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My Erotic Date With an Exotic Dancer – Part 1

My Erotic Date With an Exotic Dancer – Part 1

London Escorts - AngelsOfLondon.comI’d never booked a London escort before, nevermind one who was advertised as an exotic dancer! So when I arrived at Roxy’s Paddington apartment and she began to gyrate her hips in front of me, I got very excited indeed!

The sexy blonde callgirl was incredible. Her long blonde hair swayed as she moved, her full lips forming into a naughty smile. She knew what she was doing to me – knew that she was stirring the beast within my trousers. She looked every bit as hot as in her escort agency photos which had taken me by surprise. Her body was incredible – slim yet with the curves on the hips and ass that I so appreciated.

Sat back on the sofa of her Paddington apartment, I watched as she moved with the music. The exotic dancer was wearing a skimpy outfit. I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Much like a bikini, it was a two-piece, the thin material barely containing her beautiful C-cup breasts, nor her spectacularly delicious ass.

Speaking of Roxy’s ass, she turned and began to jiggle it in front of me in time to the beats of the music. I reached out, desperate to squeeze her asscheek but she moved away. A playful smile and a wag of her finger told me that I’d just have to wait. This blonde exotic dancer was a real tease! Her hands moved towards her ass and squeezed each cheek – I was so jealous of those hands!

Next, she turned around and moved closer to me. I could smell her scent, almost taste her. Roxy’s hands ran up her hips, gliding towards her breasts. She slipped them under the fabric of her exotic dancer outfit and began to massage them, all the while still swaying her hips. My hand was about to slide under my trousers but she shook her head – such a tease!

Roxy wanted me to wait so wait I would! All of a sudden, there was a snap and the upper part of her sexy outfit was off. My eyes watched eagerly, keen to see the tits of this sexy blonde callgirl. But her small hands were covering them – only just! This was my chance. I stood up, and moved towards her. The move took the erotic exotic dancer by surprise but she made no effort to stop me.

My hands reached out and rested on her hips. Fingers feeling for the straps, I pulled down and whipped away the lower half of her outfit. Now totally naked, she gasped and put her hands down to cover her cunt. Now her beautiful breasts were totally exposed and I moved in, taking one in my mouth, my other hand grabbing an ass cheek and pulling her closer.

She moaned softly, happy I’d made such a bold move. The music spurred us on, the tempo increasing. The exotic dancer had put on one hell of a performance but it was time for me to give the sexy blonde callgirl something to remember!

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