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Erotic Massage with Two Happy Endings – Part 2

Erotic Massage with Two Happy Endings – Part 2

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Sonia and her incall client were trapped in a warm embrace, a large towel engulfing them as the drops of water dripped down their bodies. The Spanish escort was slightly surprised to feel his erection against her body so soon after ejaculating in the shower! He was certainly up for this and the horny Spanish escort couldn’t wait to provide the erotic massage she’d promised him.

They made their way to the bed and Sonia told him to lie face down. First, she would with his back. Taking a moment to warm the massage oil, she squeezed a small amount of it into her hands and started to rub his back. Her hands were very good at taking away all the strains and stresses of the working week. Indeed, the incall client groaned as she did so, clearly enjoying this new pleasure.

The erotic massage progressed to his shoulders and arms and then down to his legs. As the sexy Spanish escort moved up the legs of the incall client, she began to let her hands gently graze the inside of his thighs and his testicles. His cock was almost certainly shielded from her touch under his body but she’d soon see to that! But first, Sonia had a trick that always got her clients from feeling relaxed to all hot and bothered!

Squeezing out some more of the warm oil, she began to rub it over her perfect breasts, her nipples hardening with excitement as she did so. Next, the Spanish escort leaned forward and let her tits dangle, brushing her incall client’s body. Again he groaned in appreciation at the erotic massage and he then turned over to face her, their lips locking in a sensual kiss. Now the massage oil flowed as their bodies became entangled in pure passion.

Very soon, Sonia was sliding her incall client’s hard cock inside her pussy, begging him to fuck her and ejaculate a second time. He didn’t need telling twice! The horny Spanish escort was going to bounce up and down on his dick but he wanted to take control. Instead, he spun her around onto her hands and knees, grabbed her ass and drove his shaft home. Sonia practically screamed in ecstasy. The massage oil had made it so much easier to be penetrated and she began to rub her pussy as her ass was fucked doggystyle.

All she wanted was his hot cum filling her ass and that’s soon what she got. Sonia heard his breathing become shallow as his orgasm came ever closer. All of a sudden, the incall client grunted and hot, sticky cum burst from his dick once more. This time there was no shower water to wash it away. Instead, it filled Sonia’s ass and she moaned in appreciation. The erotic massage had included two happy endings – the sexy Spanish escort was almost certainly getting a 5-star review from this client!

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