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Erotic Massage with Two Happy Endings – Part 1

Erotic Massage with Two Happy Endings – Part 1

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Sonia was a Spanish escort in London who specialised in providing erotic massage to incall and outcall clients alike. It was a way for her clients to relax and unwind while receiving a great deal of pleasure! Today, Sonia had been booked for an incall appointment at her Earl’s Court apartment and the client had specifically requested an erotic massage from the sexy Spanish escort!

It was little wonder she was so popular. She had long dark hair that fell in waves to well beyond her shoulders. She had a slim frame with subtle curves. Her breasts were of average size but perfectly proportionate. But it was the ass of the Spanish escort that really stood out. It was mouth-watering just to look at. It was one of the main reasons why so many outcall and incall clients requested anal with her.

So when the incall client arrived, Sonia was fully prepared to offer a service that would leave him feeling very, very satisfied! He was a young man in his 20’s who was in London for a few days of holiday. Having tried his luck in the casino, he’d decided to book the premium Spanish escort in London for a service that he’d always wanted to try. Kissing him on the cheek, Sonia took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom.

The Spanish escort’s bedroom had an en-suite bathroom and having both undressed, the two entered the spacious shower. Sonia always offered a shower service before providing her sensual and erotic massage. The hot water fell upon the pair, running down their bodies. The shower door steamed up and it was like they were in another world entirely. The incall client was at a loss as to what he should do. It was to be his first erotic massage after all!

Luckily for him, Sonia took the lead. Her lips met his as she pulled his body close. Hot water ran between them as they began to explore each others’ bodies. The horny Spanish escort took her incall client’s dick in her hand and began to tug it back and forth. He groaned and their lips met once again. His hands squeezed that fabulous, round ass of hers. It was clear that he was marvelling at its perfection.

Sonia began to wank her incall client harder and faster, keen to make him cum on her. She always provided two happy endings to her clients – one in the shower and one on the bed following a sensational erotic massage! Pressing her breasts against him, she kissed him once more, her tongue slipping between his lips. Combined with the attention his cock was receiving from her hand, it was enough to make the incall client’s dick explode.

Hot cum burst from the tip of his penis, splattering the toned tummy of the Spanish escort in London. Sonia giggled and let the hot water of the shower do its work, washing away the sticky liquid. Stepping out of the shower together, Sonia grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around herself, pulling her incall client in as well. A tight embrace followed which was the perfect way to warm up before the erotic massage!

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