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When Two Bisexual Callgirls Are Bored

When Two Bisexual Callgirls Are Bored

London Escorts - AngelsOfLondon.comThe mood at the north London apartment could best be described as deflated. Alli and Monika had been scheduled to attend a lavish party with a regular client but he had cancelled due to a family emergency. As such, the two bisexual callgirls were left to their own devices for the evening.

It was disappointing for them. They’d been hoping to share their client’s big cock later that night and instead there they were on the sofa watching Netflix. Alli let out a sigh. The petite blonde looked across at Monika who was playing a game on her phone. Monika was also slim and petite but with beautiful dark red hair. Alli couldn’t help but lean across and place her lips on Monika’s neck.

Monika gasped as she felt Alli’s soft lips upon her. Turning to the petite blonde, the pretty redhead returned her kiss, tossing her phone to the side. The sexy bisexual callgirls could have some fun of their own! The pair moved closer and their hands began to wander. They were both as promiscuous as each other which was probably why they were such a popular escort duo!

Their hands felt each others’ small, perky breasts underneath their skimpy pyjamas. Tongues remained locked as they explored each other, keen to know each other intimately. Alli was still one step ahead of Monika and the petite blonde quickly had her hand beneath the cute redhead’s panties. Her pussy was soaking wet and as Monika would soon find out, so was Alli’s!

Within seconds the naughty bisexual callgirls were finger-fucking each other and moaning softly into each others’ mouths. They had lowered their pyjama bottoms to better spread their legs as their bisexual duo partner expertly fingered them. Heads ducked to suck on petite breasts and tongues explored each other’s lips and necks. They were lost in their bisexual passion and all memory of the cancelled plans had been forgotten.

Now it was Monika’s turn to lead the charge. She stood up and perched herself on her knees in front of the sofa. Grabbing Alli’s legs, the pretty redhead spread them wide. The petite blonde gasped in surprise and pulled Monika’s head towards her pussy, keen to feel her bisexual duo partner’s tongue deep inside her. The bisexual callgirls certainly knew how to please each other.

Monika knew that Alli was capable of a rare treat. The blonde escort was able to squirt her orgasms which made her very popular with both men and women alike. Using her tongue to tickle Alli’s clit, the redhead escort used two fingers and lifted them up inside against the wall of her bisexual girlfriend’s cunt. She was stimulating the G-spot and knew it wouldn’t be long before Alli’s juices were spraying.

Sure enough, Alli’s legs began to tremble. Encouraged, Monika increased the tempo and begged her to squirt. Completely losing control, Alli screamed as her pussy juices erupted, covering Monika’s face. Their fun had certainly escalated very quickly and next it would be Monika who would be eaten out!

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