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Bisexual Duo Provide Double the Pleasure – Part 1

Bisexual Duo Provide Double the Pleasure – Part 1

London Escorts - AngelsOfLondon.comOliver had spent almost a full week of London without actually having a chance to enjoy himself. This would soon change when he booked a bisexual duo! Work had completely taken over during his visit and he was due to leave the next day to return to his home in Norway. Having finished his meetings for the day, he found himself at his London apartment (fully paid for by his employers) with time on his hands.

Within minutes he was online and searching Google for ‘premium London escorts’. The choice available was incredible. Cities such as London really had the pick of women and a man could date a different escort each night for the rest of his life without repeating the same girl twice. Feeling particularly frisky, Oliver chose a bisexual duo to provide his entertainment for the evening.

Just a couple of hours (and a shower) later and Oliver heard a knock at the door. The bisexual duo had arrived! Opening the door, his jaw dropped as he saw that they looked even more spectacular in person than in their photos. On the left was a brunette. She was wearing a short skirt that showed off the most lovely long legs. Her top was partly see-through and revealed some lovely B-cup breasts. On the right was a blonde. She too was wearing a skirt but her top was even more revealing since her huge DD breasts were barely contained by it.

Oliver regained his composure and invited the blonde and brunette escorts in. A few glasses of champagne later and the three were already getting down to business! They had all been chatting over the breakfast bar. Oliver quickly realised that bisexual duo were not only sexy but also very kind and intelligent girls. This was why he’d chosen to book premium escort girls rather than those that may have been cheaper. The quality was evident!

Excusing himself to go to the bathroom, Oliver took his time and splashed some water on his face. He felt as if he was dreaming but this was very much a reality. He was finally able to enjoy the city of London and he was going to do so with a blonde and brunette bisexual duo! On coming back to the kitchen he found the blonde and brunette escorts kissing. So very cheeky that they had started proceedings without him!

Upon seeing him they smiled and continued to use their tongues to explore each other’s mouths. It was pure lust and he felt his cock swell in response. They beckoned him over and within seconds he had their lips all over his face, kissing him passionately. Hands grabbed at his clothing and he was soon stark naked and kissing the bisexual duo back with equal ardour. The brunette escort grabbed his hands and pressed them up against the blonde’s huge breasts. They were so soft yet so firm – they were incredible.

The busty blonde escort tugged at her top and let her DD’s fall out so that Oliver could suck on them. As he did so, the brunette bent down and began to suck his dick. Booking a bisexual duo had been one hell of a decision as they provided double the amount of pleasure. And yet, the erotic fun had only just begun!

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