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Piano Lessons – Part 4

Piano Lessons – Part 4

Piano Lessons – Part 4

London Escorts - AngelsOfLondon.comThe concert began. Rudolph had arrange for a programme to be left on the cute and horny young London escort’s chair, and she browsed through it. The naught West End call girl could see that it was quite traditional material, all for solo piano. There was Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, some Mozart Sonatas just like the ones she’d been playing, and a selection of Brahms to finish.

Like most blonde teenage London escort girls, Kelly really loved music. Her taste was very wide ranging – often outcall clients would take her to a concert or a club: within a single week her London escort agency might ask her to join a client at a performance of medieval music, or a jazz club, or an indie gig or even an all night rave. Events like these were usually part of an outcall date for the horny and sexy young blonde call girl, and she often found that the music served to et her right in the mood for all the erotic fun that was to follow it.

That was certainly the effect that was working on her right now. She lay back in her chair and began to think back to Rudolph pushing his long fingers into her pussy, the fingers that even now were playing over the keys of the giant Steinway. She found herself wondering whether or not his cock skills were anything like as good as what he could do with his fingers – if they were, the naughty blonde escort girl thought to herself, she was in for one of the most erotic nights she’d had for a very long time.

Rudolph left it for a little while before he activated the radio-controlled vibrator for the first time. He must have guessed at Kelly’s sensitivity to music, for he waited until on the of the Mozart sonatas was at its most instense moment. Then, suddenly but imperceptibly he shifted his pedal foot to the left and hit the button on the remote control. Kelly didn’t notice him do it, she was sa carried away with the emotion of the music. But she certainly felt the effects: an intense buzzing filled the sexy London escort girl’s loins with pleasure, and the surprise made her draw in her breath sharply. She began to shift her weight about in her seat, positioning herself to absorb the maximum pleasure from the intense vibrations.

Being a truly professional London outcall and incall escort girl, kelly knew all about how to handle sex toys – in fact she was regarded by the other girls at her London escort agency as something of an expert on the sexy devices. She had a strong preference for anal toys, and, when she was playing at being the submissive partner of one of her dominant VIP clients she loved the feeling of having a lubed-up butt plug or set of anal beads gently introduced between the tight cheeks of her arse. She also liked double penetration vibes for use with another escort girl. Kelly was an experienced bisexual escort, and she loved working with other girls on duo incall and outcall appointments. She had worked with other girls all over London – in Kensington, Chelsea, Oxford Street, Bloomsbury, Edgware Road, Park Lane, Mayfair and very many other places in the West End. There was a particular market among London escort agency customers for lesbian shows. A lesbian show was basically an incall or outcall date with two sexy bisexual call girls or escorts who would make love while the client watched. When Kelly did one of these she always made sure she took her double penetration vibe so that both she and the other escort girl could get a good length of plastic cock inside themselves and rub their clitorises together at the same time.

The butterfly vibe and its attached G-spot probe were certainly doing their work well. Rudolph controlled their action quite precisely – when the music was at a relatively low or quiet ebb he would move his foot over to the control and switch the vibration off, leaving the sexy call girl in the wings desperate for more stimulation for her dripping pussy. As as crescendo built he would let her see his foot move slowly over to the control box on the floor, then, on the first fortissimo chord of a loud section he would hit the button again and Kelly’s wet escort’s pussy would fill with intense vibrations – the main nodule of the butterfly vibe buzzing hard against her exposed, unprotected clit until her flesh felt raw. But the pleasure was so intense she didn’t want it to stop.

After a while, Rudolph left the vibrator on permanently, presumably to allow kelly to orgasm with enough time to recover afterwards so that he could fuck her after the show. As she felt herself nearing the edge, she reached up her skirt and put her hand over the plastic cover of the strapped-on butterfly vibe, grinding it against her clit and angling it so that the probe dug into her pussy walls in exactly the right place. With her other hand she reached inside her neckline and began to play with her right breast – this was a surefire way the naughty erotic outcall escort had of making herself come.

And come is exactly what the horny escort girl did after just a few seconds of this. As she felt herself ride over the edge into orgasm she pushed her pelvis into the air and gave a cry – she was sure Rudolph heard it, because he looked up at her and smiled slightly.

After that she lay back and enjoyed the remaining twenty minutes or so of the concert, the pussy juice dripping down her leg. She found herself wondering what, exactly, her Russian outcall client had planned for her by way of an after show celebration…
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