watched a particularly scary film on TV.

He now had his arm around her, his hand resting on one of her beautiful breasts. This seemed fairly innocent but Helena was sure he was keen for more! So the GFE escort put her hand on top of his and made him squeeze her ripe young breast. The film no longer of interest, he turned to the hot blonde teen and felt the teenage tits underneath her tight white t-shirt. His erection barely contained in his trousers, he rolled her t-shirt up and buried his face in her breasts.

Helena giggled and encouraged him further, taking a breast in one hand and putting it to her incall client’s lips. Practically licking his lips, he began to suck on her tits with a fury, squeezing them as he did so. The blonde teen moaned in response, her pussy becoming wet with excitement. Keen to get a closer look at his hard cock, the GFE escort asked him to remove his clothes. He did as he was told, keen to see what she had planned next.

Leaning forward, the sexy blonde teen took a tit in each hand and pressed them together on either side of her incall client’s dick. They were warm and soft and she knew he wouldn’t be able to resist a tit fuck. Helena began to move them up and down, spitting between them to provide the necessary lubrication. Her client watched in fascination and began to thrust his member between her assets, noting that they were almost as comfortable as a tight wet pussy.

This comfort was apparent when his knees began to buckle. Helena whispered words of encouragement. The GFE escort knew how to make a man cum hard and fast and he certainly did. Spunk shot forth from his cock, splashing the neck of the young blonde teen, running down between her beautiful breasts. She hoped he’d saved a little more. They still had another hour and she wanted a good riding before the date was over!

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