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Brian and David check out some Amsterdam hookers!

Brian and David were very old friends. They’d been to school together, college together and seen each other through all their girlfriends, and marriages. They were both now divorced, and Brian for the second time. They’d planned to go on a trip to Amsterdam for the weekend to have some fun. They were both very honest with each other, and had been their entire life, so they were both aware of each other’s escort habit too! They even used to share stories about the escorts in London they’d been to visit, and they would take each other’s advice on seeing different girls from time to time. It was a rare kind of friendship that evolved over time, and they seriously doubted that anyone else had anything similar. You have to be very good friends with someone to divulge this sort of hobby! It’s a shame that people still look upon those who employ the services of London call girls with disdain.

Brian and David were very lucky they had this relationship because they knew that when they went to Amsterdam, they’d happily punt together. Not literally together, they’d never done that. They’d been on holidays etc. where each of them had booked duo escorts for a fun evening, but they’d never spent time with an escort together. And it wasn’t something that they were about to start doing any time soon! Brian had thought about it before, but never had the courage to suggest it to David. It wasn’t as though he had any bisexual tendencies or anything, but he was a little more adventurous with his choice of companions that David. It was usually Brian who booked black escorts, or Asian escorts when it came to ethnicity, and he also never really had a type. Brian would go for thin girls, fat girls, tall, short, blonde, brunette, big boobs and no boobs at all. A woman was a woman as far as he was concerned and as long as she behaved like a woman, she was alright with him!

Their trip to Amsterdam was uneventful, they’d done it many times. They filled the time with talking about various punts they’d had in Amsterdam before. Their favourites were usually at the clubs (well… brothels really), where they could choose from an array of girls. There was one on the Vondelpark area that took you into a comfortable room and then allowed all the girls to come in and introduce themselves to you individually. Then the madam of the place would come back and ask for your choice. These were the good places. These were the places that both of them loved to go.

However, that didn’t happen this time. At least not with their first punt of the weekend away. They weren’t getting any younger, so they didn’t really have the energy for too many in a day. Money had never been an issue for either of them really, and David always said it was some kind of cruel curse from God that they had more money when they were older, yet had less energy and enthusiasm. Brian always countered by saying that had they had that type of expendable income in their twenties, they’d probably be dead by now.

What the odds were on both of them having a bad experience on their first working girl, neither of them could fathom, but they did know that they were much greater than in a club. If you search the red-light district in Amsterdam looking for woman, there was always going to be a chance that at least one of them could be a bad choice. Brian was the first to “take the plunge” behind those red doors. He chose an Asian looking girl, black, with very big boobs! He guessed she’d probably be Russian when the two of them were looking through the window at her strutting her stuff and pushing her big ass against the window in her thong to get their attention (David always said they had a sixth sense about who was going to book them!)

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