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Sex Games to Play With London Escorts

Sex Games to Play With London Escorts

London Escorts - AngelsOfLondon.com

Looking to spice things up between you and your London escort date? Then look no further than these very exciting, highly erotic sex games! You’ll love them and so will she!

Blind Man’s Buff

An old classic, Blind Man’s Buff involves a blindfold. This could be anything from a scarf to a necktie. Whoever is blindfolded is certainly in for a treat since their other senses are then heightened. Some people love to be powerless so this can be a real thrill, particularly when you’re having your way with them! One tip is to start off nice and slowly – a little teasing goes great with foreplay!

Lubed Up

Sex games such as this don’t require much. All you need is some massage oil or cream and a big towel or blanket (and don’t forget your London escort!). Now we get to the fun part – lubing each other up! You’d be surprised how erotic a skin on skin experience can be when lube is involved. You’ll both be slipping and sliding into all sorts of positions! Just make sure that you use an oil that is safe to use on all areas (if you know what we mean).


Have you ever played Twister? It’s a game that requires some physical skill (or at least flexibility!) since you often have to place hands and feet at unusual positions on the playing mat. The result is that you get people in very close quarters so this is a great idea for playing with your sexy London escort! Sex games such as this require some flexibility so, as you’d expect, callgirls in London are extremely good at this game!

Truth or Dare

This is one of those sex games that needs little introduction. You could ask questions about past sexual experiences or about current sexual fantasies that need addressing! Playing this game, you and your London escort will have a lot of laughs, which is great for breaking the ice so that things can get hot! If you want to take things to another level, you could even play this game in public, but use caution!

Roll the Dice
For simple sex games, consider Roll the Dice! For this, all you and your callgirl in London need is two six-sided dice. Assign a sex act to each number and then roll the dice! You could write them all down so that you don’t have to memorise all 12! What’s more, you could play the game until you’ve completed all 12 numbers. This makes foreplay so much more fun. If you’re concerned this will take too long, apply a time limit of 10-20 seconds to each act.

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