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Soapy Surprise from a Curvy Blonde

Soapy Surprise from a Curvy Blonde

London Escorts - AngelsOfLondon.comWater splashed as the curvy blonde positioned herself in the bath. Steam was rising from the hot water which was topped off with bubbles. She lay back and closed her eyes, relaxing. Soft music and a multitude of candles helped create a very relaxing ambience. A light knock on the door interrupted her thoughts and she opened her eyes to find her outcall client.

‘Mind if I join you?’ he grinned.

It was his apartment, his bathroom. But still, it was kind of him to ask. The busty young babe nodded and beckoned him with her forefinger. He was out of his clothes in 10-seconds flat. It was amazing what a man could do when properly motivated. At this, the curvy blonde smiled. Again, she closed her eyes. She loved taking a bath, especially when it involved sharing it with a client.

She felt him climb into the ample bathtub with her, settling himself opposite. Extending her legs, she found his crotch and worked her feet to his dick which was still flaccid. She’d soon change that! The busty young babe sandwiched it between her feet and began to jerk it back and forth. Unsurprisingly, he groaned in pleasure. She was full of surprises such as this. It was just one of the reasons why he booked her every single week.

‘Oh, that’s good…’ groaned the outcall client, tilting his head back and closing his eyes as he did so.

What he didn’t know was that his curvy blonde escort had slipped a hand between her legs and was now fingering herself. She was just so naughty! Back and forth her feet worked, massaging the increasingly erect cock. Taking interest in the beautiful and busty young babe before him, the outcall client saw her big breasts floating, trying to peek out from the mountain of bubbles. She had such a magnificent body.

Seeing his curvy blonde so clearly in pleasure, he decided to investigate. Reluctantly freeing himself from her glorious foot wank, he took a deep breath and submerged his head in the water, seeking out her pussy. The hot water on his face, he extended his tongue and began to lick with great enthusiasm. Naturally, he couldn’t breathe but where there was a will there was a way! He felt her hands on his head, encouraging him to keep going.

Having managed an impressive 30-seconds or so, he returned from the depths of the bathtub, gasping for air. The curvy blonde callgirl was very impressed with his efforts. He would have to be rewarded. Sitting up slightly, the busty young babe allowed her breasts to appear above the slowly diminishing layer of bubbles. They heaved with lust. She knew what she wanted to do for her favourite outcall client.

Beckoning him forwards, she got him to partially stand up, his crotch over her breasts. She then took her big, soapy tits and placed them on either side of his erect penis. The sensation he felt was wonderful. They were firm yet soft and the water had made them very warm. Rocking himself back and forth, he began to build up a rhythm. All the while, the curvy blonde gave him words of encouragement.

‘Come on big boy, give me that cum. Cum all over my big tits…’

He so loved her dirty talk. Who was he to say no?! He groaned and a spurt of cum shot from the tip of his penis, shooting up her neck. The busty young babe giggled. Next time, she’d make sure it covered more of her face! And there surely would be a next time – she was just too good to miss!

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